DIY {“You’re a lifesaver” teacher gift}


This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at my kid’s school. Some of the moms coordinated a snack delivery for each day. I volunteered for yesterday and then reality hit…I am not a cook. I came across all kinds of cute snack ideas online. They would have each taken me a very long time and still probably would have come out wonky. So, I opted for cute packaging. I’m not sure Mint Lifesavers qualify as a snack, but at least the presentation looked good. Right?

These cute little sewn packages are not an original idea. My friend Angie has sent me a few gifts wrapped this way. The first time I opened a box from her to find one of these inside, I was giddy. I’ve seen lots of other ideas online now for how to use them too. Here’s my take for a teacher’s gift.


  • Lifesavers
  • 8.5×11 paper
  • tulle
  • decorative scrapbooking paper
  • tags (printed on 8.5×11 paper) “Thank you for a wonderful year. You’ve been a lifesaver.”


Step 1: Cut your 8.5×11 paper in half. Trim your tags. Cut the scrapbooking paper into small uneven pieces.

Step 2: Using a straight stitch, sew the long side of the cut 8.5×11 paper. Instead of cutting the thread between each one, just keep going. When you are down, all you have to do is snip them apart. Saves a ton of time.

Step 3: Straight stitch down one open side. Fill with Lifesavers.

Step 4: Press the open end together (going the opposite direction of the bottom side. Layer tulle, tag, scrapbooking paper…stitch it closed. When you layer stuff, it can be a little bit of lots of random stuff…layering gives it that extra something.

And there you go. A snack? That depends on who you are I guess. Cute? Yes!

I grabbed a silly 2 year old and her handsome 4 year old big brother to walk the halls of the BIG school for delivery. Fun times.

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