Little One’s smile & laugh


Not a laugh or a smile, but I love her serious face watching her brothers swim…cutie.

Such a big laugh it almost looks like she is crying. Try to ignore the man stretching in the background 🙂

Today is my wedding anniversary. A year ago today Chris and I had our first home study visit to pursue an international adoption.

Thankful to be here with her and him this year.

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  • Susan - Happy Anniversary!
    I am amazed at the photos of Chris with Song. She seems to have already picked up some of his mannerisms. She looks like him already!
    Enjoy your day!

  • Holly A - She is so beautiful. I have been following your blog for about 2 years now, but this past week I visit multiple times a day just to share in your joy. I am so happy for your family. God is great 🙂

  • Crystal - Thank-you so much for sharing your journey day-to-day. We had our second home study visit yesterday, and your blog is so inspiring! It gives me hope while I work through some difficult times. Your daughter is beautiful!

  • Sherry Eckblad - Great photos today and I do believe little one is totally loving her Daddy!

  • Jenni - Congatulations:)

  • Alison - Happy Anniversary and thank you for sharing this journey with us each day. Everyday I look forward to checking your blog to see new pictures of Little One. She is BEAUTIFUL!! I have been praying for you and your family as well. May you enjoy this special time together while you look forward to going home to share your sweet baby with the rest of your family.

  • Natalie, the Chickenblogger - Blessings!
    I am looking for words to convey the happiness I feel for each of you. I just spent about forty-five minutes completely engrossed in Little One’s story… in your family’s story, and it has been a blessing for me. Thank you! You have opened new doors to my heart and soul, and given me a happy view… not superficially, but happiness with grace, appreciation, and respect for your faith and hard work.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    ~All of the smiles and tears, are shared, and good.

  • Paige Y - Happy anniversary! I love seeing little one smile! Precious!

  • emilyhh - love her smile!! she reminds me so much of our oldest son who was born with a cleft lip and palate 9 years ago. his was very similar to hers only on the other side. we used to sing to him “deep and wide, deep and wide there’s a baby smiling deep and wide.” he loved it. it looks like she has such a joyful spirit!

  • Ruthanne - So happy to see her in your arms. She is gorgeous. 🙂

  • Casey - I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying these posts! My husband and I are in the process of adopting a little boy from Ethiopia, and a friend had recommended your blog. I am glad she did!

  • Heather - Happy Anniversary! My just-turned-three year old, looked at her picture and said, “That a cute baby!” She certainly is a beauty. So fun to see her smile and laugh. Blessings!

  • Hagit - Hi Ashley, and happy anniversary! I’ve been following your blog for a long time, and I love what you do! Your adoption story is quite amazing. You’re a special family, no doubt, and how lucky for the little one for having you! I wanted to ask a small question, I hope it’s ok with you! My background is in linguistics and translation, and I was wondering how you deal with the language barrier with a new baby. Do you just speak English to her, assuming she’ll learn soon enough because she’s small enough? or were you taught certain words/signs that help you get by? Many thanks in advance, and thanks for all your sharing, your wonderful photos and crafty tutorials, I always enjoy them!

  • emmybrown - Happy Anniversary!!! I LOVE seeing her smile and laugh….and I love seeing her with Chris. Nothing like a daddy and his little girl! They sure seem smitten with each other. 🙂

  • NanaDoll - happy anniversary and happy smile day!

  • Jamie - Happy Anniversary Ashley & Chris- what a beautiful way to spend it! Celebrating with her! She is SO PRECIOUS! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the two of you… thank God for loving families who take on the amazing task of doing what you have done! What a beautiful future she has ahead of her. Thank you so much for sharing- I am so anxious to check in everyday for new pictures & details of this journey… and my husband and I are talking about putting in an application for adoption next fall! Please say a quick prayer for us- I hope our journey is as beautiful as yours has been! Thank you for being such an inspiration! God Bless You all! xoxo~ Jamie

  • Mona - A very Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Campbell! Your family is beautiful and your willingness to share your story is such a blessing. I have never seen a more precious smile than Little One’s and I can’t find words adequate to describe her beutiful eyes.

