I survived hosting my first sleep over

My second son turned 6. For months all he wanted for his birthday was to have some close friend over…all night…with light sabers. The thing about my second son is he melts me. I cave easy to things he asks. I get blinded by his grin and hugs. I agreed to the sleepover. Thankfully, we are set up to handle boys around here.

Party supplies:

  • Pool noodle light sabers
  • Wide open spaces
  • Dirt
  • Bugs
  • Scrap wood
  • Lego movie

The boys grabbed their new light sabers as they arrived…and then they did battled it out for at least an hour.


FireCracker has a strange obsession with the butterfly net on her head.

They took a break from light saber battles for some football. The boys that came are all sons of some of my closest friends. I know the boys well…they are all such great kids. I look forward to this group of boys growing up together, influencing each other, supporting each other…playing football on this field as teenagers.

We kept them running and active until it started to get dark. Boys are seriously so easy.

They are super LOUD and a bit stinky, but so easy to entertain.

Pajamas on and the dance party began…it was really more of a break dancing contest.

Did I mention, they were so LOUD?

They went to sleep pretty fast after the movie. Not a lot of talking, they were so tired. However, they were up by 6:15 and the light saber battles began shortly after that. They headed outside as the sun rose and began a couple hours of bug catching and dirt playing.

These three worked together to build a bridge out of scrap wood.

She can hold her own among the big boys.

Outside. Dirt. Bugs. Light sabers. Not a serene party. No cute crafts. But wildly fun to watch them together. The birthday boy declared that morning, “This is the best birthday ever! I get to wake up and catch bugs with my friends.”


I sent a text to apologize to my friends for the dirty state they would find their boys when they can to pick the boys up. Thankfully, I have friends that are totally good with arriving to find their sons covered in dirt….having fun.

I can’t believe he is six.

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