Explore China {Yangxi County ~ Guangdong}

There were two days I was the most anxious about regarding this trip to China: the day we would meet our daughter and the day we would visit her hometown. The day we met her was more amazing than I could ever dream. Today we visited her hometown and it went much better than I expected. Many families that adopt from her orphanage are unable to visit the town because it is a 3 hour drive from Guangzhou (where all the official adoption stuff happens). We are so grateful we had this opportunity.

Our agency, Living Hope Adoption Agency, was wonderful in working with us to let us plan this special trip (and a great agency in general, we highly recommend them). We wanted to spend a night in her town to take advantage of a little more time here. It is pretty uncommon for westerners to stay here, so booking things was a bit tricky. Actually, we didn’t book the hotel until we walked into the lobby. When we were matched to her back in February, I began researching Yangxi. It is very difficult to find much online. I wanted to get a lot of pictures of Yangxi for her. I took a ton and will turn them into a photobook for her and our family.

Coming into town, headed for the orphanage.

Orphanage Gate

The outside of the orphanage.

One of the special things about our trip was that we were accompanied by a Love Without Boundaries employee. We are so very thankful to our adoption agency for being so willing to make this happen for us. There were two LWB employees that really helped with The Incubator Project. One lives in the US (thanks Suzanne!) and the other in Guangzhou (Alexa). Alexa coordinated purchasing the incubator, towels and diapers. She has been the main contact in China with the orphanage, but had not visited. It was wonderful for us to have her as our guide and it worked out well for LWB to make a personal visit to the orphanage.

Here is the incubator you all purchased for my daughter’s orphanage. Thank you.

After seeing the tiny one in the incubator, we were taken to my daughter’s most recent room. We were not allowed to photograph the room or the babies, but we were able to get a photo of our Little One’s old crib. The babies sleep on wood boards for a variety of reasons. It is hard to imagine she has spent the majority of her lifetime in that crib. There is so much about her we will never know or understand. Despite how difficult it is to really consider her last year of life, we are so hopeful and thankful for the lifetime ahead we get to spend with her.

It was important to us that the boys see where their little sister spent her first year. A few months ago there were about 42 babies in this room…crib after crib lined up. Now there are about 30. The boys walked among the cribs, talking to the babies and trying to get them to smile. I told the boys I wanted them to soak in every detail. I wanted them to take lots of mental snapshots so that one day they can share stories with their sister. I love that in the future when she wants to hear about Yangxi or about the orphanage, she can ask her big brothers to tell her too.

The boys did really well. Our oldest felt the weight of it all more than his little brother. Their worlds got a lot bigger and I am praying their mercy and compassion did as well. I was so very proud of them.

We spent some time in a small office room asking a lot of questions. I had some specific things I really wanted to walk away knowing and we were able to do that. Her past is a big puzzle and we are working to help her find as many pieces of that puzzle as we can. We got a few new pieces and we will treasure those.

Chris showed the nannies a picture of him with our 4 oldest kids. They were so happy to see such a big family for Little One.

While we still had our guide we made a few other stops around town that were significant for our little girl. We are so very thankful she is in our arms now.

Alexa, our guide, headed back to Guangzhou and then it was naptime…..

Yangxi is very humid and hot. The boys went shirtless as soon as they got into the room. Just like at home.

And then we went exploring…

Not sure why this picture is loading so small. Anyway, I caved and bought a stroller. I totally planned on carrying her (wearing her…whatever you prefer to call it) because it is good for bonding and attachment. However, walking hours with a one year old strapped to me is not so good for my back, so we are doing a little carrying and a little pushing. Before we left Oklahoma, we printed out a few different things that told a bit about our story and Little One’s story in Chinese. It has been nice to be able to easily explain things by just showing a paper. We have a few different versions depending on where we are and what we want to communicate.

The boys could put most adults to shame in regards to traveling. I am so, so glad they are here with us.

