the incubator arrived and we went on a trip


The incubator you all purchased last month arrived to the orphanage!!!

(incubator project post here, update project post here)

Love Without Boundaries received a photo this week. The incubator is equipped to care for vulnerable babies and those with jaundice. It is also a sterile, safe environment for the youngest babies. Can you believe how cute that well bundled little one is? I so wish he or she could be snuggled in my arms!

Well, not much is happening regarding our adoption. We are on day 77 of our wait for our approval letter. I’ve seen others get it in under 20 days and still seen others wait 120 days. There isn’t much sense to be made regarding the wait times. When we began the wait at the first of March, I was just sure we’d never reach May and still be waiting. But, we are.

Jumping when the phone rings, hoping it will be my agency is getting old. I’m weary of the waiting. This too shall pass.

Our youngest daughter will need some surgeries over the course of time, so we’ve been trying to make preparations for that. I’ll share more on it later, but now I’m not ready to post it on such a public forum. Anyway, we drove 4.5 hours out of state to meet with a surgeon. In preparing for that meeting here is what I learned:

  1. Every time I call the doctor’s office they ask my child’s name and I get to tell them. I love saying her name.
  2. I am grateful for health insurance, but it sure is frustrating when you have to deal with red tape. Chris is extremely attractive when he is passionately advocating for his daughter on the phone with our insurance company.
  3. Medical forms are bittersweet. I get to write my name in the “Mother” section – sweet! All the spots related to pregnancy, birth and medical history have to be left blank. Those blank spots are hard.


It just so happens IKEA is directly on the way from my house to the doctor’s office. We stopped by for a little shopping. The boys stayed home with family, but our little road warrior tagged along with us.

We bought her little sister a high chair and stacking cups. So far I’ve never had much success with my kids liking stacking cups. However, several adoptive moms suggested I bring some along when we travel…so we shall see if Little One likes them.

FireCracker went nuts over the ‘pink room’. She crawled right up in the bed and got under the covers…later she passed out in her daddy’s arms.

Waiting to see the doctor. I was both nervous and excited. It was a good visit. He’s a great doctor, but my favorite part was hearing him say her name and calling me her mom. I think I might call the office everyday just so they can ask me, “What is your child’s name?” and I can respond. Good times. Good times. (For the record, Chris is not on his phone all the time…he was dealing with insurance all day)

And a fast dinner before the long drive home.

It was nice to feel like we were doing something for our youngest daughter, but at the end of the day we were still waiting for a phone call.

Day 77.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” ~Proverbs 13:12

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