from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Taxi – check.
Ferry – check.
Train – check.
Miles walking – check.

Today (Sunday) was full of more exploring. Chris and our 6 year old woke up early and went out for breakfast. Back at the hotel room I taught our oldest how all you really need for an decent breakfast is hot water. Instant coffee from our Asian market back home (brought it just in case I couldn’t find it quickly here) and instant oatmeal – works for camping and hotels in new cities. We were both happy. Add hot water and stir.

In case you ever wondered, “Drug Driving may be your journey to death”.

We took a ferry to Kowloon for a couple of hours.

I prefer to avoid all touristy places (the Ocean Park yesterday was Chris’ idea). We headed to the back street markets. I wish had better pictures from this street, I’ll get more in Guangzhou. The boys were wide eyed and excited at all the new sights, smells and sounds. I so want them to grow to have respect and appreciation for different cultures and different ways of life. We are looking forward to more local markets in the next two weeks.

After another ferry ride and taxi ride, we boarded a train to Guangzhou. We will meet our Little One in Guangzhou tomorrow. She is not from Guangzhou, that is just where the official adoption stuff takes place.

2 hours of sitting still on a train watching the diverse countryside of China speed by us…thinking about all that will happen in a few short hours. I love that Chris captured this moment. I was listening to the same playlist that I ran to earlier this year for those 5ks. Felt so different listening to the same songs knowing I was on my way to the city where I’d meet my daughter.

Guangzhou China from our hotel room.

We didn’t waste much time before we headed out on foot to find an area away from all the hotels and big shops. I needed to buy some formula, rice cereal and diapers…and wanted good prices. We winded down streets and found another local market full of small family owned restaurants. Dinner was delicious. We will be headed back a few more times while we are here.

My oldest asked me to figure out how to make the rice dish when we get home, he was surprised how much he liked it. For those concerned travelers, don’t worry we’ve been to China before (and other countries) we know what to watch out for when eating locally.

So that was our Sunday. Tomorrow we will wake up, go run around as a distraction in the morning. While we are running around, our Little One will leave her orphanage 3 hours away and begin her journey here to meet us. And then in the afternoon she will be placed in our anxiously awaiting arms! Thinking I better take something to help me sleep tonight….

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