Through Google Translator, waving arms, and broken Chinese we learned a few people had never seen an American before. In one store, there were literally 4 women with cameras chasing the boys for pictures. The boys were not so thrilled about that game of chase! Here they gave in and posed,

Part of our time in Yangxi was spent visiting lots and lots of little shops. We attempted to communicate with the employees, well Chris attempted more than I did. I had a mission. I wanted to buy 17 items from Yangxi – 1 gift for each of Little One’s next 17 birthdays. I think it will be fun for her to open a gift from Yangxi on each birthday. At this shop I found the gift to give her when she turns 18. I think I’ll print this picture out and include it with the gift.

We really enjoyed our time in Yangxi and kind of wish we were staying a few more days. It is more slow paced than most Chinese cities. Things seemed simpler and the people were very kind and friendly. We hope to return again one day.

Early on in our adoption we tried to find photos of Yangxi online and it was very difficult. Eventually I will add a link to this post that will direct you to a page with so many more photos. If you are looking for photos of Yangxi, and the link is not available yet, please email me. It is a great city.

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  • Amy - In so many ways it looks like small town America…very pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  • amy lenhart - your buying a gift for each of her next 17 birthdays from her birth city. how thoughtful and special and wow i would of never thought of doing that. what a brilliant idea! definitely include the picture.

  • Ginna - What a sweet idea buying 17 gifts for her to open each birthday! Just another reason why you guys are the perfect parents and family for her. Love it!

  • Kiki - I love that gift idea! So brilliant and I know she’ll love it; I would if I were her! Thank you again for sharing your journey, through words, thoughts, and photos.

    I never would have thought about bringing kids when adopting a little one but I really like that you did (and if I ever adopt with kids of my own, I plan on doing the same!). And your two oldest definitely look like good travelers. I’m not sure I’d be able to handle the heat that well!

    Enjoy the rest of your time in China + bonding with your little one!

  • Renae - I haven’t commented yet but have been glued to your story all week. Starting in Hong Kong where I was earlier this summer. The ferry to Kowloon and all of the sights and sounds (and humidity!) came back to me. But today’s post made me want to thank you for you sharing your journey. The photo where Chris is showing the nannies your family and one of her nannies is touching her on the back proves that despite the wood cribs and numerous babies, that Little One was cared for in the best way possible. The good news is that the American version of comfort is not the same as other places and yet she will soon know that there will be comfort as she’s never known it before. I’m so excited for you to share this with us and pray that you never stop blogging! 🙂 Can’t WAIT to see the first photos of Fire Cracker and her sister. I think I’m starting to sound like a broken record. God bless!

  • Kat - Every post this past week has been tear-inducing, in the best way possible. Your strength and capacity as a mother is so palpable in your writing – it is very inspiring. And she is just so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these deeply personal moments.

  • merideth a - oh my! the bed. tears were streaming when i saw it. i am sure it was emotional for all of you.
    and the photos you are taking are just so beautiful and full of love.

  • Karen - Ashley-

    The idea of buying the gifts for the next 17 birthdays is fabulous. I can only imagine how much that will mean to her. It brougt tears to my eyes. So happy for all of you.

  • Amy - These posts are so beautiful and humbling! Your daughter is absolutely adorable.

  • Angie - Your thoughtfulness and preparedness are astounding. Little Song is indeed very lucky to have found her perfect family and you, her! She is so beautiful and it breaks my heart to think of the other babies there in cribs. I am so grateful you showed the faces of the nannies. That helps to know those are the faces of the ones that care and love the children there. The image of your son in the orphanage will haunt me. He seems to understand and ache for the other children as well as his sister. I am sure she will be glad to see where her life began at some point in her life, I don’t know if I would have had the strength to take her back there for fear she would think I was returning her to her former life. You are amazing! God bless you and again, thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  • Amanda W - I have been waiting all morning for you to post and I’m so glad you did. The picture of the boys and Little Miss in the stroller made me laugh and cry. What a sweet, sweet blessing you have.

  • Seriously Sassy Mama - What a wonderful trip for your boys to take. Your little girl is going to have the most wonderful life!

  • Trisha Jackson - Love your idea with the presents. I think that is so special! I will do that too when I adopt one day! So happy for you all!

