getting to know you

Little miss slept through the night, woke up next to me very confused…then flashed a smile once I told her ‘Good Morning’. A great start to the day.

We are taking things slow and spending most of our time in our hotel room.ย  The streets of China are bustling with life – might be a bit much to take in all the sudden when you are used to the four walls of an orphanage. We are getting to know our daughter and letting her figure out us. She got to meet her other big brother and her big sister via skype. FireCracker wants us home NOW.

We are in awe of our daughter. She is eating well, sleeping well and overall very content. She’s had some times of crying – I can only imagine the shock she is feeling. We are learning her, as she is learning us.

She is starting to show off some nice yoga moves.

She is crazy about her hands. She would rather look at her hands than play with any toys.

We had a few official appointments today. This is the officer that interviewed us about why we wanted to adopt her. He asked if we promise to never abandon, abuse or neglect her. He was so kind and seemed genuinely happy for our family and our daughter. He had a great smile.

We returned to the hotel where she rolled around with her brothers….to their sheer delight.

It was a great day. Thank you for all your comments yesterday. We haven’t read them all yet, but are slowly making it through them. I will print them all into a book for her to read one day. What a gift your kind words are to me, my daughter and my family. Thank you for being so excited for our family. It is quite incredible to us. We are both humbled by it and so encouraged. Thank you!

From the mouths of my boys today:

“Mommy, she is so adorable!”

“It is really good that China picked us out of all the families in the world to get to be her family.”

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  • Jenny - What a delight! I love following you on your journey! Enjoy this special time getting to know her!

  • Katie Thomassen - She IS adorable and it IS really good! I was unable to leave a comment yesterday because I was so emotional, so I can only imagine what you all are experiencing. I am so thankful to God that she is apparently recognizing you as her forever family so easily! Welcome, Little One and praise God for you and your family!!

  • Lisa M. - Couldn’t wait to open up today’s post and see how things were going…it sounds like things are transitioning smoothly. There has been (and still is) a lot of prayer for you in this journey and it’s obvious God’s hand is in this. Isn’t our God amazing?! Truly He is.

    She is absolutely beautiful!

  • Kristen - I am so happy for you all. What a gift you both are to each other. Congrats.

  • Brandi - Awe, love this! She seems very happy, like all of you! I love how unselfish you are — making sure she isn’t overwhelmed during this process. Kudos!

    PS – I wait until after I read your posts to put on my mascara. And I don’t mind one bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lori - Sweet, sweet words from your boys. The picture of her leaning
    against her big brother is beyond precious. Thank you again for
    sharing your journey with us.

  • Mary - Ashley and family – Your daughter is beautiful and I am crying happy tears through your updates. Congratulations! I have shared your link with all of LWB, you have our love and prayers.
    Mary (from XiaoXian foster care)

  • Kim - I know this is just the beginning of getting to know her and I am so excited for the journey that lies ahead. I’m also to thankful that you’ve had relatively small bumps and know that coming home will be a different journey. Excited for Firecracker to get to be with her sister!

  • Mayara - Sweetest thing! I press F5 on my keyboard waiting for your updates. You are awesome!

  • Christina Larsen - I love what your boys said!!! Just melts my heart! Enjoy getting to know her more and more each day.

  • Sandy - Although your boys are young their thoughts are so deep!
    Sounds like they “get it”!!
    Be blessed Campbell Family! May God’s peace sweep over you on the next leg of your journey home and may the union with the younger brother and sister be just as sweet as this one has been. So happy to tag along for the ride. You are very gracious to share!!

  • erin - she is just beautiful!!! she is one lucky and blessed little girl and she doesn’t even know it yet. congratulations!

  • Carol - Thank you thank you thank you for sharing with us these beautiful, treasured moments. What a gift from the Lord and blessing to see her preciousness. Congratulations to the Campbell family!

  • Donna Collins - Your boys comments made me cry! So happy for your family!

  • Sary Stroll - :sob: The look on your husband’s face while he’s holding her… that has done me in. Your family, all of you…you are all so beautiful, inside & out. You are a blessing & inspiration to all of us. Be blessed by your new, sweet baby girl.

  • Kimberly Troth - LOVE!!! She is so blessed to be placed with your family just as you are blessed to be placed with her! GOD is GOOD!!! Love the skype photo too! I’m sure FireCracker is more then ready to get her hands on her little sister ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Carrie - This little girl and you have been on my mind since I saw her! What a great thing to do to make such a powerful promise to her! My heart has always wanted to adopt seeing this might just give me and my family the nudge to act! From okc to tulsa not knowing you but being 2 hrs apart! Funny how God places things, words, people in your life!

  • joelle - She is so amazingly beautiful and absolutely perfect in HIS eyes. May HE continue to bless you all on this new journey and may the love of you and her sibilings overflow in her heart.

  • Tricia - It is absolutely certain that your blog will be my go to place for happy tears in the coming months. That last quote. Oh good gracious, you have some special littles! <3


  • Denise Karnes - Waited with bated breath today to see how the night and morning went. So thankful all was well. I’m glad China picked you to be her family, too.

  • Ruth @ Living Well Spending Less - Keep the posts coming, I literally can’t get enough. She is so beautiful Ashley. Congratulations (again.) I’m crying (again.) Happy tears. Awesome.

  • Monika Rybak - Congratulation!! Im reading reading Your yesterday’s and today;s post and can’t stop. Pictures are beautiful.
    I wish your family all the best!!!

