when in shock, craft.

There are a hundred things I should be doing now. I should copying documents. I should buying medicine. I should be setting doctor’s appointments. I should be thinking about packing. I thought for sure once we got travel dates that this would all of the sudden feel real. I’m in shock. Hazy fog kind of shock. Still wondering when it will really sink in…??

So, yesterday I opted for a crafting break.

I made a Travel Countdown Banner. It will be a fun visual reminder of the days ahead for the kids (and me). We will leave on a Thursday and our daughter will be placed in our arms forever on the following Monday. We will be gone for about 2 weeks and then we will come home and life anew begins.

We have two sets of family dolls. The first set is our adorable felt dolls and I have tucked them away for Little One once she is ready to play with it. The second set is our little peg family. I didn’t realize how much fun FireCracker would have ‘role playing’ with the dolls. Her favorite is ‘her little sister’.

If you notice, she always arranges them where the girls are with the mom and dad…and the boys are separated. Hmmmm.

She was explaining how to boss the boys around and that no boys would be allowed in their room…and that they will play all day together and never get tired.

I’m thankful for chipped purple fingernails and tiny dolls that are already bringing out sisterly love.

“Mommy, put her by me.”

For those wondering:

Hoop Art from Sparrow Mercantile

Teach Me to Be Brave from Heartbox Studio

Put a Song in My Heart from my friend Amy

Peg dolls from Once Upon A Peg

Family Rules Poster by Alexander Creative

Wall photo collage tutorial

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