we made friendship bracelets

Well, thanks for all those LOA yells…but I am sorry to say that didn’t work. At least they didn’t work yesterday. And so, I will write about something else to pretend that all in life right now is not lived through the “I’m waiting to get my precious daughter home and am getting crazier each passing day” glasses.

We made friendship bracelets last week. The older two boys and I made them…the younger two just knotted string. I felt like I was a 6th grade girl again. Only I forgot all but two ways to make a bracelet.

I even have my thread from back in the day…which means it is about 18 years old. Not a hoarder, a crafter.

FireCracker in friendship bracelets listening to music is way too much cute for me.

Blurry, out of focus, but I sure still like it.

Rock on sister.

The boys made simple single knot bracelets…it was the easiest one I remembered. I didn’t take pictures of the process, but did a little google search while writing this post and came across a GREAT tutorial for the ones the boys made. She wrote it far better than I could, visit the red kitchen for the tutorial.

It only seems appropriate to share some more great friendship bracelet links


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  • Andy - boo about the LOA
    glad you guys had fun making friendship bracelets. my box looked very much like that too. my mom still has it but now uses it and whatever contents are left in it for sewing. 🙂 firecracker is super cute rocking out in her bracelets. love love love

  • sarah - wow. does this take me back. i used to make friendship bracelets ALL THE TIME. it was my first business too. I’d sell them for $.25-$1 at the little street fairs our town would throw. i saw a slew of them at target over the weekend too. glad the boys had fun making them!

  • Robyn - Dear Ashley,
    Just wanted to tell you that since I have been following your blog, my self criticism of my photos has become very particular. Out of focus shots, even when they are barely out of focus just jumps out at me now. Looking back at older shots, I can’t believe some of the poor quality of my photos. Thank you for helping me improve my skills and perception of a good photo! ps, I don’t even have a fancy camera!

  • Trish - i just showed my 6 year old how to do this about 2 months ago. she LOVED every minute of it. the girl who normally can’t sit still for 2 seconds actually did this non-stop for an hour! great project!

  • Amy - How cute! I used to looove to make bracelets!

  • Dee - “Not a hoarder, a crafter.”…I love it! That about sums up my mantra, too 🙂 Prayers coming your way for news on the LOA!

  • Eva - Fun fun stuff. FireCracker is a hoot listening to her tunes.

    And I’m so quick to delete out of focus shots. I just might have to reconsider.

  • elizabeth - i used to love to make these!!! i wonder if my mom still has all my string.

  • RebKnitz - I still have my thread for friendship bracelets as well (not as much as yours, and nowhere near as organized)…but mine is more like twenty-five years old!

  • Lindsey - CUTE pictures! Love your blog – always inspiring – and I’m praying for you and your family as you wait for the news from LOA!!

  • Sarah Wolfe - I’ve got to try this. I think my boys would love it. I think they would choose colors from their baseball teams. And then maybe make bracelets for the girls in their life, cousins, Grandma, etc. I remember doing this on the school bus. Pinning the safety pin on my jeans with my knee up on that green vinyl… such vivid memories.

  • Suzanne - I am totally going to use your “not a hoarder, a crafter” phrase when my hubby complains about all the crafting things we are going to have to move halfway across the country this summer! Firecracker is adorable!

  • Katie - Ashley, this post totally made my day. (And not just because your daughter is so stinkin’ cute in those bracelets and headphones.) I read your blog all the time and when I checked my blog stats just now and saw that I was getting so much traffic from your site I had to rush on over to see why. I couldn’t be more flattered! Thanks for your kind words about my little tutorial. 🙂 Totally made my day. And, on an unrelated note, I really hope you get your letter soon!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - This quote should be a poster! “Not a hoarder, a crafter.”

  • Molly @ mixedmolly - Friendship bracelets probably introduced a lot of young girls to crafting! I can see this next to Ryan Gosling’s face “Hey girl. I know you’re not a hoarder. You’re a crafter. Let’s make some friendship bracelets.”

  • Ingrid - those could be the cutest photos of firecracker ever x

  • Moriah - Wow, thanks for taking me back for a minute. I had that exact same embroidery box as a teenager. In fact, I bet it is still at my mom’s house. Now I am curious…I will call her.

  • Stacy - I totally love the ‘crafter not a hoarder’ line. That’s totally me

  • AshleyAnn - Molly – the Ryan Gosling comment made me laugh at loud. I can totally see that series too!

  • Elizabeth at My Butterfly Haus - Love your blog!! Its so inspirational! I’m a new follower. I am brand new to blogging for encouraging Godly and virtuous women and homemaking at http://mybutterflyhaus.blogspot.com

    Hope you stop by! Have a blessed day!

  • Joy Andrews - Hi Ashley

    I know you are super busy! Was wanting to know if you would do a favor? My friend and I just started a parenting blog: http://www.18shortyears.com was wondering if you would check it out when you have a moment and read a couple posts we have. Then I was wondering, if its appropriate, if you would kindly share it with your readers? Totally no pressure, only if you like what you read and would like to share it or if you just want to share it with a few friends that would be fun too 😉
    BTW-I hope you had a chance to read that book i sent a while back “Tender Mercy for a Mother’s Soul” didja like it :)??
    have a great day !

  • Wendy - You just sent me back 20 yrs! We used to safety pin one end of the bracelet to a pillow instead of using a clipboard.
    PS … I love that u post blurry pics :).

  • Jen - Hmmm… I wonder if my 5.5 year old boy would enjoy making these. I sure loved making them as a kid. If I recall, those single knot bracelets go pretty quickly.

  • MarthaB - not a hoarder, a crafter…I love it 🙂

  • Friendship Bracelets - Its a hobby of mine to make bracelets for my near and dear ones.And i must say these kids are really too cute.

  • kelly - oh my gosh!!! i still have my thread too. i may just steal your line “i’m not a hoarder, i’m a crafter” the next time my husband bug me about all my junk! love it!!!

  • Melissa Page - I was obsessed with friendship bracelets when I was younger! Bought different colored threads and walked around the school making them using just one hand! My girl friends and I had special ones because we added charms on them.