  • emmybrown - so awesome!

  • merideth a - so beautiful!! she is so beautiful!!

  • Amanda - She is just lovely!

  • Laura@Ms Smartie Pants - I am so happy for you and your family. As I look and read with tears in my eyes I feel as if I am viewing something holy. This is a long awaited dream, more than a dream, it is something you wanted, prayed for, waited for, was patient for, followed God for. This has been such a lesson in life for me. You are about the most intentional person I know and I so long to be filled with intention. I mean these words from the depth of my soul, may God continue to bless you keep you and shine his face down on you and that sweet family of yours, all 7 of you!

  • Stefanie - Wow, what a fantastic start you’re off to! She looks amazingly relaxed and content, yay God!
    And those boys of yours are absolutely precious… aren’t kids’ hearts amazing? So many times I’ve had folks email me to ask how in the world we can adopt (again!), wondering about our kids “at home” getting jealous or upset? If they only knew how crazy accepting and full of love our kids hearts can be ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Celia - So sweet! Thank you for taking the time to keep us all updated! I’m sure you all are in absolute heaven. Your boys have wonderful hearts!! Continuing to pray for you all!!!

  • Nikki - I am so thrilled for you and your family! I appreciate that you’re letting us come along on this journey with you. Each post about the adoption has made me cry sad tears, happy tears. She is so beautiful!

  • Natalie - That comment about China picking you really got me. So sweet from the mouths of children. The pictures are gorgeous, as always.

  • Sophie - Such beautiful photos of these early days! Glad to see she is settling in so well with you, I’m surprised she is doing so well – I don’t think I’ve ever seen an adopted child become so comfortable so quickly. She must sense that you’re there to love her and care for her and never hurt her. So lovely!

  • giozi - Your boy are right she is adorable.

  • Kelly - So sweet to see her with your family. Finally. I can’t wait to see her with her sister! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for continuing to share this story with us!

  • Tracy a - Yesterday’s comments were a treasure indeed…I read through many of them and just marveled at God’s love being poured out. I bet if there were some sort of way to see “the world in tears”, like a poll map or something, yesterday would have been lit up all over the world! Tears of joy that is…I think we all feel pretty honored to have such a window to view this proccess, this miracle in your lives. His Kingdom come is always a glorious sight to behold!

  • Jessica P - Firecrackers face in that skype picture is awesome. You can just FEEL her excitement! And those toes! Oh my goodness, your youngest daughter is absolutely precious! We’ll continue to pray for a smooth transition, for peace and blessings. Pastor always talks about things “looking like Jesus,” and THIS looks like Jesus. Your beautiful family is a picture of God’s love.

  • charla - Looks like a perfect fit! Amazed how God does that! Congrats to you all! xo

  • Melissa - I bet Firecracker is going out of her mind crazy waiting for your return to Oklahoma!

  • Sandy W - That Skype picture really got to me. She is so beautiful!

  • crystal - I’ve been neglecting my blog reading, and logged on today to see this! And now I can’t stop crying! I’m so happy for you and she is simply adorable! You are so blessed!

  • meg duerksen - so of course i was CRYING yesterday reading and seeing you finally holding your baby. and i crying again today. i can’t wait to kiss her. ๐Ÿ™‚
    what an awesome story you are living ashley.
    i just love you so much.
    and i couldn’t be happier.

  • AmandaH - A huge congratulations to your family! I think the most beautiful part of your story is seeing how completely enthralled your boys are with their new sister. Your boys seem to have such love and tenderness for her and that is so, so awe-inspiring. So happy for you all!

  • Amy at Fig Milkshakes - Oh, it is SO GOOD that China picked you out of all the families in the world!

    I’m fascinated by her and her strength. To be so flexible after being confined for so long! To have little to nothing to play with, and yet she just says, “No problem. I’ll just check out my hands!”

  • elizabeth - that last picture and those quotes from your boys … i have got to stop reading your blog at work because people are starting to look at me funny when they walk by and im smiling and crying. its crazy how i dont even know your family in real life but i am anxiously waiting for your baby girl to meet fire cracker and her older brother. i was thinking about you guys last night and what a blessing your family and that baby girl are to each other. thank you a million times over for sharing and letting me get a glimpse into this beautiful story.

  • Christian T - Well said boys!

  • Shauna - Wow your boys comments Made me cry.
    She’s looks at home already. Fantastic.

  • darcy - as excited as i was to read your post yesterday . . . this one truly warmed my heart!! the picture of her little head laying on her brothers belly . . . so so sweet!

  • Wen - Love these photos! So precious seeing her interact with her siblings and parents – so happy to hear she is adjusting so well. Thanks for sharing your journey – all your thoughts, all the information that will help others, and beautiful photography. Thanks for letting us in your family’s personal life. Cannot wait to see your 2 girls together! Many blessings to your amazing family!

  • Roxana Perdue - She’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your family’s journey with us. It’s such a blessing.

  • - I just can’t wait to see her on the trampoline with the hose running while brandishing a light saber!

  • Cassie - Beautiful girl.

  • Erina - Ashley, she is simply adorable! I was all teared up reading your post yesterday and this post is also no exception. And yes, I can’t wait to see Firecracker’s reaction upon seeing Little One!

  • Amy Beachy - your boys are so sweet. she is blessed to have older brothers to be her protectors!

  • Caroline - I tried commenting yesterday but some error kept preventing me to post anything!

