signs that summer break is here

School was out last week.

Summer break is here.

We have no big plans. A lot of nothing everyday. Just the way I like it.

Lots of hanging out at the kitchen table.

Lots of pretend picnics in the playhouse.

Lots of water fights and sneaking sips of my sweet tea.

Lots of sneaking sips from the hose when I won’t share my sweet tea.

And lots of little plans and schedules. I’ve learned the hard way that our unstructured summers need some structure for us to really enjoy them. Too much of nothing easily leads to quarrels and complaining around here. With summer upon us, I need a game plan. We’ll do a Meg inspired Summer Fun list. But I need little things planned out too…normal things like lunch and dinner.

So, I began this week with a plan. Every lunch and dinner menu is written out and shopped for ahead of time (no last minute trips to the store with four kids). I’ve also planned some kind of small craft or activity for each day. Summer Camp Campbell style. I pulled out several old magazines to get ideas. I’m all for pinterest, but sitting at the picnic table with an electronic device just is not as relaxing as flipping through magazines for me. (I’m only planning one week ahead…not the whole summer at once)

The kids jumped in and pointed out what they’d like to do too.

We have four crafts planned this week. I’m talking simple crafts…everything already on hand. They’ll probably only take 15 minutes each, but it will help have some structure to our days. And…it will help me be more intentional with all this free time.

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