simple summer

One of our crafts/activities this week was to go on a nature walk. My idea was to walk around our area and each kid fill a bag with items they found. Then we were going to go home and create a picture using the found items and glue. Well, we decided to do the nature walk at their grandparents. My four year old decided to stay inside with his grandma. And, we never did the art project. However, the whole point of the idea was do get out and do something different. Mission accomplished.


My kids really enjoy their grandpa’s goats. And, I must admit the goats have grown on me too.

The boys wrangled the goats from a few acres away and led them to the ‘barn’. FireCracker is….well a firecracker.

Aside from chasing goats and taking pictures of turtles, the boys have been playing in the mud. I know dirt and mud drive some parents crazy. It makes me so happy to see them in swimsuits covered in dirt. It is such a simple childhood joy. I would much rather see them covered in mud than find them with their fingers tapping a video game or their eyes focused on a tv. It just makes me happy to watch them find such fun in something so simple.

He has the best eye colors all combined.

The other girl in this house very much DOES NOT like to see them in the mud. She either begs them to clean off or runs far so she doesn’t get caught in the middle. Where did this daughter of mine come from? Goodness do I love her and all her pink sparkly girly self.

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