packing and unpacking

One day I’ll have two girls sharing a room. That means I’ve had to clear out all my ‘junk’ from FireCracker’s room. Several of you commented on my statement the other day, “I’m a crafter. Not a hoarder.” These pictures are just more proof. So many little things that a crafter could never throw away – they just might be needed one day.  And with crafting, sometimes all you need is a tiny piece. Nothing is too small to keep. All my fabrics and non-hoarded items are packed up and will have to head to a new home within our home so another bed can fit in here (though it will be a long time before Little One will be sleeping there). Anyway, this is how the girls’ room is looking right now.

And because way too many people read blogs and think the blogger’s home is never a mess…here is what the playroom looked like when I was taking pictures of the girls’ room. I’ve showed the boys a million times how to put a blanket or sheet down before they dump the legos. They never remember. However, they are required to clean up Legos each day without my help. I’ve told them we could lose a small child….or a creepy old doll…in all those Legos.


While I am packing up some boxes, I’ve been unpacking others. Sweet friends have been surprising me with little gifts for our girl. The blanket on the bottom was made by a blog reader’s grandmother. She knits/crochets blankets for her local children’s hospital, homeless shelter and senior citizen homes. She heard about our Little One and sent blankets for all 5 of my kids.

Jewelry keepsakes from friends who have also adopted from China. A traditional bracelet and a necklace charm from Jiayin Designs that has our daughter’s name characters (I had to blur out some of it). I hope it is a keepsake she will treasure….it is so delicate and beautiful, like my girl.

We’ve got a stockpile of new books growing. The boys have been practicing their Mandarin. I struggle. We have a teaching cd with songs. The kids sing it all the time….in Mandarin. I, again, struggle. I can’t sing in english, nonetheless in Mandarin!

The very first thing I bought FireCracker was a pair of Gracious May shoes. These are Little One’s first shoes. Eeekkkkk cuteness!

FireCracker found matching pjs for her and her sister. I think she might explode with happiness the first time she gets to wear them with her sister.

Last month I scored this find from Sparrow Mercantile. I am wanting to make a little family of little wooden dolls to go with it.

An unexpected package arrived from an online friend…a yellow doily…

But not just any yellow doily….a yellow doily blanket! I can’t wait to photograph a certain baby girl on this!

So all that has been unpacked, but a lot of my crafty stuff has been tucked in boxes. I’ve got a lot of computer work to get done, but as soon as I do I am ready for some time to relax and create. Both girls have birthdays coming up and I’m ready to start working on some handmade gifts.  It makes me giddy just thinking about it….

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