the day I got the call

Thank you so much for all your notes here, on facebook and on Instagram. I’m going to figure out a way to print them all into a book so I can share with Little One one day the excitement so many felt for our family. Thank you.

So, yesterday was crazy.

I’ve been reading through the Psalms during our wait (the corresponding Psalm for the day of the wait). I didn’t start until around day 60/Psalm 60…Psalms is the longest book in the Bible, so I figured for sure I’d get our LOA before I reached the end of the book. You know how when you hear a certain song it will take you back in time to a certain moment? I think for me from here on out…certain Psalms will take me back to this wait. Psalm 103 will always take me back to the day we got our LOA.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget none of His benefits….

who satisfies your years with good things, so that your youth is renewed like an eagle.

I’ve played in my head a million times the scenario of what I’d be doing when our agency called to tell us our LOA arrived. I pictured myself screaming at Target. Scrambling out of a friend’s pool to get my phone. Trying not to yell at the library. Dropping coffee at Starbucks. Never…never did I dream I’d be sitting on the floor making a cat scratcher. Yes, I was rolling cardboard for a cat. Now, for those that know me well the mere idea of me & a cat is baffling. The notion that I would diy something for a cat – simply too hard to believe. And, yet it is true.

My merciful hubby and kids adopted a stray cat. Pepper Poppy Campbell. Who is more affectionate than most dogs. Who is working hard to get me to like her. Who, when I opened my Design*Sponge At Home book and saw the following picture, I thought of her.

I had cardboard boxes on hand, fabric and a new cat who lives outside. I figured, “why not?”. So there FireCracker and I sat on the floor. It was early in the day. The very last thing I expected was a phone call from my agency. Somewhere between cutting boxes and FireCracker pulling tape – the phone rang. It was from Pennsylvania. Our agency is in PA, so I was nervously hopeful as I answered the phone. A few minutes later I was crying on the phone and saying “thank you” a million times.

I shared the news with the boys who began shouting and dancing around the house. Once FireCracker realized they were happy shouts and tears she joined in with the rest of us. I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget how they sounded on the phone sharing the news with their daddy. I’ll never forget the immense joy of yesterday.

While texting and calling friends and family, I checked the mail. Kate, my sweet friend, sent a surprise package ~ a Song pin. What a special gift on a special day. I think for years to come when I see that pin it will be a great reminder of what happened yesterday.

So we celebrated with family and friends all day. Special cookies. An “It’s a Girl” balloon. Too many sweet notes, comments, texts and emails to count. It was a great day.

Now, I know so many of you are thinking….”Okay, where is her picture?”

I originally thought I’d share her photo online once we got our approval. But, I’ll just be honest, I am just feeling it is best not to share her picture until we are closer to travel. I really don’t like that…I want to show her off.  I know many of you are so anxious to see my beautiful girl. The time will come and hopefully soon.

I will tell you she is amazing.  She has chubby cheeks, but a tiny little body & waist. She is two weeks away from her first birthday. She can’t sit on her own yet, but we will master that and all the other developmental milestones once she is home. She’s got a light in her eyes despite her circumstances. She’s my girl.

So now what? We wait for approvals from the US related to her citizenship and visas. Then things get sent to China and we wait for an approval to travel. There are about 5 steps, all of which can take anywhere from 8-14 weeks. The biggest and most unpredictable wait is over. The rest is downhill (so I hear from other adoptive moms). I’m so ready for downhill!

Now, I guess I’ll go finish that cat scratcher….the cat thing is a whole other blog post!

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  • Lorie - I am so excited for you and your family and will keep praying that everything moves quickly and seamlessly!

  • Kari - As I mentioned yesterday, I couldn’t be more excited for you and your family. What joy!!

  • Jennifer Allwood - We are adopting domestically….so I don’t know what an “LOA” is… sorry!!!! What is that?????? Whatever it is….congratulations! We are hoping to hear today about a 2 yr old girl!!!!! =)

  • Corey Moortgat - Congratulations! Every day when I check your blog, I wonder if it will be the day- it’s funny being so invested in someone else’s life- ha ha! I’m sure now you can breathe a little easier, and try to savor this time until your family is complete!

  • jenn - Congratulations Ashley!

  • Andy - amazing
    i am so happy for you and your family

  • Michelle - Yay!!!!!!! Congratulations! I am so excited for you! “Babygirl” will flourish in your family……..I have no doubt! (LOA ~ Letter of Adoption?)

