we made friendship bracelets

Well, thanks for all those LOA yells…but I am sorry to say that didn’t work. At least they didn’t work yesterday. And so, I will write about something else to pretend that all in life right now is not lived through the “I’m waiting to get my precious daughter home and am getting crazier each passing day” glasses.

We made friendship bracelets last week. The older two boys and I made them…the younger two just knotted string. I felt like I was a 6th grade girl again. Only I forgot all but two ways to make a bracelet.

I even have my thread from back in the day…which means it is about 18 years old. Not a hoarder, a crafter.

FireCracker in friendship bracelets listening to music is way too much cute for me.

Blurry, out of focus, but I sure still like it.

Rock on sister.

The boys made simple single knot bracelets…it was the easiest one I remembered. I didn’t take pictures of the process, but did a little google search while writing this post and came across a GREAT tutorial for the ones the boys made. She wrote it far better than I could, visit the red kitchen for the tutorial.

It only seems appropriate to share some more great friendship bracelet links


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