  • Trish - what an awesome idea to buy birthday gifts for her from her home town! you and your family are just amazing and i’m so happy you have your little one in your arms now and not just in your heart 🙂

  • Paige Y - Im loving reading about your journey! I know she will treasure all that you bring back in pictures and memories. Thanks for sharing the memories with us!

  • lauren - I am so happy that you have your daughter in your arms now! God bless you and your family and I am praying for a safe return to the states for you all.

  • Lisa Q - I totally bawled when I read the part about you buying 17 gifts for her next 17 birthdays from her hometown….what a wonderful idea. Having been adopted (and thrilled about that fact!) I know what a treasure those gifts will be for her. What a blessing you and your family are to her and I know she’ll be just as big of a blessing back in your lives.

  • Carrie - I love the things you think of: gifts from her hometown until she’s 18! Such an awesome idea! I’m sure that will mean so much to her (and you!) for years to come 🙂 Enjoy the next leg of your journey

  • Rushton Waltchack - yea! This is the post I’ve selfishly been waiting for. Couldn’t wait to see your pictures of YangXi and they are great. Can’t wait to see more! So glad your time there has been so great. Praying for ya’ll!

  • Paul - Hi, enjoying your posts. I visited the SWI back in June and met your daughter along with a few of the other girls who have recently been adopted from Yangxi. In fact the crib we were shown that our daughter was apparently in backed up to the crib of your daughter. I remember thinking about the interactions they must have had being such close neighbors. My daughter often sleeps with an arm or leg protruding from the side of her crib which makes me wonder if she used to do it for comfort. I’m looking forward to the additional pictures you have taken. Our daughter’s finding spot was the Blue Star Peninsula Hotel. If your staying there I’d love to get any pictures you might have of it.


  • Lisa W - LOVE the 17 gifts idea. What a wonderful thing to be able to do. I’m so happy for you x

  • Natalie - Overcome with emotions…I have a 14 month little girl and 4 other children and when I saw Little Ones crib I just cried. Thank you for opening my eyes! My heart aches…I want to help!

  • cassie - I love how you have planned so much in advance of this trip. You are so thoughtful too, not only did you print info out in chinese to help yourselves but you thought far ahead to how much your 18 yr old daughter would appreciate knowing of her city, and plans to help those on a similar path a few steps behind you. Inspiring!!

    I CAN NOT wait to firecracker sees her baby sister!!

  • Christian T - Your boys are such good sports… I literally laughed out loud when I saw the pic of them in the store.

  • Sophie - Her little toes in that stroller are so cute!
    I bet some people in that town had never seen a white person before – or blonde hair or blue eyes. I went to a very small country in Africa last year and people’s fascination with my hair, eye and skin colour was crazy!

  • cindy - every single picture in your post is so very special! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us! I love the gifts on her birthday – very special idea which I’m sure will be treasured!

  • Kristin S - Ashley, what a gift these posts will for your Little One someday.

    Dang it, I can’t wait for a post from you where I do not burst in to tears!

    Again, thank you for sharing your journey with us. So personal and so beautiful.

  • Kate - Wow… I am blown away by your buying her gifts… from her hometown… for her next 17 birthdays. One of the many, many reasons she is so blessed to be raised by your family. I can’t wait to see her go home with you and begin the adjustment with your other two sweet kids.

  • Michelle M - I’ve read your blog for a little while, but have never left a comment. I grew up in China (18 years), and seeing these photos, it’s the little details that touch me. From the pattern of sidewalk tiles, to the little shops that line the roads. I love seeing the signs in Chinese. I volunteered at an orphanage when I was in high school, and know several people who have adopted Chinese babies, and it’s such a beautiful thing. I just want you to know that you have a beautiful family and I am thankful for you and all that God is doing in and through you. You are so thoughtful in your process! Printing out your story and trying to communicate in their language. I love that you’re looking for and seeing the real China. Thank you for sharing (the photo of Chris with your baby asleep in his arms brought tears to my eyes).

  • Heather - Like others, love the idea of home-town gifts for each birthday. What a special and meaningful idea. Your daughter is blessed. I really enjoyed this post and the images. It’s so special to get to tag along with you guys on this journey. Many Blessings!!

