diy {wallpaper frame chalkboard}

*There have been a lot of questions in the comment sections this week. I will try this weekend to go back and answer those, so if you asked a question…check back on those posts next week.

Chris came home a few weeks ago and was welcomed with the sight of a paint roller and the couch moved away from the wall. I had decided I was tired of the pencil drawn frames and random collection hanging on the wall…it was time to bring the old chalkboard back to life.

Here is what the chalkboard looked like back in 201o. Shortly after this, I repainted the walls white, made new slipcovers and relocated the chalkboard outside.

I had every intention of hanging it outside on our porch, but just never got around to it. So, when I decided to move it back inside I had some repair work to do. The frame had fallen apart and there were water stains on the main part.

After cleaning it all, I gave the whole thing a fresh spray coat of paint. The main part of the chalkboard is just a big piece of hardboard. It is the stuff that looks just like pegboard only it doesn’t have any holes. We just built a frame to fit around it.

I have a bunch of scrap wallpaper, so I covered the frame boards in Decoupage and then adhered the wallpaper strips. My little helper joined in the fun.

It is super heavy, so I attached 2 screws to the sides of the frame and hung it from nylon rope. The nylon rope is not so pretty, so I wrapped it in fabric strips.

One of my boys wanted to draw on the chalkboard. I told him he could add some ‘pleasant words’…..not sure I can ever erase this now.

Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

I’ve been thinking a lot about words and how I use them. My kids are getting older and I am very aware of the way they speak to each other and others. There are a handful of people I’ve encountered in life that use words with grace and wisdom. Their words build up, encourage and breath life into those they are around. Even when they offer critique or discipline it is woven with humility and gentleness. I want to be a woman known for speaking words that give life not tear down. The majority of my words are directed to my children. I’ve been thinking about how my words come out after I’ve asked for the third time that rooms are picked up, or dishes put away, or books shared…do my words still come out in a way that gives life to my kids? Or do my words sound harsh? Words are a powerful tool that can be used for great and mighty things or they can be used for destruction. I want my words to be born out of wisdom and gentleness. I want to raise these young children in my home to be individuals that are known for their life giving words. They won’t learn that from me if I don’t model it day in and day out.

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