    Anyway, I am really really happy for you and your family and Little Song. I teared when I saw the first photo of all of you together in yesterday’s post!
    Yes, she is so blessed to have all of you picked to be her family and I think she is a blessing to have too!
    I am already seeing bits of Firecracker in her…those yoga poses!
    Looking forward to see her grow as the littlest Campbell!

    Lots of love!!

  • Jennifer - I am so happy for your family.. My heart is filled with joy, She is beautiful and you will be amazing for her.. I can’t wait to see pictures of Firecracker and her lil sister!!

  • Latonia Grant - so exciting to see her

  • Alvena - I have been following your blog since March 2012. I am deeply moved by all your love for her… I believe it can only be God’s… The journey ahead is challenging, but certainly more rewarding… By His grace and your love, it will be such a precious journey! I am a Chinese too, so I will use Chinese to cheer for you… ???????????? ?Cheering for you, God’s grace is sufficient for you) Bless your hearts!! Little one, you are so precious and beautiful!

  • Julia - This probably sounds silly, but I love that you have her in comfy, roll-around “yoga” clothes. That’s just the way babies should be dressed.

  • Susan Dutka - So pleased things are going well. May God continue to work in your lives.
    Give her hugs from her Mississippi “auntie”.

  • Rachael - Congratulations Ashley and Family – what a beautiful story and what a wonderful experience to follow your journey. She is beyond adorable! So many times as I have read your journey it has brought me to tears, and I realized it is because – who does not love the story of someone who has been abandoned, even rejected by society being taken into arms of love, welcomed into a family. It is the heart of the gospel isn’t it, God loving us, despite our rejection of Him.
    May God bless you as you travel home!!

  • Leah - So happy for you and your family! What a beautiful addition your new daughter is to your beautiful family. In the yoga pics. it looks like her 2nd toe is longer than her big toe – a sign of high intelligence :)Much love and best wishes!!

  • Lindsey B. - I’ve just recently stumbled across your blog but your journey with your daughter has touched my heart. She is beautiful and will be such an amazing blessing addition to your family. Your journey and faith through the adoption process has been inspiring. Congratulations on the new little one!

  • Katie @ explanationrequired - โ€œIt is really good that China picked us out of all the families in the world to get to be her family.โ€ <— Seriously, the cutest thing ever. And I think China made a good decision. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sara W - Wow, that last comment totally melts me!

  • bonnie - wow wow wow, I’m speechless…… HOW AMAZING IS OUR GOD!!!! i get all choked up these last two posts, it is just such a beautiful picture of God’s love for us. Baby girl is a BEAUTY for sure. love that she already seems so comfortable with you all especially the joy on her face when she is with the boys. wow again! congrats. so happy for you all.

  • Kortney - I am so happy for you and your family! Like your boys said, she is so adorable! Thank you for sharing your story with all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sarah Van Syoc Nadeau - Thank you so much for sharing this sweet journey with us. I feel like we are right there with you all. What a precious baby girl the Lord has given to a very sweet family. Soak in this special time!

  • Meg G - She is so so beautiful, as is your whole family! I tear up at every word and picture – your post yesterday had me full out crying in my office – for the joy, and pain, you all are experiencing, a fraction of what our Heavenly Father felt when His gave His Son to us! Thank you for sharing this journey – Blessings!

  • Rebecca - Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of faith, hope, and love. I was adopted from S Korea as a baby. When I read your words, I can’t help but be so grateful to God for giving the gift of adoption to me and to your little one. May God abundantly bless your family and your sweet baby girl!

  • Laura - God bless your family.

  • Jenny L. - I didn’t post yesterday either because I couldn’t read the post without crying through the whole thing. She is so perfect and her personality is so suited to your family. I am so happy that the process went so smooth. Those pictures yesterday were so powerful. Your face when waiting for her – only another mom could recognize that look. The picture of her staring at you like she just knows you are somebody important to her. And then the picture of Daddy holding her with a tear running down his cheek – I was a goner on that one. I think she likes this having a father stuff already. And finally today – Oh.My.Gosh – the look on FireCracker’s face on the computer screen looking at her sister – priceless! What an amazing family you all are. God knew what he was doing when he picked your family for her. Can’t wait to watch her growing up in the coming days – thank you for giving us that privilege.

  • Jen V. - I cried and cried yesterday with happiness for you and your family (so much so that I forgot to write a comment…I was just trying to calm myself down since I was at work.) I thought I’d make it through your post today, and then you wrote your sweet boys’ words, and I was left in tears again! What amazing gifts – both your new Little One, and your boys who give their love so freely. God bless you all!

  • Brenda Senter - Wow…powerful things happening for your precious daughter. Loved the pics from yesterday when you got her and Chris holding her while she slept. I could tell that she bonded just from expressions. Our God is so good and she is so blessed and your kids are having such a wonderful experience of what the Father’s love and acceptance is all about. I posted your story on Facebook yesterday and my high school friends and people in MO are reading all about your day yesterday.

    My heart overflows with joy for you all.

  • Neha - Ohhh I am again bawling my eyes out..she’s downright adoarable…so beautiful..:)

  • Sadie - Oh my. Tears here again. Especially after what your boys said. I LOVE that they feel lucky. That’s just shows the wonderful raising you have given them. She is absolutely adorable. I showed her off to my husband and daughter yesterday. I was in awe and found myself looking at the photos all day. LOVE the photo of her talking to Firecracker and Littlest Brother! PRECIOUS memories! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Carrie - I’m so glad China picked you guys, too. What a wonderful family! Firecracker must be beside herself not being able to squeeze her sister ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Claire - this post is beyond beautiful

  • Elizabeth - Your beautiful family is an inspiration to many people…..continue savoring your children and each other, you are already the richest people in the world!

