The Incubator Project {6/12 update on “our kids”}


It is with great excitement and immense joy that I get to give you all updates on the kids we have sponsored together. I created a page on my blog dedicated to this project and these kids. You can find the old posts and information, by clicking here. I am working on changing a few things on my blog. Soon I hope to have a direct link on the homepage, so you can easily access The Incubator Project page.

As you read through these updates, I hope you get a sense of the huge difference you have made in the lives of these kids. Those that are in foster care or healing homes are there because of your support. They are able get the individual care and nutrition needed to prepare for surgeries and heal from surgeries that could not happen in their orphanages. Those in foster care get to be a part of a family. Thank you for being a part of these kids lives.

Right now, these are kids that don’t have a mom or dad to sing over them at night or cover them in kisses. You are being their advocates. You are making an investment in their lives and declaring to the world how incredibly special each one of them are. I love you all for doing that. Thank you for being a voice for these little ones. Thank you.

As I read through the updates and compiled this post, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. These kids are survivors. They are fighters. They are being given a chance to thrive….and hopefully one day will know what it means to be part of a forever family. I can’t believe we get to sponsor these kids together!

So without any more wait…check out how our kids are growing and thriving.

These faces and stories do this waiting mom’s heart so much good.

The polaroid pictures are the first photos we got of each kid, I will use these polaroids for every update so we can see them grow.


Abby, 7 months old, had her cleft lip repair done during the Love Without Boundaries Cleft Exchange trip. She came to the healing home as a failure to thrive infant. She grew strong enough for her cleft surgery. We originally sponsored her during her stay in a Healing Home after surgery. She has now moved onto LWB foster care. She is fascinated with her toes, is locating sounds and now sitting with support. The first time I saw her photo, I was a goner. She’s as beautiful with her cleft repaired as she was before.

Alan just celebrated his first birthday! He likes to eat cakes and bread, but is not a fan of noodles. His favorite activity is to be carried outside to play. He is currently in LWB foster care.

Amy arrived at one of the LWB Healing Homes in late April. She has a severe bilateral cleft lip and palate, which made it very hard for her to eat at her home orphanage. When she arrived she was 6 months old and weighed 11lbs. She has gained 0.5 lbs since she arrived. She is very aware of her surroundings, but does not yet have the strength to play with toys. The nannies at the Healing Home are working hard to get her strong and healthy.

Asher is 5 months old and recently had his cleft lip repaired. He likes to sit on his nanny’s lap, be laid back and then raised up again. He laughs out loud when his nanny plays this game. He is getting stronger and stronger. He is now sometimes able to lift his head forward to bite the blanket is his holding. He is currently living in one of the LWB Healing Homes.

Bailin recently had his palate repair, but had a fever so we don’t have a new update on him just yet. Bailin is in LWB foster care.

Becca is 4.5 years old. She likes to play with her classmates and friends at school. She is active and outgoing. She is a quick learner and if she comes across something she doesn’t understand she asks her foster mom. She can recite many poems, color and draw simple pictures. Becca is kindhearted. Whenever LWB goes to the rural foster care families, she asks to go along and reminds her foster parents to buy snacks to take to the other kids. Becca currently lives in a LWB foster family. We’ve heard that she is now in the process of being adopted, hopefully there will be more news on that next month.

Bennett, 6 months old, has his cleft lip repair during the Love Without Boundaries Cleft Exchange trip and is recovering well. He also came to the Healing Home as a failure to thrive infant…now he is very much thriving! His favorite activity is to open and close his hands. He can roll to his right side easier than his left side. He is a happy boy. We originally sponsored his time in a Healing Home after surgery, he has healed so well that he is now in LWB foster care.

Blaise had his second cleft repair during the recent Cleft Exchange trip. Sadly, the repair did not hold and Blaise will need to endure surgery again. He will need up to 9 months of recovery time before another surgery can take place. However, none of that is slowing this little guy down. He is now able to pull himself upΒ  on his own (a skill he has worked hard to gain). He is beginning to cruise around and walk with assistance. He enjoys throwing balls and is growing increasingly social. Blaise currently lives at one of the LWB Healing Homes.

Chris has totally healed from his recent cleft lip repair surgery. He is a curious baby that likes to take everything in. He has quickly won over the nannies at the healing home. He is happy to play by himself and with his nannies. He has developed some seasonal asthma, so he has been on a nebulizer a bit to help with breathing. He is still at the Healing Home, but will move to foster care as soon as a place opens up for him.


Dolores is 5 months old and weighs 12.3 lbs. When other babies are sleeping, she keeps her eyes open and observes the nannies or other babies. Dolores is now able to bring her hands to her mouth. When she sees people coming to her, she will bring her hands down and greet them with a brilliant smile. She is becoming more and more active. She is energetic and strong. She has begun using her hands and feet more often. She pulls her blanket to her mouth or gazes at her hands for quite a long time. She is currently living in one of the LWB Healing Homes, where they anticipate she will be ready and strong enough for her lip repair in a couple of months.


Ella is new to our group of sponsored kids. As Abby graduated out of the Healing Home, Ella moved in and our sponsorship was transferred to her. She was born in April and is a tiny little thing. She is very strong, very loud and likes to eat a lot. We are hoping she gains the strength and health to make her eligible for surgery. She will be given a western name soon, so I’ll let you know that change next month.