  • MG Atwood - 5:30 am here, I will leave for my workout with a smile on my face, and visions of a small Chinese girl who just hit the jackpot!

  • Living Out His Love - So, so happy for you! What an amazing journey so far, it’s all downhill from here until travel! Congratulations to you and your family!

  • AshleyAnn - LOA – is the official letter of approval from China, approving us to adopt the baby girl we had already been matched with

  • Jane - Hooray!!! How exciting for you and your family (cat included)!! Congratulations!

  • Amy - Words cannot express how happy I am for your family. Cannot wait to “meet” the little one soon 😉

  • Pamela - it was so hard for me to not start crying while reading that. i’m really happy for you and praying for you 🙂 thanks for your inspiring life.

  • emmybrown - I don’t even have the words to express how wonderful this news is! I can hear the joy of yesterday… are brilliant in describing things so we all can join in! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Can’t wait to “meet” her someday!! *hugs* from Iowa! 🙂

  • Tara A - ASHLEY YAY……We are so happy for you and your family. This made my morning. I didn’t check your blog yesterday. So I didn’t hear until now. Ohh,,,,happy day!!!!Cindy should have text me…lol….Ugh so happy for you all. Finally…..she will be here soon. Can’t wait to meet her. Can’t wait to see her with ya’ll. Tara

  • Kristy - Yay! So so excited for you and your family! I was so happy when I got on here yesterday and read that your LOA had arrived, I was checking with anticipation every day! So very happy for you and I can’t wait to read more about her. Hoping these next few weeks go by quickly so you can hold her in your arms! Congratulations!

  • Dana Pilof - You are a wonderful inspiration to me everyday. I’m so happy for you to finally be one step closer to your youngest. It has been wonderful to share this journey with you, if only through this blog. God Bless you and your family. Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us.

  • sarah - this is such amazing news! i’m soooooo happy for you and your family Ashley! the long wait is over!

  • Amy - Congratulations, Ashley! God is so good!

  • steph - From one dark-haired adopted girl to another, baby girl you have a beautiful life ahead of you. They’re coming to get you, just sit tight, Mom and Dad will be there soon. You’re probably starting to feel a tiny nagging in your heart that there is something more, something better than what you see around you. You can’t even imagine how right you are.

    Congratulations to you and your whole family!

  • Allison - woooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • KatieM. - So, so happy for you! I find myself getting teary, just like when I see pics of a birth. =) Adding children to families is such a beautiful thing! I’m guessing you’ve heard the song “10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman…it always reminds me of Ps 103. I hope the rest of your wait flies by!

  • Emiles - SO EXCITING!!!!! Been waking up everyday hoping and praying and wishing for you!

  • Lori - So happy for you!! Love the song pin! and that it came on that very day!!!!! Love the fact that you were making something for something(cat) that some would have forgot about, discard, ignore and look the other way – I too, saw that scrawny cat and it needed someone with mercy to love on it. Just like some family needs mercy in their hearts to want to adopt. Too many of us have forgot about, discarded, ignored and looked the other way when it comes to orphans. Thank you for your inspiring life story and your family. May the wait going downhill be the shortest way and people will be in awe of how fast “it” happened. hugs. so super happy for you.

  • Jacci - Oh, Ashley. Praise be to God!!!! 🙂 So thrilled for you all!!!

  • Theresa - Aw, you should just wait to post her picture – your hubby and children need to meet her first! Congratulations! She is so blessed!

  • Abigail C - I’m so excited for you! And the pin is beautiful! And the cat story really does need its own post!

  • Danielle - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

  • Callie - I am so excited for you guys! I cannot imagine what the last 103 days must have been like for you. But, God’s timing is perfect! I am excited to read about the rest of your journey.

  • tracy a - it’s 6:30 am my time. (which means it’s 8:30 your time) i don’t particularly like being up this early, but my youngest thinks 5am is a swell time to greet the day. i keep waking up and checking your blog thinking that one of these days i’ll beat you to a new post. not so. you must have an early riser too!! have a great day of celebration…

  • HeatherD - AWWW That is soooo exciting!!! CONGRATS! I’m sitting here smiling with tears in my eyes!!! Can’t wait for pictures of your girl and hopefully of your trip to China!!!

