some from my week…from my phone

It has been so busy around here. For most of the summer we’ve just been playing at home, but this past week I think we squeezed a summer’s worth of stuff into one week. We had/have Little One’s birthday, Independence Day, FireCracker’s birthday and my oldest was baptized…all of which were big outdoor events. All of which have confirmed I need to sell all my possessions and buy a pool!

Though busy, it was such a good week full of huge celebrations in our family. My heart is full…overflowing full. My oldest was baptized by his dad in front of a big crowd of those that love him. I made the decision to follow Christ when I was 8 too – best decision I ever made. My baptism was in a traditional white robe in a church baptistry. I’ve seen baptisms in a river in Kazakhstan, in a tub like trough in Mexico, off the beach in Hawaii, in all kinds of places…this was by far the most personally special. It was my son!

Though my heart is full, my body is tired. Collapse like a four year old after a day of swimming tired.


And just a heads up…I am nesting…half asleep nesting, but still nesting. When I nest that means rearranging my home and my blog. I figure once Little One is home I won’t get to do any rearranging anywhere. So, the blog will be down sometime today and over the weekend. I might have it back up on Monday, but I might not. Eventually it will be back up looking spiffy and new…I apologize for those that are adverse to change – I know it drives you crazy when I change things up here! I just can’t help myself – I really like change 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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