the day I got the call

Thank you so much for all your notes here, on facebook and on Instagram. I’m going to figure out a way to print them all into a book so I can share with Little One one day the excitement so many felt for our family. Thank you.

So, yesterday was crazy.

I’ve been reading through the Psalms during our wait (the corresponding Psalm for the day of the wait). I didn’t start until around day 60/Psalm 60…Psalms is the longest book in the Bible, so I figured for sure I’d get our LOA before I reached the end of the book. You know how when you hear a certain song it will take you back in time to a certain moment? I think for me from here on out…certain Psalms will take me back to this wait. Psalm 103 will always take me back to the day we got our LOA.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget none of His benefits….

who satisfies your years with good things, so that your youth is renewed like an eagle.

I’ve played in my head a million times the scenario of what I’d be doing when our agency called to tell us our LOA arrived. I pictured myself screaming at Target. Scrambling out of a friend’s pool to get my phone. Trying not to yell at the library. Dropping coffee at Starbucks. Never…never did I dream I’d be sitting on the floor making a cat scratcher. Yes, I was rolling cardboard for a cat. Now, for those that know me well the mere idea of me & a cat is baffling. The notion that I would diy something for a cat – simply too hard to believe. And, yet it is true.

My merciful hubby and kids adopted a stray cat. Pepper Poppy Campbell. Who is more affectionate than most dogs. Who is working hard to get me to like her. Who, when I opened my Design*Sponge At Home book and saw the following picture, I thought of her.

I had cardboard boxes on hand, fabric and a new cat who lives outside. I figured, “why not?”. So there FireCracker and I sat on the floor. It was early in the day. The very last thing I expected was a phone call from my agency. Somewhere between cutting boxes and FireCracker pulling tape – the phone rang. It was from Pennsylvania. Our agency is in PA, so I was nervously hopeful as I answered the phone. A few minutes later I was crying on the phone and saying “thank you” a million times.

I shared the news with the boys who began shouting and dancing around the house. Once FireCracker realized they were happy shouts and tears she joined in with the rest of us. I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget how they sounded on the phone sharing the news with their daddy. I’ll never forget the immense joy of yesterday.

While texting and calling friends and family, I checked the mail. Kate, my sweet friend, sent a surprise package ~ a Song pin. What a special gift on a special day. I think for years to come when I see that pin it will be a great reminder of what happened yesterday.

So we celebrated with family and friends all day. Special cookies. An “It’s a Girl” balloon. Too many sweet notes, comments, texts and emails to count. It was a great day.

Now, I know so many of you are thinking….”Okay, where is her picture?”

I originally thought I’d share her photo online once we got our approval. But, I’ll just be honest, I am just feeling it is best not to share her picture until we are closer to travel. I really don’t like that…I want to show her off.  I know many of you are so anxious to see my beautiful girl. The time will come and hopefully soon.

I will tell you she is amazing.  She has chubby cheeks, but a tiny little body & waist. She is two weeks away from her first birthday. She can’t sit on her own yet, but we will master that and all the other developmental milestones once she is home. She’s got a light in her eyes despite her circumstances. She’s my girl.

So now what? We wait for approvals from the US related to her citizenship and visas. Then things get sent to China and we wait for an approval to travel. There are about 5 steps, all of which can take anywhere from 8-14 weeks. The biggest and most unpredictable wait is over. The rest is downhill (so I hear from other adoptive moms). I’m so ready for downhill!

Now, I guess I’ll go finish that cat scratcher….the cat thing is a whole other blog post!

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