my kitchen table summer centerpiece

So…some of you asked…Yes, the boys got haircuts. They always request a summer buzz. In fact, the way I got my 6 year old to comply with his annual pictures was by telling him that I wouldn’t cut his hair until after pictures. I really like his longer layers, but it’s summer and it gets HOT in Oklahoma.

Over a year ago, I picked up an old bread pan when I was in Kansas for Craft Weekend. I really like the rusty metal and wanted to leave it. However, I haven’t put the pan to use in the last year because of that rust. Everything I wanted to use it for was related to my kids. And, well, I don’t want them getting scratched on rusty old metal. So, I finally decided to clean it up and add some paint.

First, I sanded it down. When sanding rusted metal make sure to follow directions. After I sanded it down, I added some paint that is effective for metal & rust. I wanted to use the pan to hold creative supplies in my kitchen, but did not want the bottom to scratch up my table. Then added some felt floor pads.

Then added some supplies.

I’ve been leaving this out on our kitchen table during the day. It has helped ward off the “I’m bored”s. The kids just come and go – together and alone – to draw, paint, and create. Usually it starts with one kid.

Eventually another one or two will join the first.

And it typically ends with all four gathered around the table, quiet and concentrating on their masterpieces.

Leaving markers and glue out for free grabs would not work in every home, but it is working great in our home. The kids hang up their pictures in their room, they give them to family members and even mail some to friends. I enjoy the quiet breaks in the day, but I relish seeing them create on their own.

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