diy {tape covered push pins}


Super easy.

Nothing fancy.

On one section of our stairwell, I tacked cork flooring tiles to the wall. I use thumbtacks to pin random things my kids say to that wall. I decided to dress up my thumbtacks a little bit. Nothing overboard, I wanted it to be very subtle. One craft supply I recommend to always have on hand is some decorative tape in colors and patterns you like. A year ago the only decorative tape I could find was pretty pricey. Now you can find it everywhere at much more affordable prices. A tiny bit of the tape goes a long way when you are crafting.


  • thumbtacks
  • decorative tape
  • scissors


Place a small amount of tape on the tack. Press it down firmly. Trim with scissors.

I have never been very good at keeping baby books. I was feeling a bit bummed the other day that I won’t know the early milestone dates of our youngest daughter. Chris reminded me that since I never wrote it down with our last 3 (sure did with our firstborn), I don’t remember the dates of their milestones either. So true. In an effort to remember some of the things members or our family say, I jot those things down on scrap paper and pin it to the wall. I figure I could always go back and add it to books, but that will likely never happen. However, I am really good about keeping journals for the kids….

Happy Wednesday!

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