Emmerson is 3 months old and weighs 11.4lbs. He no longer is satisfied lying down, but wants to spend time in the bouncer seat watching things around him. He is starting to show interest in colorful toys. He sometimes readers his hand for the mobile toys dangling over his crib. Over the last month he became chubbier and healthy enough for his cleft repair surgery. He is currently living in one of the LWB Healing Homes.


When Bennett graduated out of the Healing Home, our sponsorship was transferred to Guo. He is not even a month old and arrived at the Healing Home last week. He will most likely stay there for 4-5 months. He will be given a western name soon, so I’ll let you know that change next month.

Jacob’s lip has totally healed from his cleft lip repair. His smile isn’t quite as big now, but he is a happy baby. Jacob always wants one on one attention. He likes to sit in the walker and follow the nannies all over. He is happy and active. He loves the nannies and enjoys when others come to visit. Jacob has now transitioned to foster care run by another organization with his home orphanage. This will be the last update we get on Jacob, his sponsorship has been transferred to Yao.


James is 1 year 9 months old and is happy and well cared for. He and Lauren (also in LWB foster care) are becoming more confident and outgoing. When the LWB managers entered their house, James & Lauren understood who they were and showed visible excitement. For the first time, they greeted the LWB managers with big smiles and extended hands. James is becoming more active and is making more sounds, now speaking the same one or two words.

Marieli is healing well from her palate surgery and has become even more attached to her nannies while she is healing. She enjoys playing with other babies. She is active and walk in the walker anywhere she likes. She is very quiet, but laughs very loudly. Marieli had been at the Healing Home for 17 months, but has now transitioned to foster care in her home city. This transition was very difficult for Healing Home nannies. However, her nannies are thankful she will get the chance to have individual attention and will be preparing for adoption. This will be the last report we will get on Marieli as she is now foster care run by another organization at her orphanage. Her sponsorship has been transferred to baby Xiang.

Neil is new to our list of sponsored kids. Our little guy Luke was adopted, so our sponsorship has been transferred to Neil. Neil is 3 years old and has a repaired cleft lip and cleft palate. He started school this month, likes to race his skateboard and is in LWB foster care.


Pete was in need of a surgery to correct a urological defect. Together we helped fund the remaining needs for his surgery. He is now recovering at one of the Healing Homes. He will need another surgery in about 4 months. Until then he is getting a lot of attention and great care!
Peter is new to our group of sponsored kids. We have funded a nutrition program for Peter for the next 6 months. This program provides Peter’s foster parents with cereal for him, which results in Peter growing strong and healthy. Peter’s foster mom said he is lively and clever. He likes to play with a neighbor boy and sleep with his foster mom in the evenings. He is still recovering from a cleft palate repair surgery.


Tiny little Valerie recently had her cleft lip repair done (which you all helped make possible). Her surgery was postponed a bit because of a battle with pneumonia. LWB hopes she will be able to go into foster care or have her own caregiver at her orphanage while she recovers to insure she gets the care she needs. LWB is also trying to provide quality formula for her to keep growing strong.

Xiang is new to our group of sponsored kids. When Marieli transitioned to foster care, our sponsorship was transferred to Xiang. He is not quite a month old and will be at the Healing Home for 6-7 months. We will have more information on him in the coming months. He will be given a western name soon, so I’ll let you know that change next month.

Yao is new to our group of sponsored kids. When Jacob transitioned to foster care, our sponsorship was transferred to sweet baby Yao.Β  She is three months old and will be eligible for surgery as soon as she gains some weight. We will have more information on her in the coming months. She will be given a western name soon, so I’ll let you know that change next month.


Wow…that is a lot of kids! Now, I do feel the need to point out that LWB does work with children with all kinds of medical needs. I know based on this post it might look like there is a huge majority of cleft affected kids, but please know our sponsored kids are not a reflection of all the needs that LWB assists. Early on when the project began I mentioned to LWB if we had funds above and beyond what was needed for the incubator, I’d love to see those go towards helping a cleft affected child. Well….needless to say when I thought we might be able to help one, we actually get to help so many. So, that was a personal request on my part πŸ™‚

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    They are so beautiful. My heart goes out to each one and I am again thankful for people like you who are making an effort on their behalf. The pictures and updates make it so much more real than a generic donation. What a wonderful mission!

    Teary in NE

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    May I ask what it means to be given a western name?

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    i’m so inspired by how many children are being helped.
    God is soooooo good!

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  • barbara Janaina - Dear Ashley, I think that is just FANTASTIC what you (and your friends) are doing. Can you tell me a site or an institution that I can take informations of adoption of some of this kids? I live in Brazil, and I know that this can be a bit complicated, but I would like to try…
    Kisses from this beautiful place, hope some day you came to visit us!

  • Amanda - What a wonderful post. I wish there was a way to just scoop up all these beautiful children and bring them home with me. This project really inspires me.

  • AshleyAnn - Barbara – I am not sure on how information regarding adoption and any of these kids works or if it is even possible to get that info, but I recommend contacting Love Without Boundaries for more info about that.

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    I have fallen head over heels for Amy and now Valarie. Know that your simple desire to provide an incubator is still rippling out into the kingdom.

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    Thank you!

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  • Pip - Are cleft palates more common there or is it just as common here but treated faster? It seems like the eastern part of the world has more kids with them–or more kids who are abandoned because of them?

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    Each child is so beautiful and I loved seeing every single picture.
    Thank you for giving us all an opportunity to share in this project with you.

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