I’d rather be at an airport than Lowe’s

I go to Lowe’s at least once a week. These days it is more like several trips a week. I always have a dilemma when shopping without kids. I don’t really want to push a cart for a couple of items, but usually my items are heavy and it makes carrying the little baskets hard. Well, on my most recent trip I decided to go for the little basket…only it wasn’t so little anymore. Upon closer inspection I realized it had a handle that could extend and there were rollers on the bottom. Genius. I may have gotten a few curious looks from other shoppers, but I rolled my little basket with pride.

I pretended I was at the airport and it was luggage.

We are anxiously awaiting news of when we can travel. I keep telling myself it won’t be soon, but I can’t help jumping every time the phone rings. Today is August 1st. It is highly likely we will be in China this month. So many changes headed our way. I’m trying to savor these last days as a family of six, but experience tells me with each kid our family just gets sweeter.

I’m soaking in these days with FireCracker as the youngest in the house.

FireCracker, however, is so anxious for her little sister. She tells everyone about her sister. She showed me a toy cup last night and said, “My baby sister will drop this under my bed. Then I get it. Silly baby sister. Cups don’t go under the bed!” She is still staring at photos of her sister…and talking to the photos.

And teaching her sister in the photos how to make goofy faces.

And lots of kissing on the photos.

So while we are doing our best to savor these days, all of our hearts aren’t fully here.


I haven’t written a whole lot about the preparation we are doing for this adoption. We aren’t going into this with rose colored glasses. By nature, I tend to be a ‘let’s prepare for the worst case scenario’ type. We know there will be struggles and uphill battles. We know our little girl’s world will soon be rocked to the core in a way she is not prepared to deal with right now. We have sought out so many friends that have adopted, were adopted, and are just wise. We’ve read books, read blogs, watch videos…we are doing our best to prepare. There is so much I’d like to say on all that, so many resources I want to share but I am going to save that for another post. I need to compile it all and compile my thoughts.

Regardless of all that is unknown…my heart is in China. My heart is in Oklahoma. My heart is with my family.

This week we got a surprise email with 5 new pictures of our Little One. She is changing so quickly. She looks much older now and is sitting on her own. I can’t wait to share all of her sweetness with you…until then here is a peek of my baby girl sitting up on her own!

Please TA (travel approval) come today! Those little toes need some kissing.

mugs c/o GraySkiesBlue

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