  • Jody Carr - Seems as though so many of us feel exactly the same about your posts. I made the mistake of reading your first meeting post at the cell phone store…bawling! So many emotions for me as a mother of a daughter with a cleft, then with 3 adopted girls, it’s all connected to memories for me. I could never be able to tell you the feeling when I learned Little One has a cleft…so proud of you all. May God continue to richly bless your family!

  • Amy M - I made it through until the picture of her empty crib without crying…one of these days I’ll make it all the way through a post without tears again. It hurts my heart to think of those babies. Thank God that Little One belongs to you now.

    The 17 gifts? Perfect. Where do you think of such amazing ideas?!

    I love that you’re opening your boys eyes to a different world and teaching them compassion through this journey, and I just wanted to say thank you, because you are opening mine too. I looked at the incubator and thought, hey…I was part of that! Maybe it was just the tiniest piece but tts still a good feeling, and it makes me want to do more. Thank you for sharing.

    You inspire me.

  • MelissaMarie - I have also been following your story from the beginning (although I have never commented) I have prayed for your family and wondered about how things were going. But I was not prepared for how deeply your adoption would effect me. I am thankful that you are willing to share this with us.

  • Flossie - I love the birthday idea! Very creative & thoughtful!

  • Brooke - YOU. ARE. BRILLIANT!!!!! I wish I would have thought to buy presents for all the future birthdays!! That is so smart!!! I really would like to go back and do that. I love how intentionally you parent your children. you truly consider their hearts so fully. I more think about how I am going to parent them TODAY, and I love how you continually think about how you will parent them in their lifetime. You are a great momma.

    I loved exploring Eli’s birth community. We got to see where he was “found”…very emotional but very necessary.

  • keely - What a special idea about birthday gifts! And how fantastic for your boys to experience this with you.
    This story just keeps getting better and better. 🙂

  • sarah k - Okay, I always love your blog posts but these ones from China are starting to be one of the highlights of my days. Seriously, I look forward to it like it’s the new installment in a serial novel or something. 🙂 These posts are happy and reflective and weighty and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jessica P - I love the sweet pictures of Little One napping. And the toes peeking from the stroller. She is absolutely precious! How great that you were able to visit her hometown and collect stories and pictures to one day share with her. Love this post!

  • Marnya - You are an amazing mother! I love the gift idea, one for each birthday over 17 years. Thank you for sharing your family’s story, you are all very inspiring.

  • Jeannette - I’m enjoying your journey! Praying you got/get all that you wanted too.

  • JENNIE - reading your posts is such a highlight of my day. love the gift idea! your little one’s hometown looks like such a marvelous place. how lucky she will be to have these photos and such, im sure she will treasure them in the future! carry on… much more to see and accomplish. xoxo

  • Carrie // cue the confetti - You are so thoughtful! The idea of the book and presents just inspires me and encourages me to be so thoughtful and really think what would bless others now and in the future. Praying for the rest of the trip and the flight home. THANK YOU for letting us join you in this journey!!!!

  • Susannah - It’s so touching how well you thought out things to give/do for your daughter throughout her life to help her understand and appreciate her first year of life.

  • Jenny B. - Wow. What a gift to be able to spend time in her home city. I started crying (again!) when I read the part about buying 17 gifts. I think that is a beautiful idea. I hope you have a good safe place to store them – like maybe a safety deposit box. 🙂 I would be so afraid of something bad happening – flood, fire, etc. But, anyway – didn’t mean to be a downer! 🙂 I so love reading your story. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures! It has been such a blessing to be able follow along.

  • Deb Leluga - So I thought I was going to make it through a post without choking up, but then I got to the part where you chose 17 gifts from Yangxi for Little One’s next 17 birthdays, and I lost it! You are such a great mom!