  • Melissa W. - Tears of joy for you and your family!! I’ve loved following your journey and look forward to all that’s to come even more so. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing.

  • Kristi - Okay, so yesterday as I read your post I balled as if it were my own family adopting this little girl! She is such a beauty and could not have been blessed with a more amazing family than you guys!!! Tim really has the itch to adopt, and I have been the one very hesitant, but now through your testimony I think I may be ready!!! Thanks Campbells!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • anne c - she is so perfect! God is using you and chris to do some amazing things! ya’ll are obedient in his calling and it’s so obvious! thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Jennifer - I have been so blessed to walk with you (through this blog) through the whole adoption process and my cup overflows to see your precious daughter in your arms at last! God is so good! I can’t wait until He puts our son or daughter in our arms in His perfect timing!

  • Georgia Davis - Beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing. A miracle. So happy for you.

  • Katrina - I have a feeling I’m going to be crying happy tears every time I visit for a while. It is so amazing. She’s a lucky girl to have you all and your family is lucky to have her as well. Best wishes.

  • nancy - I am so so thrilled that things are going so well. What a blessings.
    Keep enjoying and learning about one another. These are such amazing and special days.

  • amber - So, so happy for you guys. I just want to squish her! And, your boys are so right:).

  • Heather - Amazing! She is beautiful and very lucky to have a great, loving family in her life.

  • Rose - Those hands are going to have many other hands to hold now.

    Please share her name soon. I need to put a name to her sweet face.

  • alison - She is amazing! I am so blessed to be able to read about your journey to get her. Enjoy having her in your arms finally!! yay!

  • Natalie - She is precious! And your boys’ words are priceless! Congratulations (again) and prayers for a safe trip home!

  • Claudia Petton - _I can picture firecracker’s face when she said she wants you home NOW! hehe.. it’s such a joy to read new posts about the little one ^^

  • tracy - Such a sweet, happy little girl. Maybe she will be a ballerina some day with those long legs of hers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Taylor - i have been following yalls story for months now and i just wanted to tell you guys congrats, she is beautiful! she seems like she fits right in, i teared up when i read what your son said at the end of the post… it is so lucky that china picked you guys!! xoxo

  • Karen - I didn’t get to comment yesterday but I am so happy for you all. She is beautiful. God bless you and have a safe journey home.

  • Maria H - Ashley, I have been addicted to reading your daily blog posts as you have started down the road to getting your daughter. The last few days as soon as my kids are settled with breakfast, I open my laptop and check to see if there is a new update. I have loved sharing with you these moments of meeting and getting to know your daughter, thank you for sharing them with us.
    They have been so moving, inspiring and real. Your daughter is beautiful and I am beyond thrilled for the blessings you will both bring to each other!
    I was so touched by the picture of you getting her in your arms for the first time and the both of you crying as well as the one of her sleeping in your husbands arms and you can see a tear of love and joy running down his cheek. I tear up just thinking about it such powerful images!
    I look forward to seeing her unite with her other siblings and the adjustments you all will make.
    Your family is beautiful and truly blessed and so perfectly complete!
    Love and blessings to you all!

  • Liz - Look at those eyelashes!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Chris - And it’s only the beginning of this beautiful story. I loved that you wrote down what the boys said. I remember when we first got our daughter’s referrel photo. My dad said “and she has no idea that on the other side of the world three people just fell in love with her”. You’ll be happy you recorded these precious words:)

  • Suzette - Dear Ashley, I keep looking at your posts over and over wanting to absorb every little precious detail. What a beautiful experience you and your family are having and how kind of you to share it with us. I am adopted (domestically) and I always felt special because I had a hand-picked family. The building where I was given to my mom has 3 people in robes on the side of it. We always called it the Angel House. We only have one picture of that day but my mom always tells me the story. I love that you have so much documentation of the anticipation your family felt and all of the experiences leading up to when your little one joined your family. She will want to know all of that someday…not because she feels like she doesn’t belong but because it is part of her history, part of how God led her to you and you to her. It is a perfect story! Just perfect!

  • Angie - A million thanks for letting me be present for this beautiful time in your family. Praising God for his blessings on your family and continued prayers for your journey home. It must be very difficult to have your heart in two separate parts of the world. Can’t wait for the first post when your family is whole and together for the first time!! Congrats!

  • Katie - So, so sweet. She is just adorable! I love those sweet little legs in her cute little leggings. And those toes! What a cutie. I’m so happy for you and your family! Sending lots of love and hugs and encouragement across the big wide ocean!

  • Kristin S - I tried to comment yesterday but I think it was maxed out at six hundred something. Comment wouldn’t post.

    Ashley, thanks for taking all of us along on such a personal family journey.

    She is so beautiful!

    She is blessed. You all are blessed. The Lord is glorified!

    (Oh, I remember what I said yesterday. One of my fave pics was from your vantage point standing on the bed. It was like she was thinking, “That’s my crazy mommy standing on the bed!” She’ll get used to it.)

