my boys…4, 6, 8

I try to take some posed shots of the kids each year around the times of their birthdays. Well, I’m a couple months behind with the boys. Time kept slipping away, so I finally just shot a few around the house. I think I spent a max of 5 minutes with each boy. They were all dirty and in messy play clothes. I had them change clothes, wipe off all visible dirt and endure photos for a few minutes each. My oldest and youngest son were cooperative…the middle one made me work a lot harder.

The boys don’t appear on my blog as much as FireCracker. They don’t beg me to take their picture like she does! I can’t imagine life without boys. Though I will soon have two daughters, I think I’ll always consider myself a ‘boy mom’.  Goodness do I love these little guys….but don’t tell them I called them “little”!

My boys…8, 6, 4.

8 is a hard age to photograph, at least with this guy. I often resort to letting him jump off things.

The majority of the shots were awkward forced smiles or his random faces.

He thought out this series. Totally Cool Dude.

Then there is my 4 year old. Still too young for the awkward self aware phase, but old enough to choose to be goofy or serious.

He brought a caterpillar to his session. I convinced him to let the little guy go.

Totally him.

He is learning the odd faces from his big brother.

And like his big brother, he dictated to me what he wanted too.

Then there is my 6 year old charmer. Crazy photogenic….but was very much not in the mood for pictures. I’ll share about that tomorrow.

All of these photos were shot with my Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens.

And totally unrelated: I am WAY behind in emails. If you have wrote in May, I am working through those.

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