  • Lisa - Almost 16 years ago now, my aunt and uncle adopted my cousin Hope from a situation similar to your sweet daughter’s. She was in a far away orphanage and spent most of her first year and a half in a crib. When they returned to the US, my aunt found other families who had adopted around the same time and place as Hope(using the internet mostly and any info the agency could legally help with.) Long story short, they found a handful of little girls scattered around the US. Each year, they have a “reunion” in someone’s new hometown. I know Hope has LOVED having that connection… Your 17 gifts idea made me want to share…

  • Stephanie - I don’t know what hormones I have pulsing through my body but every single post of yours this past week has brought me to tears. Every post is so full of life, joy, and the beauty and wonder that comes when one welcomes a new person into the family. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

  • Annie - WOW! I never saw a city in China that was so CLEAN! It’s beautiful!
    Found your blog recently, and have been SO touched by your story! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Laura @ The Turquoise Home - You are so prepared for everything! I mean, to think of buying 17 things from her hometown to give on her next 17 birthdays is genius and so special. Love it!

  • Lisa M. - What an amazing journey you are on… thank you for including us. What an incredible experience you are giving your two boys. They will be tied to your youngest daughter in such a special way by being able to experience this first meeting with her before anyone else! May God continue to bless you…you are in my prayers daily.

  • Susan - Ashley, You left me in tears again, but happy ones. So glad you had the opportunities to get memories for Song of her first hometown.
    Safe travels,

  • windie d - what an amazing idea for the gift from China for each birthday! i have friends who are just starting the adoption process and i will need to suggest this to them! thank you again for sharing this journey with us! i love reading your updates

  • sarah kate branine - What an incredibly thoughtful way to celebrate in the future– with the gifts from her homeland. I’m tucking that one away!

  • Amanda C. - Every time I read your blog, I’m overwhelmed by how incredible of a mother you are. Your daughter is so lucky that God chose your family as her forever family! Praying that your transitions continue to be smooth.

  • Alicia - What a wonderful and thoughtful idea to get Little One a gift from her hometown for the next 17 birthdays! She is one lucky, lucky girl!

  • Melyssa - Oh the idea of 17 gifts from her home town for her next 17 birthdays brought tears to my eyes. That is so genuinely sweet and thoughtful. She is a lucky lucky little girl to have you for a mother, your family for her family. You are an inspiration.

  • Cindy - What an amazing day! It’s so fun to see you there in your sweet girls’ home town… that is big! I am totally stealing your gift idea.. that is so special . You all look great together… The pictures are gorgeous… what a treasure!

  • Nicole - Thank you so much for sharing your adoption journey! It’s been a joy to read and for whatever reason this particular post hit my heart the hardest. Adoption is something that might be in our future one day and your words are so inspiring to me. All my love to you and your family!

  • Salena Santos - Thank you so much for your updates. I daily look forward to them. What a blessing this trip has been for you and your little ones:) Your sons will never forget it!

  • Mrs. Saukas - Ashley,

    Loving to read and have news from your beautiful journey with the little one.
    Today, i was listening this song “Home” (Phiplip Phiplips) and just remind me of you and your little one.
    May God keep blessing you and your family greatly.

  • Steph - Your story has melted my heart. Your sweet baby girl is so precious and beautiful. My heart feels so full reading your updates…the very best to your darling family!

  • Rosalind - That is an awesome idea – 17 gifts from her home town. How thoughtful – I am sure they will be very special for her. So great you are having a wonderful time. What a great opportunity for your sons, I had wondered how young kids would cope with seeing places like orphanages overseas etc… Looks like the Chinese orphanage was in better condition than the ones I visited in Romania.

  • katie - What a beautiful idea to gather gifts for her birthdays! Wondering how she handled what I imagine was her first time in a stroller, as well as how she handled returning to her orphanage and seeing the nannies?
    Again, thank you for sharing.

  • Lyn - Ashley, Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you goes out to your family too. This is wonderful to read and see. It is inspiring and I am truly grateful. Seeing a different side of a country than what you get in the media is amazing! You have a beautiful family.

  • Emily Zimmerman - I love reading all the updates on your new little one. I can’t wait for her to meet your little fire cracker!