  • Laura Burnett - What a beautiful girl! You may not remember me but I went to church at Battlecreek a few years back and we have two daughters from China who were little at the time. Chris, I sang music with you in the Treasure Island ministry and played the guitar once or twice when you weren’t there and my husband taught karate with Scott. You were still the ice cream guy back when I knew you. My name is Laura Burnett. At work yesterday someone was mentioning a couple who was in China that very day getting their little girl. I had to inquire… and found out it’s you! I’m so very excited for you. We have friends who adopted a little boy from China a few years ago and he had cleft lip/palate (lip repaired in China). I’m sure you probably already have connections but if you need to bounce things off of anyone who has been down that road I’d be thrill to connect you to them. Best wishes! Laura

  • Paige - That’s so special – about her fascination with her hands. I’ve never met a kid with that ability to be so easily pleased!
    Awww, things are going to be so tough for Firecracker and her brother back home…but mostly Firecracker. She finally has a sister, and she has to wait a little while longer to meet her.
    I’m so happy to hear about each day of this process – thank-you so much!!! ???

  • Rachel - The pictures you have shown over the last few days are such a powerful reminder of how the Lord aches and waits to adopt us into his arms. Watching you and your husband weep over your new little one is such a powerful testimony. Thank you for sharing this private journey. I am crying over your blog again today. Praise the Lord.

  • Susan - Thank you dear sister for sharing this amazing and God-designed journey of adoption of your Little One. I’ve prayed and joyfully wept with and for your family many times through this process. While out walking this morning I was overcome with tears when I remembered the photo of your husband holding her while she slept. It reminded me of how our heavenly Father tenderly holds and cares for us.

  • Lyana - Parabรฉns, vocรช รฉ uma fonte de inspiraรงรฃo que admiro muito! Muitas alegrias estรฃo por vir, e isso graรงas a vocรชs. Lindo de se ver, obrigada por compartilhar ! beijos from Brazil !

    just a little note in Portuguese, so you can show your kids how big and important things you are doing !!!
    you should come to Brazil huh !!!
    much love ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • JessicaLynn - This is such a beautiful story I’m sure se’ll love reading this one day. I’m so happy for you and your family. Safe travels.

  • Brooke - I’m absolutely thrilled for you! These moments seem so routine and mundane while you are in them, but looking back it’s crazy to imagine that you are in ANOTHER COUNTRY…with your NEW CHILD. Just a miracle from GOD just like childbirth!!

    Congratulations on your sweet, sweet girl. I bet you’re enjoying the crying…just to be in the same room with her to hold and comfort her. I feel encouraged that she still cries….wasn’t silenced by her time in the orphanage. Take those victories, I know you will!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Eli would SCREAM instead of just crying, I think he had to do that to get the nannies’ attention. At first it was like nails on a chalkboard, but then I began to appreciate WHY he had to do that. Our children have a story unlike anything else. We are so lucky God chose them to be a part of our families.

    So excited for your family to reunite!

  • Ingrid - i absolutely love the boys comments! all the best in getting to know each other, what a wonderful gift you have all been given x

  • Agnieszka - Your boys said it the best! I’m so happy for all of you and especially for your little one.

  • Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis - Y’all are blessing so many just in sharing this journey with us all. God’s love just pours from these posts Ashley, it’s impossible to not be touched and changed! And my stars, one of your boy’s just made me cry…again. I might have to space out my time spent here for the next few days. I’m ready to run to an orphanage and grab me a baby to love on! So happy for y’all! Truly!

  • Rachel Miller - So sweet!!! I have a son that was born with a cleft lip and palate. He is a sweet, special boy! I’d love to offer some help, advice, encouragement along the way if you’d like. My boy is perfect and truly a JOY!

  • Kember - precious! I love that her brothers said she’s so adorable and love her so much already. God has put together a special family.

  • Rachel B. - Awww…she is just so cute! Thanks for continuing to update your blog for all of us!
    Praying for safe travels home ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Molly - I am just so happy for your family! I am sure Firecracker wants you all home! Seems to me, your little one really has no idea the love that is waiting for her at home! Thank you so much for sharing with us….it is truly amazing to watch God at work! Your story is truly tugging at my heart….

  • Stoich91 - Sweet, sweet sweet! Thank you for sharing this special journey with us!

  • Jen - โ€œIt is really good that China picked us out of all the families in the world to get to be her family.โ€ And all that agonizing process and wait is what positioned you to be THAT family. God’s plan is amazing. Always.

  • Amy Coose - I love seeing your posts, and am so happy for your family. Congratulations!!

  • Amy - โ€œIt is really good that China picked us out of all the families in the world to get to be her family.โ€ ๐Ÿ™‚ (I think so too!) Ashley, reading your family’s journey to get your gorgeous and irresistibly adorable daughter has been like hearing a song in notes that I didn’t even think existed and could never have imagined. I know none of us will get to hear God’s complete symphony before we see Him face to face, but I’m so glad I got to see His heart and watch His hand working in this story. Thanks so much for inviting us along.