  • Becky Z - Praising God for your story… and your Song!

  • Michelle Gautreaux - that is so wonderful ashley!! wow, i’ve been following and waiting too!! i think we all have, i check everyday on your family, praying that you get word soon. this is wonderful, may God bestow upon you many more blessings!!! can’t wait to see her and follow her new story with her new family!!

  • Kelly - What an exciting day! Praising God with you and praying that He’ll continue to prepare you all for the next steps! Congratulations!

  • Mallory - Congratulations Ashley and family! That is a VERY exciting day. Can’t wait until the day when you get to bring your beautiful girl home.

  • Whitney - I truly feel like I know you after reading about your journey for so long. My heart leapt when I read the title of your blog post yesterday. I cannot imagine what it has been like waiting so long, but the Lord definitely rewarded your patient perseverance. Congratulations! Now go bring your baby girl HOME!

  • Susan - SO excited for your family. I love your blog, and I love Ps. 103. Have you heard this song?

    Drew & Ellie Holcomb are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

  • Katie - So happy for you! How wonderful- thank you for sharing!:) Psalm 100

  • Anna - I am sharing in your tears of joy. 🙂

  • Heather C. - WOW!! Like others have posted before me…everyday I check your blog to see if it was THE day! Sometimes, I check late in the day to give you time to post the good news! So excited for you and ALL of your family…prayers continue!

  • Jenni - I love your blog. I love your family and I feel so fortunate that you allow all of us to see part of it. It’s beautiful and hold such a special place in my heart.

  • Natalie @ TheShadyAcre - Everyday I check your blog hoping for the good news, and today is the day! I’m overjoyed for your family. I hope the last steps before travel go quickly and smoothly! Thank you for sharing this amazing time in your family’s life.

  • amber - So, so happy for y’all! Praying for the final steps to be smooth & swift…yay!

  • Jeannette - Just another Praise God! I love you guys so much and am so excited for you to bring your sweet baby home!!!

  • Kaytie - congratulations a million times over! what an awesome post to read today. i’m so excited for you and your family to begin the next part of this journey, bringing your girl home. congrats!!

  • Kelsey R - Ashley! I am studying Psalm 103 RIGHT NOW! I could not believe it when I was reading your post this morning! That is SO COOL! Congratulations! God is Awesome! Let him crown you with love and compassion!

  • Sarah W. - What an amazing perfect day! Couldn’t be more excited for you!!
    Love that pin and that it came exactly on the day of the call. Perfect. Just perfect.
    Can’t wait to hear more about your little girl.

  • Amanda Gragg - Yay!!! I have been checking your blog with such great anticipation. I am super excited so I can’t imagine the elation that you and your family feel. What a wonderful day!!!

  • Lizzy - I check your blog daily and have been following your amazing adoption story. I hadn’t had a chance to check this week until this morning. And, while the webpage was loading I did a quick little prayer (like I do everytime) hoping your new post was about you receiving your LOA. YAY!! I fell out of my seat with excitment. I cannot even imagine how you must of felt. CONGRATULATIONS!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Happy Happy Happy Day!

  • Jen - Oh, happy day! So thrilled that call came to you AT LAST. Praying the next steps go quickly, smoothly so you can be together in the least amount of time possible; that God takes your breath away with how quickly the remaining time goes.

  • Pamelotta - That’s such great news! I have to tell you, I feel like I’ve been getting bad news from all fronts in my little family of friends, but I’m living vicariously through your good news and holding on to the truth that life is full of seasons and they always change. So happy for you!

  • Melissa - This is all so wonderful!!!

  • Ashley H. - Congratulations! So happy for you and your family!

  • Marie - So very happy to hear yesterday that the LOA had arrived!! If your boys and firecracker reacted even a fraction of what my boys did with the arrival of our newest son; I can only imagine what it’s like at your place!!
    Congradulations again and can’t wait to hear more!

  • RachaelB - 8-14 weeks per step or all together? I hope it goes by super fast! So excited to see your family all together soon 🙂

  • Jenny Joy - First of all… HOOOOORRAAAAAAYYYY!!! *insert crazy Kermit the Frog arm flail here* Second, may Song know your love sooner than later. May she always know that she was wanted so desperately. May she always feel like the incredibly, lovable gift from God that she is. And third, huge congrats on being one step closer to holding her in your arms!

