a trip to Shamian Island

We’ve been able to skype the little two back home almost everyday. FireCracker only wants to see her sister. I’m sure she misses me some, but I’m am definitely being trumped by Little One right now. And that is just fine.

I am not usually a worrier about germs. However, a few weeks ago Chris and I watched the movie Contagion. Well, it was hard not to replay those scenes in my head when we ventured on the metro. It sure made for a cheap and fast ride though.

If my hair were darker and I wore heels I think I’d totally fit in.

We went over to Shamian Island. I’m a little fuzzy on all the details, but evidently a few years ago Shamian Island was the main hub for US adoptions in China. The US Consulate was located there, but has since moved. A few nice hotels and a lot of shopping were there too. From what I understand a lot has changed, but it is a very beautiful area and relatively quiet.

Relatively quiet…but super full of photographers and models. If you are from the Tulsa area, it reminded me of Woodward Park on the weekend when the azaleas are in bloom. Everyone else was taking pictures, so I just hopped into the mix and took a few for myself.

There are also statues throughout the area. I tried to convince the boys to stand in line with all the little kids. They weren’t fans of that idea.

However, he came up with the idea for this pose.

FireCracker would have loved all the ruffly dresses in the park area. I was grateful for the areas the boys could burn some energy. Funny how they get SO TIRED walking, but all the sudden have tons of energy for climbing and racing.

I asked Chris to take some of me and my girl – I really like this one.

Since they were SO TIRED walking, they got special treats.

Didn’t realize her dress matched mine until later.

She looks just as cute in her headbands as she does in her daddy’s hat.

When we were about half way through the adoption process I connected with a group of other families on the same timeline (thank you Mark Zuckerberg). Many of us were able to meet up at a mexican restaurant for dinner. It was nice to meet in person a few people that have been great sources of wisdom and encouragement to me during this process.

Another great day. We are really enjoying our time here. We miss our other two and look forward to all being together, but we also know this is a really special time with our Little One before we hit the reality of normal life back home and all the busyness that is involved there. We are soaking up our final days and delighting in our girl.

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