many, many hours later…

We left our house at 4:30am…we arrived at our hotel in Hong Kong about 30 hours later. Our flight from Chicago to Hong Kong got delayed 4 hours, which gave us an 8 hour layover in Chicago. If you are going to have a long layover, Chicago is a great city for it to happen. We caught a train to downtown and explored a little bit.

Can you guess which little boy has been EXTREMELY excited?!

Deep dish pizza. The boys declared it the best pizza they have ever eaten.

Finally, it was time to board the plane to Hong Kong!

15 hour flight. Not looking forward to the return home flight…

Eventually we landed…took a train…took a taxi….collapsed in our beds. Then we ‘face-timed’ the little ones at home and gave them a glimpse of Hong Kong.

The boys wished we had a bike park like this at home.

We have a couple of friends from Hong Kong, so we got to spend a day with them. It has been too long since we last saw them. We ventured out to Ocean Park – which had crazy long lines, but beautiful exhibits.

I was so proud of my oldest. He does not like being high – a little bit of fear of heights. However, he doesn’t let it keep him from doing things as a family. He was not pumped about a cable car ride, but he did it and allowed himself to enjoy it some.

My boys and our friends’ son…such a handsome boy.

The boys at dinner….

With our sweet friends. I wish Oklahoma was closer to Hong Kong!

Tomorrow we take a train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou…where we will meet our Little One on Monday!

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