diy {C-clamp tablecloth holders}

One of my favorite places to sit is under our sycamore at the picnic table. I’m always wanting a cute tablecloth on it, but there is a consistent breeze in our backyard that always blows them off. I’ve tried several different clamps made for holding down tablecloths outside, but none have been hearty enough for our wind. When I was setting up for Little One’s birthday party, the sheets and tablecloths kept blowing off. Chris was headed to the hardware store, so I asked him to pick up some C-clamps. Problem solved. Tablecloths stayed put.


Nothing fancy…just a little spray paint on the clamps.

Be sure to roll the clamps down to get all the thread covered in paint. My original idea was just to leave them green.

But they seemed too beefy and masculine. So I wrapped them in scrap fabric. Now, I can keep tablecloths on the picnic table – which makes me very happy.

Totally girly…and quite practical.

The June Sponsor Giveaway Day winner was Kiley.

Kiley, you should have an email from me. Congratulations!

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  • Andy - very cute
    love it

  • emmybrown - brilliant!!!

  • Lisa Johnson - So simple, so smart, and cute too!

  • Anna - Super cute!

  • Molly - So simple and sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

  • sarah - super cute and simple! the very best kind of DIY!

  • Stacy - Great idea! Are you not a fan of pinterest? When I try to pin things from your blog, it says it can’t pin any of the images.

  • Amanda Torres - How is it that you turn functional tools into beauty. I’m always amazed!

  • AshleyAnn - Stacy – I forget to open the permission on my photos. You should be able to pin some from this post now!

  • Pamela - The city I live in, in South Africa is called the Windy City! This idea is perfect for us. Love it – thank you.

  • Natalie@Confetti Diaries - Who knew a hardware store could be so helpful when solving party dilemmas. I love adding the wrapped fabric. It gives then such a sweet shabby chic look!

  • Kiley - Wow, imagine my surprise to see my name on your blog! I never enter giveaways but for some reason did on Friday. But I don’t have an email from you – was it a different “Kiley”? I was the “Happy Friday” comment.

  • Freya - What a lovely idea!!! Hefty for those big gusts and yet still dainty looking!! I love wrapping them with fabric, I think it adds a very feminine touch. Great idea.

  • Elizabeth - such a BEAUTIFUL, simple idea!! they’re so romantic looking. smile.

  • MixedMolly - I love your simple projects. The fabric wrap is perfect.

  • ari - OMG genius!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim - Great idea! I might steal it for camping!

  • Carrie // cue the confetti - um, hello genius!

  • Stephanie May* - Great idea! I kind of like the spray painted ones just as they are… 😉


  • Jamie - Love this idea!
    And, congrats Kiley!

  • Shannon - If your table is small enough, binder clips also work.

  • meg duerksen - seriously ashley….your brain is amaze balls.

    you MUST be on craft wars.
    you are born for it.

    and i miss you.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I agree with Meg… you should totally be on craft wars. would that not be crazy awesome?! I’ll bring the cinnamon rolls!

  • valeria - Great idea! I hate when the table cloth flies away!

  • Eva - I love them! Totally cute and practical.

  • Honeybee Mama - *sigh* brilliant as always, ashley! i do love that green color though…i may start running around with a can of spray paint soon!

  • kiley - He, he…I’m giddy! Thanks to you and your sponsors!!!

  • shauna reed - so rad!
    you are very cool!

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