  • Jamie - Ashley- I am squinting through tears trying to look at my computer screen & keyboard enough to type.
    She is beautiful…. and as much as we use that word, beautiful, to describe something- it seems so completely inadequate in this circumstance.
    How amazing that God led you to her…. that He created her knowing she was perfect for your family…. and that you’ve followed His lead to give her such a wonderful family and such an incredible future.
    I’m so thrilled for you and so inspired by you.
    In watching your family venture through this adoption journey…. I have completely fallen in love with the idea of Chinese adoption, stayed up late having long talks with my husband about it, and I am praying earnestly that since God has made this a passion of mine…. that He will open doors and lead the way for us to do just as you have done and pick up our small girl from China within the next several years.
    I am both excited and very nervous about the possibilities ahead of us….
    have you shared a post with details regarding the adoption agency you chose? I am so very new to this whole process and we are just starting to do research…. could you please let me know, when you are all settled in with your sweet miracle girl, where I can find more information on the organization that you’ve been working with- it seems that it’s been such a nice process for your family…. long but well worth it, obviously.
    I would love and appreciate any information you are able to give.
    thanks so very much…. and may God bless you and your beautiful family…. prayers for your sweet miracle girl! xoxo… Jamie

  • Harriet - Still crying. Such a wonderful story. Praise GOD.

  • Angela Ray - my six year old happened upon me this morning while reading this post and has been ENAMORED with your sweet new angel…..? “who is her new mommy?” “are those her new brothers?” “will she teach them how to talk and eat china?” and of course she was very curious about her clef lip and why she needs a new family. needless to say, we have now spent almost an hour going back and looking at all the {incubator project} babies and she is marveling at how brave they are and how beautiful they are before and after their surgeries.

    i’ve said it before, but thank you again for sharing your journey with all of us……wishing you all safe travels home and that that your little firecracker and little brother get to hug that sweet face very soon! ? the ray family

  • ellen patton - I was in China 13 years ago right now with my friend who adopted a baby. It was a wonderful trip. Just like yours.

  • Annie - Good night, Irene, the first and last photos just mess me up in the best possible way. God is sooo good! Yesterday, I also kept myself busy and prayed hardhardhard for all of you until I had a chunk of time to take it all in. How I hoped there would be photos shared! Seeing you cry made my heart ache but seeing Chris’s tears busted me into a million pieces. Praise Jesus for promises kept, for blessings given and joy shared. I am full to the brim for you guys and still praying. Hooray!!!

  • Jenni - We are so lucky you are taking the time to share this with us. Congrats! God bless you all!

  • Annie Page - This whole post makes me smile, it makes adoption a little less scary too. What an amazing blessing you all are to each other – if this isn’t an example of God’s work, I’m not sure what is. Happy blessings on the rest of your trip and your travels home.

  • Maegan - So glad to hear how well things have been going. As much as you prepared for the worst, I still prayed for an unbelievably smooth transition for her and the rest of you. That she would know she is safe and loved from the beginning.

  • Nicole - Firecracker looks SO happy to see her baby sister!! I’ve been crying happy tears through these last few post. Congrats to you and your family!

  • Ivy B - What a joy it is to read and see glimpses of your story. Thank you for sharing Ashley. What a gift it is to see God’s plan come to fruition in China with your beautiful baby girl.

  • Vicki - God makes families in the most amazing ways! So much love to you!

  • Katie - Hands fascinate me too. Maybe she’ll be an artist, like her mom? Someone who finds so much joy and beauty in something so small?

    I can’t stop scrolling back to look at all these photos again and again. Such joy on all faces.

    I’m so happy for you. So happy for her.

    Tell this to Firecracker: being a big sister is hard. The older you get, the harder it becomes. You’re torn between being overprotective and being bossy. You’ll love this little girl with all your heart, and then the next moment, be pushing her away because you’re fed up with that one thing she does. Take lots and lots of pictures with her. Someday you’ll look back at how things change and be so thankful you have that documentation. When you get your license, be sure to take her on lots of adventures, even if it’s just to Sonic for cherry limeades. Try not to be too protective. There’s a line, and I know I’ve crossed it too many times. You’ll have a tendency to want to mother her, and she’ll get annoyed because she just wants you to be her sister, not her mother. Trust me, I know this from experience. Years from now, you’ll want her to be your maid of honor at your wedding. I’m not at that point yet, but I can’t imagine having anyone else besides my baby sister. Even when you’re at school and you have different friends, different people you spend time with, she’ll be your best friend for the rest of your life. Treasure that.

  • Lyn - It is so wonderful that your first night and say went so wonderfully.

  • Debbie C - She is precious! I love those long eyelashes!

  • Amanda - Ashley, you have such an awe inspiring family and story. I write this with tears! Thank you for sharing such amazing and intimate moments, the lives you and your wonderful family touch by doing so are just incredible! What a wonderful life we live!!!

  • twirlingbetty - I have read yesterday’s post and this one each about five times. They just make me so happy. Little Miss is completely, utterly and TOTALLY adorable.I can’t stop looking at the pictures. Sigh. What a gift you give us by sharing all of this. I imagine those little cheeks are now the most kissed in China!

  • Taylor - Oh those feet!!! I bet youve been smooching them like crazy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Holly - I love what your your boys said! How perfect that they are traveling with you! It is quite a wonderful gift that they are giving her in the first days with your family: kids love each other and make each other laugh so easily. Much love and many prayers are being sent your way each day as you continue to learn about each other and during your travels!

  • Katie - Pretty much every single one of your posts relating to this adoption has made me both smile, and come close to tears! You have the most beautiful family, inside and out, and this little miss is a gorgeous and lucky addition.

    I wish you all the best. I sincerely believe you deserve it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Claire - Oh my. I don’t think I have ever cried so much whilst reading a blog post (I am welling up again now). Congratulations to you and yours, and wishing you all the very best for the future…

  • Angela - Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with us. Little Miss is PRECIOUS and I soo thrilled that you have finally been united. Looking forward to your homecoming and FireCracker’s reaction in particular ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats to you all on such a joyous occasion!

