escaping the heat

We are outdoor people.

We like to eat most meals outside and just be outside as much as possible. BUT…it has been so hot here the past week. Brutal hot.

Here is this week’s forecast:

It is funny to look at the end of the week and think, “Wow 103, it will be so much cooler!” So we’ve been stuck inside. There has been more fighting and less sharing. The younger two were especially having a hard time getting along, so their oldest brother decided to intervene and build them a fort. The fighting ended, which was so very nice. I’m ready for the wide open spaces outside again.


Total mess. On the other hand, since all the chairs were moved I finally mopped the kitchen floors.

We are ready for a bit cooler weather.

Some fun fort/camping links…

Happy Thursday!

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  • Robyn Lee - So fun! I remember building forts when I was younger. But I can understand your desire to be outside.

  • MixedMolly - He’s so adorable with the kitten. You can see love on his face.

  • Sadee - Looks like fun! I love how you used the opportunity to mop the floor :). 111 degrees?!! That’s awful! Hope you get some cooler weather soon. Oh, and I really like the poster leaned up against your fireplace–did you make it?

  • Bethany - Oh man! It’s been the same here in Kansas… with no end in sight! My very pregnant body can’t tolerate the heat at all so my kids no longer no what outdoors is. Eeesh! the fighting! Yesterday my oldest two spent the day building a tent too… it’s still up (and may be for the next few days).

  • Amy @ PaintWineRepeat - I used to love making forts as a kid! Still love making them with my nieces and nephews! Do you have insane humidity as well as heat? That’s our problem up here – temperature is one thing and then there’s a secondary “feels like” temperature.

  • Hope - Hello –
    I am a faithful reader of your blog and find you so charming! Your family is adorable.
    I just wanted to say that I saw the link to Amy Cornwell Jewelry and I bought a ring with my twin daughters’ (to be born in October)initials. I received the ring yesterday and it is wonderful! Thank you for introducing me to a great jeweler!
    Take care and stay cool.

  • Abigail C - What a good big brother!

  • jackie - Wow! I just thought it was hot here. The humidity here has been an added kicker! When I walk from the back door to my car I have sweat already dripping down my back. Looking forward to cooler days as well.

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Yep, same here. All of it. We have a tent in the music room right now…who needs kitchen chairs?

  • Cerise - I should bring out our blankets and stuff for forts. My kiddos have been running around like crazed monkeys. We can’t wait for cooler weather. We all miss our walks and playing outside. Stay cool!

  • Alicia - Okay, I will stop complaining about the high 80’s here! Told my husband we should go for a walk last night after work but he said it was too hot- 90! Love the fort! I remember building those as a kid. I love how your kiddos have so much fun together! Also, love the photo display above your fireplace? I would love to see more of how you did that!

  • Danielle - I know what you mean! Oklahoma heat would not be as bad if we had some rain though! I want to be able to go outside without feeling like I am preparing for the desert!

  • giozi - Ha ha ha How good it feels to see I’m not the only one with a house like that: D

  • Angie - What’s the temp in China? Yay!!! Can’t wait for that post!

  • Tiffany - Loved building forts when I was younger!!! Wow, and I thought it was hot here! We have the World’s longest yard sale this weekend so I’m sure I will feel like it is that hot! I’m sooo looking forward to it though!

  • Jenny - We are ready fall, big time! Arkansas summers are always 100+ degrees with a TON of humidity! So we actually spend more time inside than outside in the summer…bummer!
    Forts do make it all better though. πŸ˜‰

  • heather - my kiddo had a fort day the other day with a fan blowin in on him….nothing better than getting away in your own space πŸ™‚ great to see your kids they play so well together πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see firecracker with her baby sister πŸ™‚

  • Lindsay - It’s hot here and we are definitely feeling cooped up. At least we can all know we aren’t alone! Maybe the strategy today should be s to send them outside in the heat until they can get along:)

  • the whyte house - i took some pics of my kids doing the same just last weekend. they’ve been on a huge olympics kick this week, so that’s helped me not have to hear “can we go outside??” as much. while i absolutely hate our 109 degree summers here, i have to keep in mind that it is so much hotter in other places. my husband, who has almost hit month 3 of his deployment, skyped me this week and said with the heat index, it was 187 degrees. the humidity has been in 90%+, as well. one day it was so high, they thought it was raining, but it was the condensation from all the humidity blowing off of their boat. gross.

  • Amy at Fig Milkshakes - That’s how it is here, too! I think I can get away with pulling the roller shades up and getting a little bit of sun in, but my electric bill has off the charts expensive, so we’re not even doing that…

  • Patraq - The latest I’ve seen says 116 for tomorrow! We are going nuts. I need someone to open up a gym and just let my kids run around inside for hours.

  • Tiah - I feel your pain. Here in Phoenix 112+ is an everyday temp. My poor boys are starting to hate the house. Can’t wait for fall.

  • Chantel - This takes me back to childhood. I loved building forts. It would have be much more fun with a bunch of siblings though! I love how active Poppy is getting on your blog. πŸ™‚

  • autumn - you are singing my song girl. we are in AZ and it has been a stay in doors summer and we are going crazy. so glad to hear my kids are not the only ones fighting and my floors are not the only ones being neglected.

  • Angela - It’s raining and in the 60s here. Wanna split the difference?!

  • allison - where did you get that poster in front of your fireplace??

  • Lisa - Hi Ashley, For really hot days when I cannot take the kids outside, I have turned my tub into a swimming pool – with loads of bubbles, kitchen toys, tub toys, squirt guns, etc. Anything to keep them entertained. Yes the bathroom would be a wreck but it was worth it. I would literally sit on the life guard seat (toilet) and work on my ipad or read or catch up on emails. After “swimming” in the tub, we would put on pjs and have dinner and a movie and maybe camp in the living room with our outdoor tent, sleeping bags, popcorn and flashlights. Just sort of brought the outdoor fun stuff in. Hope you get some relief there soon!

  • Jackie M - I love the giant poster that’s in the background, but I can’t seem to read the whole thing. What does it say? I enjoy what I’ve been able to read, though.

  • Helen - I wish we had even a couple of days of warm weather – we haven’t really had a summer over here in the UK. Well, not in the north west anyhow. I’d love to have some sunshine and dry days, so we can get outside more!!

  • Eva - Way to capitalize on oldest brother’s intervention. πŸ˜‰ And it looks like they had a lot of fun, too!

  • Mary - First, let me say that I LOVE all things about your blog. Your creativity, the sharing of your adoption journey, the love of your children for each other and the Little One they have yet to meet. Beautiful and moving. All of it. Love these black and white photos of your kidlets on a hot, hot day. They seem to live with such joy. I am just beginning to get a very small hang of PS and wondered if you would share your favorite black and white conversion method. There seems to be so many different ones out there. I would love to just settle on one that I know is tried and true. Thanks for any tips you can offer!

  • Elizabeth - WOWZERS!! and i thought 105 was hot! tents & forts are the BEST!!
    your pictures look great!!

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