  • Penny Sheehan - oh what a treat for your sweet family to be able to see the wonderful town in which your lil angel was born! And the boys are getting to experience so much in China! Enjoy your time and soak up all the sites and sounds. She is a lucky lil Song!

  • Megan - Ashley, I have so enjoyed reading your blog over the past year or so and following your adoption story. This week reading it has brought me to tears every day. Your story is beautiful & so is your daughter. Thank you for sharing it. I can’t wait to wait Little One grow! She is lucky to be a part of your family!

  • Anna Marie - The mental image I have in my head of your boys being chased by 4 Asian women literally caused me to giggle out loud…and I couldn’t stop for a minute there. Oh the memories you all are making. Love, love seeing these posts everyday sweet Campbell family.

  • Eva - How awesome that you had the chance to visit Little One’s orphanage and stay the night in her hometown. It’s also great that you finally got to lay your eyes on that wonderful incubator. What a truly special visit.

  • Jannine - Your photos of Yangxi are wonderful; I am so glad you got to go. I was there in October 2010, when I adopted my daughter.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures, some of them brought tears to my eyes.


  • Suzanne Damstedt - I am so glad I could be a part of helping arrange for Alexa, our Orphanage Assistance China director to be with you Ashley on this wonderful trip. I’m so glad it worked out..I had hoped to see pictures with her there! (I met her in 2010). OH, just for the record….I technically helped with your project not as an “employee” but as my volunteer role, Nutrition and Orphanage Assistance Director!

    Suzanne Damstedt

  • Miranda Hazeveld - A lot of Memories!

    I hope the hotel was good. Thank you for sharing it. Michelle remember the pictures. Thank you.

  • nancy - Oh the tootsies. Oh so so very yummy.
    Thank you so for sharing the journey. It is a treasure.

  • amber - Such a wonderful idea buying 17 gifts for her coming birthdays! That is so special and thoughtful. I have really enjoyed seeing the photos of where your daughter is from and reading about your journey. I am so glad you were able to go to her birth place and take photos for her. I know she will treasure this. So many kids never have this opportunity and must wonder about their roots.

  • Elizabeth - Wow..wonderful. That photo of that empty crib is so powerful…I can only imagine walking through that room with all those other children..in those cribs…breaks your heart.

  • Jen - So amazing & beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

  • Loralee - I know we don’t know each other personally…but I am so thankful I found your blog months ago. Your story is wonderful…I enjoy reading about your journey. I am adopted and to see and hear your side of the process…is a blessing. I was blessed with a wonderful family..and am so thankful for this little girl and how God has brought her into your lives.


  • Brandi - Such a sweet & thoughtful post. Love the gift idea. You’re top notch, lady! Top. Notch. Enjoy the rest of your visit!

  • JENNY - what a blessing that you got to visit her home town and her home for her first year of life!

  • Nicole C - I cannot get enough of your blog right now! I’m loving every little bit of it! The 17 gifts idea is so brilliant and creative. What a fun treasure for her to have. Your family is just amazing 🙂

  • Jenni - How did I miss this post? 17 gifts for her next 17 birthdays? You are killing me!! I mean I have to iron today at some point! lol

  • tracy a - ashley, i am learning so much from you! if our adoption turns out to be a foreign affair, then i will refer back to these posts for all the wise things you and chris have done. printing out a letter explaining your situation…brilliant. and the idea of buying her birthday gifts. that will be an incredible blessing to your daughter. continuing to lift you all up!

  • Sarah W. - I love each and every photograph. The boys touring the orphanage, little one with her daddy. Little one’s feet. All so precious.
    I love your idea to give her a gift from her birth city for the next 17 years. How very special that will be for her.

  • Chrissy - Ashley, this has been so amazing to watch you and your family go through this process. I am so engrossed in this little girl and her incredible family. I have so few words to express how it feels to look at these pictures….oh my heart. XO

  • amanda - oh Ashley, she is so beautiful. So happy for you and your family. What a blessing to finally have her in your arms. Will continue to pray for safe travels!!