  • McLain - Oh she is just beautiful!! What lovely memories you are able to capture!

  • Shelly Wright - Oh Campbells, what a joy it is to get to share in this event with you via the blog. Wow. This little girl and you will be blessed beyond measure. I love the way your children are welcoming her into their world. Blessings, blessings, blessings to all of you.

  • Hillary - It is such a wonderful sight to see God’s amazing and awesome plan play out. What a story!! Praying that God continues to bless all of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mary from tenn - this just proves god was/is in this. she is adjusting well and so is everyone else. its such a beautiful thing. how wonderful for yall. im praying many wonderful days a head.

  • Eva - It sounds like things are going really well. ๐Ÿ™‚ My girl cried every morning when she woke up for the first week and a half. She was none to thrilled that her nightmare wasn’t over yet. lol.

    Little One is just so precious. She melts my heart, as do her brothers’ comments. So very happy for you!!!!

  • Heather - Your photos are just beautiful. Warms my heart. Love that she seems to be adjusting so well. Love the quotes from her big brothers. What a blessing.

  • Tawnya - I am so in awe. To God be the glory, great things He has done. She is stunning and beautiful and this is all just beautiful – His beauty is all over it. So thankful for you all that you’ve had a calm and peaceful first couple days. Praising Him with you for your precious baby girl!

  • Bebe - Congratulations on your newest addition. Your pictures are wonderful and it seems like she was just meant to be with your family. Happy and content. – God bless you.

  • Jamie D. - I cannot get over her beauty. How blessed you are and how good our God is! Thank you for sharing her with us.

  • Haley Nicodemus - Seriously?? I’m dying over these pictures and moments with your sweet baby girl. I don’t even know y’all and I could explode with happiness for your family.

  • Ashley - Just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you and your family, God truly blessed you all with love,family,and faith. I have been on this journey with you from the beginning, again I wish you all the best and can’t wait to hear more. Beautiful

  • Julie Thomas - What a beautiful story. I am so happy for you and your family. Seeing her laugh surrounded by her new brothers, made me forget all the trivial challenges of my day–love of family is what is important.

  • Brooke Bostelman - AMAZING!!! I went from a huge smile, to happy tears to the BIGGEST smile ever! You have such an awesome beautiful family and I thank god everyday that he put such wonderful people on earth like you!! CONGRATS, little miss is beautiful and has such an outstanding family to engulf her in piles of huggies, kissies and LOVE! God bless you and your family – you’re amazing!

  • Jenni - My husband totally doesn’t get the whole blog thing. Whenever I tell him stories he sort of gives me a weird look because he doesn’t think I should know that much about people I don’t know. Most of my stories are about this blog. Yesterday I FORCED him to read the post that introduced your daughter. After he read it he looked at me less like a creeper and with more understanding because it seemed to lift him up in the same way it always lifts me. I felt justified. Fast forward to today. Now, we have 3 kids with one on the way. Two dogs with one that wears a diaper. He works crazy hours and right now he is so busy at work I don’t hear from him all day. We have very little time as you can imagine to really talk. So today he calls me from work. I’m thinking it’s really urgent because I know how swamped he is. The reason for his call? He asked me if I saw your post today where you introduced your daughter to the rest of the kids! lol I don’t think I have ever been more in love:) LOVE the pictures!!

  • Suzanne Damstedt - Isn’t it just the most amazing thing? I’m happy for you and her, and that you are seeing those smiles in person. I hope things will continue to go well for you! Have a great visit to her orphanage!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Elizabeth - The last picture is just perfect!! It brought tears to my eyes. The heart connection between brother and sister is so evident in that photograph. So happy you brought your sweet girl “home’!!!!

  • Rosalind - I couldn’t leave a comment yesterday! I think it was overloaded with love ๐Ÿ™‚ So happy for you all ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been checking in daily for updates on your union! Such a special and happy time x

  • Sarah Wolfe - I’ve been truly treasuring each of these posts. I’m so excited for you, so excited that you had this day to get to know her. So excited that you are beginning a new normal for your family of 7! She is beautiful, and I hope the days only grow sweeter ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Selina - This is the sweetest journey. I am so happy for you and your beautiful family. xx

  • Myka Jelier - Yesterday was the most emotional read yet. Today I can smile and share. Your girl is beautiful and her eyes are full of love and sweetness. She will bless you with her gifts forever. So looking forward to watching her grow and learn via your lovely photos & your writing.

  • Laura - Those toes!!!

  • Thuy - Pure bliss Ashley!! I couldn’t be more happier for you and your sweet family.

  • Tiah - I find myself coming back to your site multiply times a day to re-read these posts. They make me so happy. Thank you for sharing.

  • jill k - Oh yes!

    REjoicing with you and for you and your whole family! We live in China and love China and love how you have loved her, her’s too…

    May the Lord give you all peace in this beauiful journey ahead for you!

  • creatrish - Elle est magnifique! Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde!

  • Dee-The Old Fat Hen - Hi-I can only imagine the joy and total happiness you all must be feeling.My heart is bursting with love and happiness for you all as I feel you are a part of my family and I have been part of this journey.May the journey continue and be as happy as this moment in time-love and prayers dee x

  • Audi - I know I replied to your newsletter but I had to write on here as well. I am just so happy for all of you. Every time I read another entry by you I have tears. It feels to me as if you are part of my circle of friends. I can’t wait to read your next entry every day. Thank you so much for sharing your lives and experiences with all of us. Little Miss is very Blessed to have you as well as you are all very Blessed to have her. She is gorgeous and those eyelashes are amazing. I am wishing you everything good and as always you are in my prayers. I am also sending all of you a hug.

