running to my girl

I am not a runner.  I’m just not a fan of things that require endurance. Even most of my crafts only take a couple of minutes. In February, Matthew Benjamin, a local teenager, came to my church. He shared about how a trip to Uganda in 2010 wrecked him. He left Uganda changed…and that change led him to training for a half marathon to raise money to build an orphanage. In a few short months he ran. He raised $31,000+. As he shared at my church, he also said he would be planning a 5K Orphan Run this summer that would benefit the local kids in foster care.

I sat in my seat thinking…That is awesome. I want to raise boys that see beyond their own needs like that. Too bad I’m not a runner, maybe I’ll support someone else that runs it.

Then a week later my dear friend Cindy told me she was going to lead a Bible study called Run for God…it would involve training for a 5K and in the end the group would do the Orphan Run together. Bummer…I’ve got to learn to be a runner.

So I signed up for the study. I signed up because Cindy was leading it, because the run would benefit kids in foster care and because I so despise running…kind of like I really don’t like the wait involved in an adoption. In my head, there is nothing I personally can do to get our adoption process moving any faster. The wait is grueling. It takes endurance. It is painful. I don’t enjoy it. I just want it to be over. Basically, the same way I feel about running.

While I’ve endured the adoption wait, I’ve forced myself to run. I still don’t enjoy it. I have no idea what a “runner’s high” could possibly be. The whole time I am running I am thinking how much I wish I wasn’t running.

As I run, I remind myself to “run my own race”. There will always be people in front of me and those behind me….like an adoption timeline. My friends Angie & Cindy are always in front of me when we run. They run like gazelles. I run like an elephant.

Here are their gazelle feet…

When I run I try to find beauty around me…sunrise, sunset, flowers…anything to help the make me not think about how much I dislike running and want it to be over. I’m trying that with this adoption waiting. I’m trying to find beauty in the wait. I’m looking for flowers popping up in the middle of the fields separating me from my daughter.

I’m running 4-6 miles a week. Some people run that in a day. For me it is a big accomplishment. In a couple of weeks I will run my first 5K. And then on June 2nd I’ll run the Orphan Run Oklahoma. And then later in June I will run the Color Run just because having someone throw paint on me while I run sounds pretty fun…and a like a good distraction from the fact I’ll actually be running.

And then all those 5Ks will be over. And hopefully it will be close to time to board a plane.

So while it looks like I am running to cross a finish line, really I am running to my daughter.

*by the way, I got the pinning issue fixed on yesterday’s post. You can now pin a few of those pics.

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