March daily pics


I’m an aunt again!!! My little sister gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl over the weekend. I’ll share some more pics after she does on her blog. I love her. FireCracker loves her. We are so thankful for a healthy new life in our family. My heart is so full.

Surprisingly enough, I have kept up with remembering to snap a daily Instagram pic with my phone. I’m ‘underthesycamore’ on Instagram. It has been fun at the end of each month to go back and look at all the little gifts that made up my month. Sometimes I snap a photo of a ‘big’ moment, but usually it is just the small stuff that makes life great.

Β Here is March’s round-up:

A white washcloth for my baby girl * Beaver Dam Party * Lego full Saturdays * The simple life * Mommy’s after school snack * pictures of her baby sister * white paint * coffee dates * Daddy’s girl * Creepy Wonder Woman * I can be with him when he doesn’t feel well * thankful sickness will pass * Star Wars Guess Who with my boy * impromptu trip to the zoo * Home entertainment * they think manual labor is the best way to start spring break * Moving out my stuff so her sister can move in * Lazy Sunday afternoon * no shirts means less laundry * Birthday breakfast at the donut shop * every form, every consult, every email I am one step closer to being with my daughter * Hugging her sister’s picture * My happy place * Pretending to be her aunt * Waiting for their pappy to take them fishing * View from our play tent * the love of music they share * Great grandma’s popcorn popper * The gift of him * a thoughtful friend and my little Song * our trampoline has nets

We took the kids to the US Elite Trampoline and Tumbling Challenge. The boys decided the gymnasts were “way more awesome than jedis”. I think the last time I had been to that convention center was when I was competing as a gymnast. I’m only worried about two people in my family attempting anything we saw…me and my 5 year old. It kind of made me miss be 14….

She was more interested in chewing on her shoelace than the gymnastics.

Happy Monday!

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  • Liene - Congratulations! A niece! Nice pics.

  • kelly - congratulations!

  • Kimberly Troth - Congrats on being an aunt again!! She is ADORABLE!! Love your camera phone pics =) Happy Monday to you!

  • Smile & Up - Your niece is beautiful as well as your photos!!!

  • Jessica - We have never met, but I enjoy your blog as part of my morning routine. This is so strange, but I heard a song, and it made me think of the way you write about your littlest one. It is called “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry. In full disclosure, I think it was written for one of the Twilight movies, but ignore that fact, okay? πŸ™‚

  • Molly - I am sure Firecracker will love on her new cousin! What fun for her getting all these girls in her life! I love the shoelace picture! Sometimes they can be so silly!

  • Danielle - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Amy - I really do so appreciate your photography. It helps me to remember all those little moments I share with my kids as well, and I can stop and take a “mental picture” of my kids blowing strawberry milk bubbles or even just the way a table looks with paint strewn across it and little butts in pulled up in my favorite vintage chairs. I’m so glad you do this blog to remind me. It just reminds me that if Ashley can find something beautiful enough to take pictures of each day, I can certainly find something beautiful enough to stop and marvel at each day. πŸ™‚

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Congratulations Aunt Ashley! I can’t wait to hear what the nickname will be πŸ™‚ Hugs!

  • Carrie Ryan - Congratulations to you all! How exciting to have another little girl! I am so glad I have little going on this week, I wanted to make her something <3 I hope L is doing great!

  • cailan - what a wonderful month, indeed!

  • Heather S. - I have a friend who was competing at that competition πŸ™‚ I love all of your daily pictures. What great reminders of how special your life is. You have inspired me to start doing the same thing! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Megan - Congratulations on being an aunt…again! She is a beautiful baby. I love the photo of your little girl sleeping on her daddy’s shoulder. So precious! I’ll definitely follow you on instagram! I’m doing a daily photo on mine too @trulymegs if you’d like to follow!

  • Kara M - I love the picture of Firecracker looking at pics of her sister! LOVE!!

  • Elise - Do you have a tutorial for the “fill my heart with song” picture?

  • amanda torres - I saw the trampoline event in the paper. So cool! I bet you saw some sweet skills!

  • Tiffany - Wow I had no idea Sweet pea’s mom was pregnant again. Thanx for sharing πŸ™‚

  • giozi - Congratulations !!!

  • ko - Such fun family life pictures! Congrats on your little niece πŸ™‚ And where in the world did you get firecracker’s shoes from? They are adorable!

  • Ann Voskamp - A baby! Gifts! Chewing shoelaces! πŸ˜‰
    Grace upon grace…
    I am so grateful for you — with you to Him.

  • Liane - Congratulations on your new little neice!
    I’ve added you on Instagram x

  • Christy Stout - I work at a gym and our kids were their competing!!! Are your kids in gymnastics yet?

  • Jasie - I really MUST work on my stretches. To be able to chew on my shoelaces… now that would be sure to impress.

  • Brandy - I have to say that I love reading your blog and looking at your photos. I can only hope that one day when my husband and I have children we can capture moments as you do in our photos. Your kids always appear to be having a great time and you seem to be so laid back and they really live their childhood like kids should.

  • Jenny B. - So happy for your family! Congratulations!!! I love all the instagram shots. The art piece at the end is beautifull!

  • able mabel - I adore that shoelace picture!

  • Elizabeth - YAY! i’ve been following your sisters blog for a bit now…
    another lil girl! SO SWEET!