  • Debbie C - Oh Ashley, my heart is overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving for you and the family! It takes a lot to make me cry and here I am blubbering. I am so blessed to be following along on this journey with you…thank you for letting us be a part of it all.

  • Rose - Congratulations! I hope the time flies by for your family. I am so excited for you but to tell you the truth..I am even more excited for her. She has NO idea what life is beyond the orphanage and just how loved she is and what an amazing life she has ahead of her. This little girl has no idea just how happy she is going to be. That excites me 🙂

    I can’t wait to see her photo and find out her name!

  • Beth Saukas - Ashley,

    I love to read your blog (even, i’m not always commenting here). And i’m so happy for this victory in your life.
    Be praised Our Creator. May God keep blessing greatly you and your family 🙂

  • Kayla - I’m just so excited and happy for you all!! I’ve been watching and praying for you to receive your LOA and I could not be happier for all of you!! God is absolutely amazing!

  • Amy M - Crying tears of joy for you and your family. Cannot wait to “meet” your Song. 🙂 Happy day!

  • Erin - Hurray and Thanks be to God!! Have been thinking of you all everyday. So excited for you–the best is yet to come!

  • MARIE - Today is my birthday….and truly, I can’t think of anything nicer to receive than this OH SO HAPPY news from you! Your family remains in my prayers and I hope the remaining wait time simply flies on by!

  • Lennie - Congratulations! I have been following and hoping every morning when I open your blog the title would be of celebration and it finally was!!!! Enjoy every moment!

  • Sarah M. - So I’m sitting here at work with tears in my eyes and the lining up of the days is crazy to me.

    My hubby and I were moved by your words to act and donate to the incubator cause…especially after you posted pictures of the kiddos we would be helping! Bennett—the name we picked a year ago for if and when we have a baby boy one day. (I miscarried last August and since January we have been trying to get prego again)

    Yesterday was my first OB appointment to confirm that I am truly pregnant once again. And, yep, I’m pregnant and 6 weeks 1 day. Still very early, but so exciting that we both got our “LOA”s yesterday in a way :). Hugs and SO happy for you!

  • Alice H - So happy for you, your family, and your soon-to-be together family!!

  • Lindsay - So wonderful!! Praying that the next few weeks will pass quickly…may it only be 8 instead of 14!

  • Brooke Leigh - I’ll be 100% honest with you. Coming to your blog lately makes me extremely happy. Blessed. Blessed. Truly Blessed.

  • Kara M - I’ll just say, I can’t wait to see how you capture China with your camera! Or your little ones first moments with your family complete and whole!

  • jen - Praise the Lord!!! I found your blog a few months ago; I’m not a faithful blog reader but I have been checking everyday to see if your LOA arrived!!!! Our third son is adopted but we had none of the wait; he was basically dropped on our doorstep (figuratively of course-quite a story). So I do not understand your feelings in the wait, but my heart is always tender toward adoptive families. I will continue to pray for your waiting, and your little Song!

  • Tammy Kay - I am so happy for you Ashley. Praising the Lord with you today! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you!

  • Jessica - Congratulations, I am so happy for you I have tears in my eyes! I can’t wait for you to get your girl home!

  • Caroline - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What joy!!! I’ve beentrying to hold it together at work as I read through your post. So so happy for each and every one of you!!!!

  • Monique - I’ve been a follower of your blog for a little over a year now and just want you to know what a testimony your adoption story is. Adoption is something my husband and I have wondered about, but didn’t really know if it was for us. Your family’s story and the stories of the orphans in Little One’s orphanage have been just one more (of many!) tugs on our hearts to adopt. We’re in our early twenties and have a 1 year old son of our own, but someday … I think adoption may be part of God’s plan for us. We’ll see where He leads us, but I want you to know sharing your adoption story has been part of ours too. So thank you.

    Thrilled for you and eagerly await her coming home!

  • Carmen - Joy!

  • Natalie - It has been so great following along with you on your journey. Thanks for sharing, and even for not sharing- your baby girl is in good hands with her momma!

  • Amber - Crying tears of joy at work for you and your family

  • Laura Wilder - Ashley – so happy to read this post today. I’ve been waiting to see this. JOY, JOY, HAPPY, HAPPY! With more to come. I will continue to keep your family in prayer. Praise the Lord.

  • Heather Toller - Song is the luckiest baby in the world. Congratulations!! God is good.

