diy {scrap fabric canisters}


I have incredible friends. Thankfully, most of my friends have kids the same ages as my own kids…so my kids have incredible friends. Yesterday we got to have my friend’s four kids over for a bit. She also has three boys and one girl…but her girl is the oldest. All the boys have someone their age, so “A” (the older girl) and I got to hang out. She’s 9. I haven’t been 9 for a long time and quite frankly I really don’t know what 9 year old girls are in to these days. However, I’ve got a bunch of crafting stuff so I figured maybe she’d like that.

I just spread out random ‘girly’ items I had on hand and gave her a few ideas. She decorated a clipboard and a big monogram. Then I found two old cans I had been saving. She and I each decorated one to use for organizing random stuff…pencils, small markers, paintbrushes, etc.

Eventually a few of the boys wanted to make a craft. I had a few more chipboard letters (that did not match their names) and they were happy decorating those.

For my can, here are the steps I used:

1. Cut scrapbooking paper to lengths that would wrap around the can.

2. Hot glued the paper to the cans in layers.

3. I originally stopped at the paper, but “A” had randomly added a bunch of fabric tape to her can and it added some texture…so then I did the same. I used various tapes, at various lengths and wrapped them diagonally over the paper. I also hot glued a small clothespin to the can to hold a label for the contents the can would store. Finally, I added a bit of crochet trim just wrapped around it.

Super easy. Super fast. Super simple. Now I need to make about 10 more.

Supply sources:

Most of the paper ~ American Crafts

Clothes pin ~ American Crafts

White label tag ~ Hobby Lobby

Off white trip ~ flea market find

Repurposed can ~ Aldi

Fabric tape – a gift from a blog reader in China, I think she found it at a local craft store there


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