  • Mandy - A friend suggested I see and join this blog. What a gift she gave me!!! You are simply and beautifully an amazing family. Congratulations on Little One and on your wonderful bunch. Little Miss and you guys are so lucky to have found each other. Thank you Lord! Bless you all and don’t you ever stop this blog!

  • Rachel - Great pics and wonderful wonderful story. I wld like to know how your little one is getting along. And how the boys (which are both DARLING) are getting along w/ new sister!
    What a brave story with a happy ending!

  • Kelly - This post is so inspirational. I am filled with joy that you are willing to share your story with such detail. I pray that your story will touch so many to have the heart for adoption. God bless and protect your family.

  • Kim Brody - My heart overflows and my eyes tear up over your postings about Little One. Our God is an AWESOME God!

  • Elizabeth - Ashley, this post brought a host of tears…seeing little ones’ bed…the incubator…and you’re little one in your husbands arms.
    The sad reality of orphans all over the world & what their story looks like just breaks my heart!
    And the joy of knowing your little one is LOVED, being held & now part of a family ~ i’m just overwhelmed w. emotion!

  • Frank Malloy - Hello Ashley Ann,

    I would *love* to see more photos of Yangxi – they are the best quality I have ever seen of this area.

    Sherri and I adopted Lauren (Song Zi Rui) in Feb. 2011, and she is from Yangxi. We never made it to Yangxi unfortunately, but I am fascinated by the orphanage and would love to see more quality photos, and show them to her when she is old enough to comprehend.

    Please see my blog site if you are interested.

    Best regards,

  • Frank Malloy - Oh, you should see the video slideshow I made of our adoption story, using the photos of Yangxi I got from other adoptive parents and on the internet:


    I wish I could have used your photos…!

    Best regards,

  • Liberty - Hi there, We were just referred a little guy from Yangxi!! I was delighted to find that is the same orphanage Little One is from and remember that you had this wonderful post. I will look back to this often for travel advice. Thank you for your ministry!!

  • Elena Faoro - I cried reading thtough your post. I’m just sorry I found it only now. I’ve been leaving in rural Guangdong for a while already, and seeing the pictures you took, reading the story of your girl… After so many years spent in China, you gey used to seeing things one you should never get used to. I know I’m just an estranged reader, but email me if you need more materials researched on Yangxi, I speak fluent Chinese and well…glad if I can help out. I’ve always thought about adopting in China, but being Italian I’m not allowed to do so as a single mom. Love from rainy Guangdong, Elena F.

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  • Gerard Tsang - I also adopted a daughter from Yang Xi year 2006, she was born 2004. When we applied her visa and passport to go back to US and the Chinese passport told us that she had an old passport. I finally find out that someone adopted her and sent her back to the swi. Guess what after so many years the first couple who sent her back to the swi tried to contact me from an adopting agent and they still calling her as their daughter. I just sent them some of her pictures and I found out those couple are from Washington DC. My daughter’s pictures made them kick their butts, I bet.

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  • Laura - I read through all your adoption posts a while ago…we are waiting on a referral from China (special needs) and I thought I remembered reading about where you guys hung up flyers at your daughter’s finding place? Maybe that was a different blog…but if you did, I’d be interested in hearing more about this experience…any pros and cons…what the flyer contained…I’m contemplating doing this, but am not sure if it my jeopardize the finalization of the adoption or create problems culturally…I would do it not expecting any contact from the birth family…but in case the birth family might see the flyer…I’d like for them to have a bit of peace about the welfare of their child. If you have thoughts and don’t mind sharing, I’d love to hear at the the email above. Thanks so much. Your cleft palate posts have been very educational.

  • Cheryl - Thank you for posting these photos, which happen to be of my daughter’s SWI and her birth place. The palm trees remind me of south Florida, near where we live. Being on the same latitude gives our family a sense of connection.

  • Liberty - Hi Ashley Ann, I have followed you for years and just now realized that my son was in the orphanage when you were there for your visit! He would have been 5 months old and would only have been living at the SWI for about two months at that point. It makes me wonder if your boys tried to make him smile. I would love to send them a picture of Daniel from then and now and maybe let them dream that this was one of the little boys their love touched. Blessings to you! Liberty