Waiting is getting close to being over


It is official…after what felt like

a thousand little steps

a million papers to be filled out

short waits

long waits

very, very, very long waits

tons of emails

lots of trips to FedEx

too many other things to even remember………..

We are finally on basically the last step in this adoption process! We are now officially waiting for our travel approval. This step could take 1-4 weeks. We should be able to travel 2-3 weeks after receiving our travel approval. It is starting to feel like we might actually be boarding a plane soon. I even looked at luggage at Target yesterday. I think I have my guard up a little and it is not all sinking in…I think it might hit when I sit down in the plane and the engine roars….and the emotions explode. Sorry other travelers, I’m going to be a mess.

It would be incredible to be one of those families that gets travel approval in a week’s time….

I better pick out some luggage!

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