diy {tape covered push pins}


Super easy.

Nothing fancy.

On one section of our stairwell, I tacked cork flooring tiles to the wall. I use thumbtacks to pin random things my kids say to that wall. I decided to dress up my thumbtacks a little bit. Nothing overboard, I wanted it to be very subtle. One craft supply I recommend to always have on hand is some decorative tape in colors and patterns you like. A year ago the only decorative tape I could find was pretty pricey. Now you can find it everywhere at much more affordable prices. A tiny bit of the tape goes a long way when you are crafting.


  • thumbtacks
  • decorative tape
  • scissors


Place a small amount of tape on the tack. Press it down firmly. Trim with scissors.

I have never been very good at keeping baby books. I was feeling a bit bummed the other day that I won’t know the early milestone dates of our youngest daughter. Chris reminded me that since I never wrote it down with our last 3 (sure did with our firstborn), I don’t remember the dates of their milestones either. So true. In an effort to remember some of the things members or our family say, I jot those things down on scrap paper and pin it to the wall. I figure I could always go back and add it to books, but that will likely never happen. However, I am really good about keeping journals for the kids….

Happy Wednesday!

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  • Lisa Johnson - wow. You score higher than Indiana Jones on a Lego motorcycle. It must feel really good to be that loved! 🙂

  • Sarah Wolfe - I love this idea. Such sweet visible reminders to have around the house.

  • jen - uh that last scrap of paper – MELT MY HEART. how adorable! also, if you have the time (ha ha ha) what are some of your inexpensive sources for the washi / decorative tape. i’ve looked several times and i must be going to all the pricy places still. i never do bite the bullet and buy some because i can’t get over paying so much for tape. if i found some deals though – i would be ALL ABOUT IT! the pins turned out great!

  • sarah - such a cute idea! i write all the funny sayings of my son in a jurnal. when he’s much older, i plan on giving it to him as a present. i also love to go back and reread the funny things he say! have a great day!

  • Abigail C - The Indiana Jones line made my morning 😀

  • Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - What are some source for cute decorative tape? I always see it on blogs and would love to get some!
    Love this idea by the way:)

  • Jenny - oh my goodness-you are loved more than legos and Indiana Jones, in any combination of the two! I LOVE that! You will cherish those notecards and your journals so much over the years! I did baby books for the first year but am horrible about keeping journals for the kids and writing down what they say. I would much rather have things that they say and do recorded than a baby book. You’re doing good! 😉

  • Allison - the tack thing is cute but I think your little boy’s quote stole the show… and my heart!

  • Tiah - Your house is amazing, even your push pins are cute!

  • Molly @ mixedmolly - I have written down and saved funny things our kids say. We recently got chalkboard markers and we have been writing funny sayings on that, then I take a picture of it when it gets full and we erase it. Love the tacks!

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  • Elizabeth Beattie - I LOVE this idea! I just started acquiring decorative tape. I have three rolls! 🙂

  • Tara - I’ve been looking for some fun tacks for my new corkboard and can’t believe I didn’t think of this – perfect!

  • giozi - You right is so easy, and I like it

  • Jennifer - Your stairs look great! Did I miss the post when and how you completed this project. Have to check the archives.

  • Hope - My youngest was adopted from China at 2.5 years old, and I often wonder about her early years. But, what comforts me is a line from one of Steven C. Chapman’s songs (can’t remember which one but from 5 or 6 years ago), “like a raindrop that falls into the ocean, what once was is lost in what will be”. I will always wonder about the time before she became a part of our family, but it doesn’t matter as much as the fact that she’s with us now and forever, and we have many wonderful days ahead together! Your day will come also and the Lord will bless your family more than you can imagine. I look forward to hearing more about her when she arrives!

  • Missy - Ok, some others have already asked this but I would also love to know where you purchase your tape. Such a versatile craft supply! Also, just have to say I LOVE and am so inspired by how much your house is a reflection of your family. I don’t know why that seems like a novel concept but in a world where it seems like the goal is to keep up with the “Jones’s” and have every room in your house look like something out of a magazine (not that your house doesn’t look like that), the steps you take and the thought you put into designing your space to reflect your family is so refreshing. It is a blessing to me to know what a blessing this will be to your kiddos when they leave your “roof” and look back and think about that. Love it! 🙂

  • dasmaedchenmitdenlocken - What a nice and simple idea! I love it!

  • Emily @ Peck Life - Perfect cheery thumbtacks! I love this! I just bought all the supplies to make some fabric covered ones….maybe next week. 🙂

  • rachel - super cute idea!

  • ko - How easy and fun is that!?!? I’ve been seeing decorative tape everywhere lately but have yet to pick some up. I might just have to now 🙂

  • Karen - Love the push pins! And love the idea of keeping the notecards on the board! I too keep journals for all my girls but don’t do scrapbooks..but I LOVE writing down what they say, so I might try this! 🙂 Thanks for your great ideas.

  • Mary Pat Reeve - I’m not sure if you thought about it, but you keep this amazing blog full of more memories and wonderful little moments than most of us will every manage to record. I think you should totally give yourself some credit there and let go of any guilt of unrecorded milestones elsewhere 🙂

  • - love these push pins so much!!!

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    Hope that’s OK, thanks for the inspiration! xx

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