Poppy Blue Campbell

So last week I mentioned that Pepper Poppy Campbell was doing well. On Wednesday night, Chris and I were outside really late watching her play with bugs. I commented to him how incredible it was to see her acting just as a cat should. It was only a few months ago we found her in our flowerbed on the brink of death (no exaggeration). She couldn’t move, eat, and physically looked terrible. And so my boys and their daddy began the work of nursing her back to health. Watching her chase those bugs and run crazy in our yard was such a gift.

I never expected that rough looking little cat to make its way into my heart.

In fact, the first few weeks I refused to let anyone touch her. Every night Chris and I did a ringworm treatment on her and put medicine on some open wounds. She saw a doctor, got her shots, and the other medically necessary things for her safety and our family’s. In a matter of weeks, that very sick cat was thriving in our yard.

She greeted me every morning at the back door and drove me crazy trying to play when I would try to read.

Our second son is a magnet for all living things…insects & animals. He and Pepper had a special bond. Last week I did a little mini-session with the two of them. I am so thankful I did.

The day after I took those pictures, the morning after Chris and I watched Pepper chasing bugs – Pepper went missing. I know cats, especially outdoor cats, run around. My hope is that Pepper is off on an adventure in a nearby field somewhere. However, we also know that is not the most likely scenario.

After a few days, we visited the city animal shelter. I was fairly certain Pepper would not be there, but we checked anyway.

Our son, who had spent 4 days mourning the loss of his first pet, lit up at the sight of kittens that needed a home.

Not surprisingly, we left with a kitten.

I never thought I’d have a cat. I was adamant I’d never have a cat in my house. And yet, seeing a spark inside my son when he played with Pepper made me forget all of that. When it comes to animals, there is something different about this kid. He has his very own kitten now. His joy cannot be contained.

The boys named our new kitten Poppy Blue Campbell. They wanted to keep Pepper’s middle name because they wanted to remember Pepper. Blue…my aunt gave them that idea because she has blue eyes.

Poppy is well loved in the Campbell household.

I still pull into the driveway looking for Pepper to greet us. Who knew I’d miss that scraggly cat! I can’t say I am a ‘cat person’ yet. But, seeing the joy Pepper and Poppy have brought to my kids…well, I guess I am starting to change. And, yes, Poppy is going to be an indoor cat. We are doing a few precautions to help with my allergies. Once the studio is finished that will be her primary home. When we started building the studio, I made a joke about how every artist has a resident studio cat.  I shouldn’t make those kinds of jokes.

We are totally new to this cat business. So any tips and pointers are welcomed. Obviously, we will be taking care of all medial related stuff. No accidents thus far, so we seem to be good in that area too. I made the whole family watch a video the shelter gave us about welcoming a kitten and transitioning the kitten into our home. She is ridiculously playful and loves the kids….and they are quite smitten.

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