Celebrating Little One

My cup overflows.
For the past 9 years, Chris and I have been involved in a small group at our church. Our church doesn’t do traditional ‘Sunday School’, but has small adult groups that meet in homes on Sunday nights. We’ve been in the same group since I was pregnant with our oldest. Over what has been nearly a decade the group has grown. Some couples have gone to other groups. New couples have come in. It has been a constant stream of change, but yet stayed so familiar all these years. Several of the couples in the group have listened to Chris and I talk about adoption for nearly a decade. They have been with us through job changes, the births of our kids, times of joy, times of sorrow. They are family to us.

Well, last week the ladies in our group rallied together to celebrate two baby girls waiting in China that will soon join their families…our Little One was one of those girls being celebrated. The other was the daughter of our dear friends…the ones I mentioned when we officially began this process last June. The girls in this group have walked alongside me for years. They’ve held me up when I felt like I couldn’t stand. They’ve passed tissue when all I could do was cry. They’ve celebrated accomplishments and victories. We’ve grown up as moms together.  And last week they showered us with kindness and generosity – a baby shower for our Little One!

My cup overflows.

We received so many cute and practical gifts. A friend’s mom (who is Chinese) cooked the most amazing Chinese dishes for the party – I’m still dreaming about them. However, the greatest gift given was the love and support of friends. To be in a room filled with friends and family that already love my daughter and are so excited for our family – well, that is the greatest gift this mom could have received.

“Fortunes”…notes to our daughter from my friends and their daughters. Priceless.

It was humbling. I have not been a very good friend, daughter, sister or daughter-in-law these days. I am distracted, emotional, flighty. I am easily absorbed in my own world of waiting. I sure didn’t deserve the incredible kindness from those I love. I am so grateful for the gift of friendship and family. Their love for me and my family when I am not really the most lovable person – well, it is overwhelming.

My cup overflows.

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