instagram thankful for in April

A new month. Is May crazy for everyone else? My calendar is overwhelming me this month. It is going to be making it day by day around here until school is over. Thankfully, May is also full of beautiful weather. My endless ‘to-dos’ don’t seem quite so bad when I can open the windows and feel the breeze come in as I conquer my lists. Being the start of the month, here are my Instagram pictures from April. Just a simple shot each day of something I am grateful for…

farm animals & a church balloon barn * a surprise guest at lunch * slow moments with my baby & her baby * surprise mail * “Helicopters!” * a boy, his blanket & his Bible * little handprints on new concrete * redemption, love & the joy of family * three new pics of my baby girl * my bug/moth/insect/butterfly whisperer * illustrated poster by my sister * days spent with my healthy grandparents * pool noodles * our first sleepover * camo & pink * to know & hold my niece * 5 of the 9 babies we sponsored * her ability to nap * a trash can for when he feels sick * brothers, the best kind of friends * playing the role of wedding photographer * brave women who courageously shared their stories * first shoes for a certain little girl in China * my grandpa’s sawdust * first peony bloom of the year * a God that does exceedingly more than I could ask or imagine * cheerleaders at their cousins baseball game * she finally fell asleep * flip flops & my church small group * sticker induced exhaustion

I got pictures back from Love Without Boundaries of when the diapers and towels we purchased together for The Incubator Project were delivered to the orphanage. These little ones are crazy cute. I’ve actually ‘met’ online the mom of one of these sweet little girls…we have been waiting the exact same amount of days for our acceptance letters and are so ready to go get our girls! I have not received pictures of the incubator yet, but will let you know when I do!

The April sponsor Giveaway Day winner is Jenny Z. (mcz….@gmail…)! Congratulations Jenny!

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