slowing working through 2011

I’m on page 186 of our 2011 album…with 4 more months to go. Yikes. It has to be done this week…self imposed deadline. I pretty much always meet deadlines, so that means very soon our album will be done. I may wait a bit to order it though – in case a better discount code comes up. This book is going to be crazy expensive. I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite pages, and then give you a little info on how I am creating mine this year….

A few pages…these are set up for a 12×12 book. Big Book!

  • I am trying Blurb for our family album this year. I’ve used MyPublisher in previous years, but those books are limited to 100 pages. I was very happy with MyPublisher, but I really want the whole year in one book. MyPublisher has much better discount codes and coupons than Blurb, but I’m hoping the extra cost will be worth it in the end to have my whole year in one book.
  • I am designing my pages in Photoshop using the Modern Family Album Template from Design Aglow. I tend to tweak the layouts to fit my pictures.
  • First step, I select the photos I want to use on a spread (the two facing pages) and then I select the layout that best works with those photos. Then I do any editing on the pictures and place them into the templates. Finally, I save the page and add it to my Blurb book software. I’m going spread by spread…month by month. When I used MyPublisher I just used the layouts that came with the software.
  • In 2010, I tried to design each month as the month ended. I stayed with it until March. I so wish I could stick with that plan now. It would be much easier than doing it all at once.
  • I am doing a big 12×12 book because I like big pictures. I take A LOT of photos….THOUSANDS each year. I don’t want them tiny just to save money. It is an investment each year, but one well worth it to me. I’d rather have great photobooks for my family to enjoy than the latest whatever is cool gadget.
  • I am doing photos only. I might hand write some text later. Right now it takes me several hours to do one month. If I tried to include dates and captions, I’d never get them done. I figure pictures in chronological order with no text is much better than no albums at all.
  • Originally, I really wanted to turn my blog into a book this year. I tried a few times to get started but it was just overwhelming. I write a blog post basically every weekday…that is a lot of text…a lot of pictures…a lot of content to deal with….so I gave up. I’m hoping someday there will be blog to book option that is easy to use and mimics the wording and picture sizes of my blog. Not to mention, the whole resolution for blog pictures is different than was just too much. I do think I am going to turn just my posts related to our adoption into a book…thinking Little One might enjoy reading those one day.

Update: I got the Blurb email today…with this code: – “we’re offering 20% off when you spend $100 or more or 25% off when you spend $150 or more if you order before July 31, 2012. Use the promo code UNION at checkout.”

Guess I get to order this massive book very soon!

So that is it for today…I am chained to my computer getting this album done. Oddly enough, there is a little kitten whose company I’m enjoying while I work. I’ve been sending my sister and Chris pictures of Poppy sleeping….Lesley said I am becoming a cat person. I think she is right.

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