  • Pam K - Thank you God, who is so faithful to us all! Congratulations. I have to admit the suspense was piling up for me because I check your blog everyday waiting for news to celebrate with your family.

  • Tela - this is so amazing. last night i had a dream that you got this call. and then you and your kids went to tell their daddy. i woke up smiling and thinking that was sort of cool. but this is just so beyond cool. congrats on that special phone call. i hope it is all downhill from here!!

  • paige - bless the Lord, o my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name!!! woohoooooo!!

  • valerie - Congratulations! Adoption is an amazing adventure and you are almost there…to when you get to have that baby girl for a lifetime!
    When my family was waiting for our little boy, I painted these verses on his bedroom wall and prayed it over and over for him. Now I offer this peace to you and your Song:

    May the Lord bless you and keep you
    make his face shine upon you
    and be gracious to you
    may the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.

  • Dena - How very exciting! Congratulations! Praise God!

  • Kristen - Congrats Ashley and family!! I had goosebumps reading this. Sp happy for your family.

  • Carrie - So glad this joyous day came for you and your family! Of course it happened when you were at home with 4 of your children around just living a normal day. What an awesome moment! Wishing you all the best with these next “5 steps” and can’t wait to hear the next pages of the story!

  • Susannah - So exciting!! My littlest sister was your daughter’s age when we brought her home from Ethiopia. She couldn’t even roll over but, the first night we had her with us in our guest house she figured out how and, by the end of the summer (4 months) she was walking! Your little girl will learn fast! Can’t wait to see a pic of your little one!

  • Lisa M. - How wonderful for you and your family, Ashley! Each day I log on to your blog wondering if “this will be the post”…Congratulations.

  • Jeanette - Ashley-I’ve only been reading your blog for about a month (can’t even remember how I found it) now but as I was reading I decided I wanted to read ALL of it! So I’m in the process of (slowly) reading the archives….I’m in August of 2010. I’ve loved seeing your family grow…they are just precious! I am so excited to see you got your letter. As I was pulling up your blog I said a little prayer that that’s what your post would be about. I am SO excited for you! I pray that this time flies by and you have your beautiful baby girl in your arms. Thanks for your blog! Love, Jeanette

  • amanda - Congratulations!!! I saw that a bunch of people got LOAs this week! Hopefully that means China is speeding up a bit. We are now waiting on LID!

  • mindee - how amazingly wonderful! i can’t believe the one day I didn’t check your blog in about 3 years, you got the call. I”m so so so happy for you. With a 4 month old of my own, the new child experience is fresh & raw for me, so my excitement for you is hard to contain. Continuing to pray for a smooth experience from here on out. We all understand your need for privacy for your baby girl until she is with you at home. Blessings!

  • Lissa - Congratulations!! I knew it, once I saw that there were 2 (not 1) unread posts in my Google Reader! So happy for you and I love hearing how the kids all reacted!

  • amanda gibson - Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and your entire family!!

  • Carolyn - I’m just excited for “Gotcha Day” pictures! It’s right around the corner!!

  • Stacey - So excited for you guys! Let’s hope everything goes by quickly now. THIS much closer to meeting your girl! 🙂

  • Mayara - Ohhhh! God bless you all, sweet family.

  • eRin @ Growing Up Senge - A million congratulations! It has been so wonderful to read about your journey, from the very first, amazing post, when you shared how your prayers were answered so perfectly. You and your family are such wonderful, inspiring people. You deserve this and every happiness, and so does your daughter. She has no idea what a wonderful family and life is waiting for her and how many people will be happy to see her brought home. I can’t wait for photos, and for the rest of the journey. Thank you so, so much for sharing it all – even and especially the hard parts!

  • Tanya A - YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Congratulations! Doing a happy dance for all of you…and for Song! YAY! YAY! YAY!

  • Jessica P - I am so happy for you, but I am even happier for the precious little girl who doesn’t know yet how lucky she is to become part of such an amazing family. I can’t wait until you are all together! Praise God for his faithfulness!

  • giozi - How wonderful, how much happiness, I am very happy for you, for your babygirl and your family. The days are getting shorter, and begin the countdown. I also I have good news today I talked with my mom and she told me that a new pathologist, the best of Lima, has said it was in its infancy and does not require radical surgery. This is wonderful how much good news all around us.

