I’m leaving on a jet plane…in 2 weeks!!

Guess who….

Guess who is meeting her daughter in 19 days? Oh yea – that would be me! I still have not taken care of getting luggage – guess that will be happening this weekend. Our older two boys are going with us…they are so excited. FireCracker is crazy nuts excited now. She is understanding all the excitement and is ready to kick Chris and I out the door.


I’ve been wanting to share a bunch of links. I know many of you are probably not interested in these, but I also know some of you might be highly interested. These are links to various blog posts that I have found especially helpful as we prepare for travel. If you know someone adopting, several would be good reads for you to learn ways you can support your friends & family. There are a lot of links, but I wanted to record them all in one place for my own reference too!

I do want to point out that most of these posts are not ones that tell the ‘rosy, storybook’ stories of adoption. They are honest, real posts about the hard realities that some, if not many, adoptive families and children face during the early days. There are a million beautiful posts out there regarding the joy of adoption. I hope to share a million of my own beautiful stories with you one day! But, I know parenting has both the joy and the struggle…the struggle is often what makes the beauty shine even brighter. So, I am thankful for those that shared the struggle and the beauty of adoption…

And now onto some links…

This is a series by Love Without Boundaries that we have found invaluable as we prepare for the coming days, weeks and longer:

For families currently in the adoption process:

  • I am the abductor ~ a post on Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 8 from the possible viewpoint of a child in the first days of an adoption
  • Grief ~ another post from Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 8 the grief her daughter faced in the early days (be sure to read current posts to see how her daughter is now)
  • Depression, lovely clefts and the ultimate love ~ my friend Angie’s vulnerable account of facing post-adoption depression
  • The Ugly Beautiful Truth ~ answering your child’s hard questions by Stefanie of Ni Hao Ya’ll
  • Irises for Baby L: thoughts from his foster mom ~ this is an article by my friend Suzanne of Love Without Boundaries. She writes from the perspective of a domestic foster mom, but I think it would be a great read for any adoptive parent or foster parent
  • And my friend Emily – who just has lots of honest posts related to the bonding and attachment process

If you have a friend or family member adopting:

  • An open letter ~ this is an “open letter” written from an adoptive mom to her friends and family sharing ways that they can support her family now that the “honeymoon phase” of their adoption was over
  • Family & Friends “Dos and Don’ts” ~ similar to the post above, tips for understanding the transition
  • After the Airport ~ Jen Hatmaker’s popular post regarding life after the big airport moment when a family arrives home

Well, those are a lot of hard to read posts. Some might call them ‘negative’, but I owe a debt of gratitude to the women who vulnerably shared. Their willingness to be honest allows me to prepare for what could be ahead. Their honesty means I can be a better mom because of the wisdom I’ve gleaned from amazing women. To them, I say “thank you.”

Oh, sweet baby girl, am doing all I can for you now. And I am coming soon.


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