  • Tracy a - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a great way to celebrate life together…to be living it fully!

  • KitS - I am so thankful for your generosity in sharing your experiences with us. I am sure that your story has planted a passion for adoption in many of your readers’ hearts. Little One just melts my heart–I think I cry every time I read an update! My three-year-old loves seeing pictures of Little One, as well. She keeps exclaiming, “She’s SO cute!” She also told me that she “likes her little bump” (cleft palate).
    What a beautiful family you have. So thankful to the Lord for his grace and redemption that makes such beautiful stories possible amidst such sadness and heartbreak in this world!
    And happy anniversary! Your marriage is a wonderful gift to your children.

  • Sandy - Happy Anniversary!!! What a great way to celebrate!!

  • sara's art house - This is soooooo precious! I am so happy for you all. I cried the first time I saw her precious face. Thanks for sharing.

  • Betsy - LOVE LOVE how she is looking at her new Daddy in picture #3- She is going to be so happy in this loving family !!

  • ria - Happy Anniversary! I’m sure little ones laugh is music to your ears. I’m not sure who is more blessed you to have her or her to have you all. I’m so very happy for your family.

  • Emily - Happy Anniversary!

    And also: holy cow is she cute!

  • Susannah - Happy Anniversary! What a joy to be celebrating it during this amazing time in your family’s history.

  • Michelle - Happy Anniversary! It’s such a blessing to be a witness to your miraculous journey! Thanks so much for allowing us to “tag along”!

  • Wen - Happy Anniversary! Love all the photos you’ve shared with us. Love the smiles and love the emotions you’ve captured! Can’t wait to see your family all together! Many blessings!

  • Stefanie - Seriously, she could not be ANY cuter! Love that sweet smile of hers 🙂 I can see why you’re so smitten!!

  • andy - Happy aniversary. What a special day.

  • Carrie - How is it that God allows us to experience such deep joy mixed with sorrowful tears? Emotions I don’t even comprehend. Thank you for telling the story so we can see your light set upon a hill. Little Song has changed your Campbell story forever and your light is shinging ever brighter for it! Sing unto the Lord Sing a new song unto the Lord! She is a new Song indeed!

  • andy - Such a beautiful smile

  • Jessica R - She looks like such a laid-back, happy go lucky little girl. I just love all of these photos of her. She’s so beautiful. So happy for you to have her, finally! Happy anniversary!

  • Mallory - Her smile is contagious!

  • Karen - She is too cute! She has seemed so serious in most of your photos so far, so thanks for posting these smiley ones 🙂 As someone who has never met you, I just want to say “thank you” for letting readers like me have a glimpse of your life. God ministers to me through your blog.

  • Stoich91 - Read this three times over and now I’m grinning silly! 😀 Adorbs!

  • Tawnya Smith - She is just beautiful – I can’t stop looking!

  • Leah - I don’t remember how I came across your blog but I just wanted to let you know how much I have truly enjoyed hearing about your adoption experience. My husband and I have just begun our journey to adopting so learning as much as I can through others experiences is great. Happy anniversary and God bless you and your family and Little One!

  • Mallory - I haven’t had a chance to comment yet, but I am just loving all of your updates on Little One. What a beautiful girl she is and it’s so fun to see you all together. Can’t wait to see you home with the other two! What a wonderful anniversary present…enjoy!

  • angie webb - Such a happy baby! And what a wonderful anniversary gift! Many happy, wonderful years to come!!!

  • Stephanie - I know you are having a wonderful anniversary, but I will tell you anyway “Happy Anniversary”!!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Happy Anniversary! What a blessed day!

  • MelissaMarie - Congratulations!! What an amazing way to celebrate – it could not be a more fitting tribute to God’s blessing on your marriage and family! Little one really has the most contagious smile, what a blessing to see it 🙂

  • Robin - She is a cutie and you can totally tell she’s a girl when’ smiling. just beautiful.