  • Tanya@TakeSix - Praise God \o/

  • Jenny B - YAY!!! I somehow missed yesterday’s post, so when I saw “the day I got the call” on my bloglist, I was SO excited! I usually read the blogs in order, but I skipped right on down to yours! 🙂 SO happy for your family and SO thankful your BIG wait is over! Praying everything goes perfectly smooth from here on out and that the next 8-14 weeks FLY by!

  • Kim - I’m so happy for you! Your daughter is a blessing for your family and your family a blessing for the world! x

  • Beth McWilliams - YES YES YES…..happy dance !!!

    and cats with personalities similar to how a dog would act are the BEST cats ever….i have a feeling you’ll be falling in love with her before you know it…..but the cat hair….well ewwwww……that never goes away or gets easier to deal with 🙁

    and again……YES YES YES……and congratulations !!

  • elizabeth - Congratulations! What wonderful, joyful news! Praying that everything goes smoothly.

  • Sara Torbett - My heart leaps every time I read this good news. I am so, so excited for your family! It is so special reading about your adoption journey…I can’t wait to hear more about your “Song”. 🙂

  • Beth - Again, so happy for you! I’m copying a link to a scripture lullaby cd…song number 8 is from Psalm 103, and I thought it as soon as I started reading this post!

    (I love this cd, I play it while my baby girl and I rock before her naps:-)

  • tami - I missed yesterdays post! I have been checking every day! Sooooo very happy for your blessing! Can’t wait to see pictures of her with her brothers and sister!

  • Alisa - I am so very happy for your family. I cannot wait to see her sweet little picture on your blog and your instagram… she will be in your arms before you know it.

  • pinksuedeshoe - I am so thrilled for your sweet family. I have been watching and waiting for today to come, with a few prayers in your and her behalf thrown in there. I am so glad that this day has come for you all. And I am really hoping for an 8 week wait instead of 14. Congratulations and wonderful excititement for you all! I am so so happy that you are one more step closer to being together.

  • Mignon - I don’t know you or your family personally but have derived much inspiration and blessings from them and from you thanks to your posts. I have prayed with you and hurt for you and prayed some more. It is nice now to celebrate with you. Tell this precious little one that she has been prayed for by so many people.

  • Lauren - Congratulations! So happy for you and your family!! I check your blog every day hoping to see you got your letter. I get to meet my little boy (out of my tummy!) around the same time…good things are worth the wait!

  • Jamie - I am so overjoyed for you and your sweet family! I can only imagnie the happiness, elation, giddiness you all are feeling…but if it feels anything like the way I have been feeling the last couple weeks than it is the most amazing feeling in the world! 🙂
    Can’t wait to “meet” you little Song.

  • Patricia Gomes Pacheco - Eu tenho uma inspiração na vida, além de Jesus. Seu nome é Ashley…
    Ela me tira da depressão, dos momentos ruins, me anima quando estou triste e me ensina coisas incríveis!
    Sua “firecracker” é um colírio para meus olhos…
    Sua família é um sonho pra mim!
    A pagina inicial do meu notebook é o seu blog, para meu dia já começar bem. Acompanhei cada dia da sua espera, desde a primeira carta. Chorei com os berços e as crianças no colchão de madeira. Chorei com a incubadora, vibrei de alegria com o sucesso do recolhimento de recursos. Consigo sentir o suave sabor dos seus cookies!
    Chorei de alegria quando chegou seu LOA!!
    E agora eu sei que a “Little One” também será música para meus ouvidos, olhos e coração!
    Parabéns pela conquista! Obrigada por existir e tornar meus dias mais felizes! Eu vejo o amor de Deus em você!!

  • Emily - I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I’m so so excited for you! I took a break from studying for a final to check your blog and was SO excited to see this posted. It’s so great to have a reminder that wonderful blessings are happening when I get so stuck in my small world of studying for finals in the middle of summer (who decided it was a good idea to do classes in the summer, anyways? haha)Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I’m rejoicing with you in OKC!

  • rebecka - I just had to add to the growing choir here. I’ve followed your blog for over a year, since Firecracker was in the hospital, and have always admired the honesty and humility you present in equal strides. You have such a large heart and are so worthy of all the gifts that are coming into your life.
    Sweet Baby, it breaks my heart to hear about where you are now, but we’re all rooting for you, and can’t wait to welcome you home. And we’ll all be singing your song.

