things I want to remember

I was sitting next to her on the couch. She was playing. I was reading. As I looked across at her, I began thinking about all the little things I don’t want to forget. My oldest is 8. There are so many things I promised myself I’d never forget, but I have. Time passes, memories fade (at least for me). So I snap away. I click my camera to freeze a moment I’ll never get to live again. And, really it is the culmination of all those little moments that make a life great. I’d rather have a long life full of seeing the glory in the little everyday moments than a life that just survives from big moment to big moment.

There are little things about all my kids I never want to forget. Just so happens she was the one on the couch with me yesterday.

I want to remember how she prefers all her dolls without clothes.

I want to remember little toes that she likes to point towards my camera when I am trying to capture her face.

I want to remember piggie tails…oh how I want to remember these!

I want to remember her full forehead cowlick…though I’m pretty this is something that won’t fade with time.

I want to remember how her tongue comes out when she is watching home videos on my phone.

I want to remember how she tromps around in my shoes and then leaves them all over the house.

I want to remember her need to have at least 10 toys nearby at all times.

I want to remember what she was like as a little girl.

And I want to remember the patience and love of her daddy, when he really just wanted to read a new book.

I am still getting updates regarding the project totals from last week. I will do a full update sometime this week. Some crazy exciting stuff happened. Thank you.

Happy Monday!


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