  • amy jupin - ::sigh::
    praying for you, thinking of you like crazy, dreaming of the day when your whole family is together.
    firecracker doesn’t have to wait much longer…

  • Shana - Ashley – I am so, so, so happy. With tears streaming down my face. These pics are beautiful. She is beautiful. What an amazing family. Thank you for sharing this very personal journey. My love, and happy thoughts, and prayers go with you all. xoxoxo

  • julie - Precious. So exciting to see such a beautiful smile! I am sure these days, weeks and months ahead will be filled with so many memories they could fill a library full of photo albums! Enjoy and Godspeed on your travels home to Firecracker and the rest of the family.

  • Allison - just precious. Can I tell you that I dreamed I adoped a 4 year old girl last night? And then another little girl after that… it was so realistic! And I know exactly where that dream came from…

  • Alice H - Love the pic of them all skype-ing! And I love what the boys said!! Glad things are going as smooth as they can be.

    I hope you will be sharing her name soon!!

  • Shannon W. - I keep reading this post over and over. My heart fills with joy at the sight of your happy daughter and happy family

  • Christina - I think I originally started to read your blog when you were just talking about adoption from China, and I have been drawn in since then. This has been a wonderful journey, and I find myself telling my husband about it after new bits of information come in. She seems to be adjusting so well and i’m so happy we can all share in it with you. She is one lucky girl, and you are all one lucky family. I am looking forward to the years to come seeing everyone together.

  • Nicole - I find myself with a lump in my throat quite often while reading your posts…you have a way with words. But today I was actually doing really good….until that last line from your son. It is a really good thing China picked you, and even better that God chose you from the very beginning. So happy for your family!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh how wonderful! I love what the officer asked. How very precious. Jesus loves the little children…

  • noรซl from AR - I commented on the last one, but I just had to share again! I LOVE seeing her sister and brothers loving their newest sibling already! The Lord is faithful indeed.

  • Elizabeth - LOVE these photos of her!!! her BEAUTIFUL hands & feet!!
    and your sons ~ melt my heart!! She *IS* adorable & it’s AWESOME that China picked you’re family. What a blessing children are!!
    i know you must be overflowing w. joy!

  • Tara Lancaster - SO happy for your family! Can’t wait to hear her go with Ka-Rip!!

  • Kari - Maybe she is fascinated with her hands because God has been holding them since her arrival until He could put your hand in her’s. Little One must know she is blessed to be placed in such a great, loving family…after all, God hand-picked you guys out of all the people in the world! My He continually bless you!

  • Kim Hickman - Love this! She’s a doll. Thanks for all the updates.

  • Tiffany - This is crazy! I found your blog through a diy project on pinterest. I started looking at your “adoption journey” and got really excited for you and started looking at your journey. Then when I saw the timeline I was like oh wow this family is in China right now! Then when I clicked on your current post I totally recognized your husband! Lol My husband and I started going to your church not too long ago and we met Chris at grouplink. We’ve prayed for yalls adoption and I am so happy for your family even though we have never met! lol Love your blog!

  • CheyAnne Sexton - how wonderful for all of you. Babies are only young once and she is so blessed to have you all come into her life.
    peace n abundance,

  • Leigh Ann Hasley - Little One, I am so happy to see you with your family. I wish for you many days of twirling and mud pie making, crafting and coloring all the while you learn about the goodness of The One who made you and brought you home to this very precious family.

  • Erika - โ€œIt is really good that China picked us out of all the families in the world to get to be her family.โ€

    I LOVE this. Just discovered your blog today. What a beautiful story. Congratulations and the best of luck to all of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Karen - Just beautiful!!!

  • kristen - I just read every post because I was saving them until I had time to really read them all. She is the most beautiful little girl and I cant stop crying at every pic. SO thankful to you all for sharing your story and for glorifying the Lord with your lives. For altering the course of all of your lives to serve others and the Lord. For allowing your lives to be shared to inspire and encourage and lead others closer to Him and His will for them to serve. Thank you so much. Your family is so so beautiful. Congratulations in every way!

  • Londen - Your daughter is beautiful! I am so happy for her and your family. Your post was so touching.

  • lorrie deann schultz - What a beautiful little angel!!! My family and I have adopted two girls. Our first is Tabby from Nanning China. She is 14 now and absolutely wonderful. I can hardly believe she has been home 13 yrs. Peekaboo is our little 5yr old. She is from Vietnam. She has been home 4 yrs. We also have two biological children. Myles is now 29 and our daughter is 27. Whew! We have quite a spread. The Lord has blessed us more then words can say. Looking at your wonderful pictures has brought back so many fond memories. Thank you for letting me share in the joy of your new baby!! Isn’t it an amazing feeling to go on a trip and come home with a BABY? I will NEVER forget that feeling. Again…thank you for sharing.
    My daughter and I have a blog Please come and visit. We would love to have you. *~*

  • boboliang - the little one is very luckiy when met you,i think she will have a light future!if you need any problem about chinese learning ,i think i can help you~you can contect me with email.:)

  • Carla Mcewen - My family members always say that I am wasting my time here at net, except I know I am getting experience everyday by reading such pleasant articles or reviews.