  • Crystal - Each morning, I wonder if it’s the day! So happy for your family! I don’t know you, but you have given me a whole new perspective and appreciation for adoption!

  • Robin - Joy for you and your family!

  • Lucia - I’ve been checking your site day in and day out…hoping to see that your long-awaited letter of approval had arrived. Warmest congratulations — yay!

    I love so many things about Under the Sycamore. I came initially for the photo tips (my goodness, are you talented)…but stayed for the wisdom about all things great and small.

    I can’t craft…I’m not religious at all…I only have 2 toddlers (at least so far!)…the only other blogs I read are about international politics and economics…and yet I find your honesty and your insights so refreshing, so necessary, so humane. You’ve taught me so much.

    Best and most heartfelt wishes from this West Coast mom for you and your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing the journey with all of us, bumps and all.

  • Megan - So happy for you and your family. I love your blog and have been checking everyday to see if you have any news about your baby. I almost cried reading this, so wonderful that it finally happened after all of the waiting.

  • bonnie - we don’t know each other, I’ve just been reading your story for months now and i have prayed for you lots during your journey. in the mornings i go to the YMCA and run. the last few days while running, i have been listening to praise and worship and praying for you and your sweet little girl. one of the artist that i listen to is Ellie Holcomb. i wanted to tell you about her earlier in the week and never got a chance but now i HAVE to. one of her songs is called My Heart is Steadfast. it is taken right from Psalm 103! please download her album. it is amazing. i pray for you while i listen and now that song has an even stronger meaning. God is great and most worthy of praise! We praise Him for blessing you with another daughter. continuing to cover you in prayer in the “downhill”.

  • Kimberly Troth - I’m STILL SO HAPPY for ALL OF YOU!!! I couldn’t wait to see her photo, I don’t blame you for not posting it yet! Just hearing that your LOA came is good enough for me!! Here’s to the downhill 🙂

  • Robin - I have been reading your blog for about a month now and cannot even begin to describe my happiness for you and your family. I must admit that i have been checking everyday to see if your prayers have finally been answered and as I sit here reading about your LOA finally arriving it brings tears to my eyes, smile to my heart and a peacefulness to my soul.

    Thank you for sharing this journey with so many nameless faceless people- me being one. You have brought me hope that my own unanswered prayers will soon come to fruition.

    May you and your family continued to be blessed as you travel down this exciting (downhill) road!

  • Robin - So happy for you and your family!! We have a little girl who is 3 weeks away from her first birthday. I have been reading your blog and thinking about you and your family. I had no idea your daughter was so close in age to mine. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear more about your sweet Song. Best wishes!!!

  • Cath - Wow! I am bursting with excitement for you. I was having a really low day when I read your FB post… it has filled my heart with song that your moment of pure joy in holding your precious girl is drawing nearer. So looking forward to following the rest of your family story as it unfolds. xxx

  • Ben and Noel - Ashley – We are very happy for you all. Let us know if we can help anything in Hong Kong.

  • Candice forte - So so so happy for you guys, Ashley! I love it! We are at a crossroads and I am praying heavily that if God’s will is for us to adopt that we have it kind of just be blatantly obvious. We sold our house and are trading for a bigger house…that could be taken as a sign (we weren’t seeking a larger house) but I don’t feel that peace yet! Hope it continues to go smoothly. Tears of happiness in my eyes for you!

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - This is the kind of joy I imagine heaven is filled with when each one of us is adopted as sons and daughters in Christ. Hooray! My heart swells with yours.

  • emily anderson - excited for y’all.

  • Kelly - I have been following your blog for quite some time but rarely comment, but felt today that I had to tell you just how happy I am for your family. I’m a newlywed, but my hubby and I have always talked about adoption kind of casually as something we may possibly think about in the future if we have the resources and the timing feels right. Your blog and your story have quite literally changed my mindset to the point that I now cannot imagine our family will ever be complete without a little one like your girl that we can raise and love and cherish. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration, and for always being so open and honest in your blog for your readers. Your family is in my prayers and I am singing praises today as you are one step closer to your little one!

  • Alison - I completely forget how long I’ve been following this blog, but I’ve been following this journey from the beginning, and I have to say…this post made me cry with joy. OKAY OKAY…maybe not CRY…but by jeebus I got all teared up and I was so glad my husband was staring at his phone. As much as you’ve been checking your phone, I think we’ve been checking this blog, waiting for this LOA. So, so glad it’s here, and that your daughter will soon follow. !!!!!

