thank you. from the depths of my heart, thank you.

I am sobbing as I try to find the words to write this post. You know, the ugly cry. I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for partnering with me these past two days. What began as an idea to raise $1,400 for an incubator for my daughter’s orphanage exploded into something far bigger. As of this morning $8,000 had been raised and donations are still coming even after I shared that the incubator was fully funded. Wow.

I contacted Love Without Boundaries regarding where all the exceedingly abundant funds would be spent. We talked over many options and contacted my daughter’s orphanage. Last summer my friend Angie shared with me a photo of her daughter Emery. Since that moment little ones with cleft lips/cleft palates have had a piece of my heart that I can never get back. We are doing a special needs adoption and were open to so many different needs, including cleft lip/cleft palate.

So, I asked LWB if there was any work they were doing with cleft kids that we could help. Cleft lips and cleft palates are considered a birth defect. They are occur all over the globe. A cleft lip/palate is more than a cosmetic need. When a cleft is not repaired it affects the child’s ability to eat & grow. It affects speech.  And, obviously, they face challenges simply because we live in a world that places a crazy amount of weight on what “looks normal”.  Cleft kids often undergo numerous surgeries over the course of their lives. For those that don’t have a loving family to get them the medical treatment needed, surgery is not an option unless someone else intervenes. The surgeries these kids face are intense and highly painful. The recovery is hard and long. For kids in an orphanage, returning back to the orphanage after a surgery is a horrible option.

This is where Love Without Boundaries (and other non-profits) come in. LWB coordinates doctors & volunteers who travel and offer their time for the surgeries, but they also have a few “Healing Homes” where babies/children can come before surgery to get the nutrition and help needed to prepare for surgery. After the surgery they can return to the Healing Home where they get lots of personal care and attention while they recover and heal.

So guess what….that exceedingly abundant amount that you gave (and are continuing to give)….well it meant 9 kids have been sponsored for a full year. LWB is in China now doing a week of cleft repairs and 7 of “our kids” are having surgery THIS WEEK. That means because of your generosity, those 7 kids will return to the Healing Home to recover and all their complex medical and nutritional needs will be met over the course of the next year.

Want to meet “our kids”?

Seriously, can you believe we get to be a part of their story?

You can read more details about each of them by clicking on their names below:









(There is one more “Amy”, but I don’t have her link yet)

Asher had his surgery today. He is pretty swollen, but recovering well. You are a part of his healing care now!


Love Without Boundaries will be sending me updates on each of “our kids”. I think I will add a page on my blog dedicated to their stories over the next year so that those of you interested are able to follow along. This week Bennett, Abby, Blaise, Christopher, Jacob, Marieli will all be having surgery. You will be able to get updates and see their post-surgery pictures on the Love Without Boundaries Facebook page (click here to view it).

I am still sending out the prints. I will continue to do so for all donations sent in through this Friday. Once I figure out the best way to share updates on my blog, I’ll let you know that too. What a couple of days! In less than 48 hours we’ve changed the lives of some gorgeous kids and hopefully this will all lead to families adopting these little ones. Click here to read the post for more info on how and where to donate (scroll to the bottom).

Thank you….deep, deep, deep thank you.

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