  • jenny - What an awesome way to spend your anniversary!
    LOVE those sweet smiles and laughter photos! 🙂

  • mary from tenn - happy anniversary! loving the pictures cant wait for welcome home pics with firecracker and her big brother seeing little sis for the first time

  • nancy - Before I even got to the bottom of your post, I was thinking… that man, playing with his daughter, making her laugh… he is seriously hot! Really can a man lovin’ on his new duaghter be hotter? I think not.
    (disclaimer—expect perhaps my own hubby who was waist deep into to a pipe that broke, expletives flying, fixing something that was spraying water all over him… that was hot too!)

  • Eva - I love her little scrunched up nose, just like you said!

    And Happy Anniversary too! How special to be celebrating in China!

  • heather - happy anniversary!!
    every time i see a photo of her smiling and laughing i find myself doing the same. her smile is infectious. and her nose wrinkle kills me. pure joy!

  • Haley - Looks like you have a daddy’s girl on your hands 🙂 the pictures of them together are adorable! Happy anniversary!!!

  • Robin - Happy Anniversary! What a great anniversary gift to have your beautiful girl and family. I am so thankful that you shared your journey with us. I love checking to see new pictures and have cried tears of joy almost everyday. So happy for you!

  • Ceri - how beautiful the love between a father and daughter. It “looks” like bonding is going well 🙂 I have not commented yet, congratulations! I started following your blog just before this journey began. I am am so glad you have your Song in your hands! She is beautiful.

  • amanda - She is such a doll. She looks right at home!! So happy for her and your family. She is a sweet blessing!!

  • Debbie C - Happy Anniversary! What an amazing place to be, in every way.

  • Taylor - Could she be any cuter?!!!

  • liz seay - so thankful you are sharing this beautiful (but hard) process with all of us! so thrilled for your family! praying and thinking of you guys often!

  • lyn - She is so cute!!!!!!!

  • Lyn - I forgot to say Happy Anniversary!

  • Gina - Happy Anniversary!! What a great gift; she is so precious!

  • Julie B - Regan (my 3 year old) says “Ohhhh, she is so happy and I love her smile. She so beautiful.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Happy Anniversary!!

  • Christina - She is so beautiful. I’m so glad you have taken the time to share these posts with us everyday. I know the time that goes into creating them and i’m sure it’s not an easy thing to do right now, but it is something I look forward to everyday. I love seeing her adapt so well and getting to know her, as well as everyone in your family just a little bit.

  • Tamar - WOW! I’m crying…

  • ari - Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Victoria / Justice Pirate - Hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Wish we could hear Little One’s laughter!!! I picture it in my head, but doubt it is anywhere near how it really is.

  • Elizabeth - She is SO SO beautiful!! i can’t help but smile right along w. her!
    Happy happy anniversary to you ~ may you & Chris continue to fall more & more in love w. each passing year!

  • Chris - What a little pumpkin! I love the pics of her rolling around on the bed. Such joy! Don’t feel guilty about things going so well. You may find that you never have the hard times, other than her surgeries which will most likely be harder on you than her:)

  • Paige - I’ve been offline for several days, and I am working my way backward through your recent posts. So I know it’s a little late – but Happy *belated* Anniversary!!!

  • Megan - Your generosity continues to astound me. Allowing so many to share in this miracle is such an amazing gift. I am brought to tears every time I view these images of your Little One – she is, without question, loved immeasurably. Happy Anniversary to you and Chris. What a magnificent plan God had for the two of you. Thank you, Thank you a thousand times over for sharing it with us.

  • Jessica - I’ve just stumbled across your blog and you are amazing! Your photography and family are just precious. Your new little girl- wow. I can see your blessings in your smiles. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Patrick Belcher - I will undoubtedly verify these items out

  • Kristen - She is so beautiful! These pictures are so sweet! You can tell that she is very happy, feeling yalls love, and opening up to yall. I just want to snatch her up through the computer and hold her she is so cute!