  • Laura @Ms Smartie Pants - halle, halle, halle luiah! So so happy for you all. God is good!!!

  • Natalie - I have been following your blog for a few months now and haven’t commented…I am so happy for you and your sweet baby girl! My 4 year old daughter’s best friend was adopted from China when she was 13 months old. We absolutely adore her!

    safe travels to you! Can’t wait to meet her!

  • Dawn Ritchie - I think I yelled out loud when I saw your news on Facebook. I’m so happy for you and your family.

  • Sara W - Congratulations! May the Lord bless you in your wait.

  • NanaDoll - I rejoice with you and your family! I so remember getting each approval stamp, each milestone while awaiting our daughter’s and son’s adoptions. We were living in Ecuador and adopting two children and it took two long years to finally get the paperwork complete. God taught us so many things about trusting Him through all the hurdles and hiccups and sleepless nights. I await your daughter’s arrival with great anticipation of what the Lord will do through this adoption. Praying also for the challenges you will face. God’s richest blessings on your family!

  • amber peters - I am so happy for you and your family! I can’t wait to see your sweet Song!

  • Elizabeth - crying happy tears at work. Congratulations!

  • Megan - Crying happy tears too!! Thank you for sharing your journey – Praying she is in the safe arms of her family very soon!

  • Heather - Yeah!!! I’ve checked your blog daily for posts, and then this week got away from me. I was so super happy and excited to log-in and see that you had finally received your LOA. Happy Hugs and Blessings!!

  • Chrissy - Oh my goodness….so awesome! So so awesome!! Wow! And I just love that you were doing something so ordinary when you received such extraordinary news!

  • Susan - Ashley,

    So excited for you all!!! I feel like we’re all behind you in this and can’t wait until she is home with you all and we get to see sweet pictures of her! I love Psalm 103 and this song by Ellie Holcomb is the scripture set to music, so good. Here is a link to hear it:

    Much love to you all!

  • Ann - The one day I miss reading your blog!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CAMPBELL FAMILY!!!! At. Last.

  • megan - so exciting 🙂 and so perfect that psalm 103 was your psalm of the day. I have a song version of that psalm that I love, it’s called psalm 103 by ellie holcomb, it’s a perfect prayer to sing!

  • holly - So excited for you and the fam. when my brother and his wife adopted from China about 10 years ago they go their daughter’s picture, but when they got there they figured out all the families on that trip had the same picture! Guess what? the daughter they got is perfect for our family! it is a funny story, NOW. at the time, they were all pretty peeved/confused. Best of luck on this new chapter….I hope it is a short one!

  • FullertonRegan - Ooooooh YAY!! Don’t show her picture yet. Wait until you’re all together so we can see the whole beautiful family! Then I can cry while sitting here in my cubicle in Southern California, just like I’m doing right now! I send you ALL the congratulations!!! Love, love, love!

  • Virginia - My eyes are filled with tears. I am so happy for you guys, and we don’t even know each other. Such is the beauty of God’s people, that common bond. Rejoicing with you and grateful for your willingness to share your story.

  • Vanessa - Yeeeeesssssssssssss!! This is a sweet, sweet song indeed! Bless you

  • Liane - Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! xx

  • Amy D - I LOVE Psalm 103. I love that God chose for you to get your LOA on that day you come up on that Psalm. I’ve been reading the Psalms too, such a perfect book when it comes to waiting for a child to come home! And to think, before we were in the adoption process, I thought Psalms was boring and overdramatic! Ha! I’m so amazed that even though I don’t know you in real life, my heart is so full of joy for your family of 7! 🙂

  • Maran Buck - Whew! What a relief!! The hard wait is (almost) OVER!! So SO sO happy for you and your family!

  • Elizabeth - ashley, this post brought tears to my eyes! i’m *SO* happy for you!
    the verse “i waited patiently for the Lord & He inclined to me…He heard my cry. He also brought me up out of the horrible pit, out of the miry clay, & He set my feet upon a rock, & established my steps… ~ PRAISE to our God.” Psalm 40:1
    immediately sprang up from my heart! such JOY after such a Long wait. {{{HUG}}}

  • Angie - I teared up again reading this post! It was wonderful to see the smile on your face that day!! We love your precious family 🙂