getting to know you

Little miss slept through the night, woke up next to me very confused…then flashed a smile once I told her ‘Good Morning’. A great start to the day.

We are taking things slow and spending most of our time in our hotel room.  The streets of China are bustling with life – might be a bit much to take in all the sudden when you are used to the four walls of an orphanage. We are getting to know our daughter and letting her figure out us. She got to meet her other big brother and her big sister via skype. FireCracker wants us home NOW.

We are in awe of our daughter. She is eating well, sleeping well and overall very content. She’s had some times of crying – I can only imagine the shock she is feeling. We are learning her, as she is learning us.

She is starting to show off some nice yoga moves.

She is crazy about her hands. She would rather look at her hands than play with any toys.

We had a few official appointments today. This is the officer that interviewed us about why we wanted to adopt her. He asked if we promise to never abandon, abuse or neglect her. He was so kind and seemed genuinely happy for our family and our daughter. He had a great smile.

We returned to the hotel where she rolled around with her brothers….to their sheer delight.

It was a great day. Thank you for all your comments yesterday. We haven’t read them all yet, but are slowly making it through them. I will print them all into a book for her to read one day. What a gift your kind words are to me, my daughter and my family. Thank you for being so excited for our family. It is quite incredible to us. We are both humbled by it and so encouraged. Thank you!

From the mouths of my boys today:

“Mommy, she is so adorable!”

“It is really good that China picked us out of all the families in the world to get to be her family.”

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