diy {“level” floating shelf}


I made a new shelf. It took about a total of 5 minutes with supplies on hand and is super easy. All you need is a fun level! Now, here’s the deal most of my projects are always done with supplies on hand because I am not a big fan of shopping. When I am out I buy random things that grab my eye. I don’t always have a plan for the items, but I like them. About a year ago I bought a red level. It had worn down paint, wasn’t too long and it was probably about $2.00. It’s been sitting in my garage waiting for a happy home. I finally found it one.


  • Wood level
  • Picture and Frame Hanging tabs
  • Wood strip (I used a piece about 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch)
  • Wood screws or drywall screws (depends on what you are screwing the shelf into)


Step 1: Find & mark a couple of wall studs. Pre-drill holes into the wood and the wall studs. Drill the wood piece into the studs. If your wall studs aren’t in the place you need to them to be, you can mount it to drywall, just use drywall screws and/or anchors. I knew my shelf would only be holding lightweight items, so I didn’t worry if the screws were evenly separated.

Meg and Kimberlee introduced me to these at a Craft Weekend. They hung HEAVY frames and mirrors all over the place with these bad boys.

Step 2: Take four strips and place them together in sets of two (velcro on the inside). Remove the adhesive protector on one side and press the joined strips very firmly onto the wood…do this on both ends. Then remove the other adhesive protectors….

Step 3: Press your level firmly onto the adhesive strips. If you are wanting to hang heavy items on the shelf, you will want to attach the level using nails or glue. I did not want to alter my level in any way and I will just be displaying lightweight items on the shelf, so the adhesive strips are a perfect option. When I am ready to remove the level, I’ll pull it off the level by the velcro and then the remove the adhesive strips by the instructions…and no paint will be peeled in the process.

UPDATE: My level is actually broken…probably why it was $2.00! It doesn’t bother me that when it is level the bubbles are on one side. If that would drive you nuts, I suggest spending more than $2.00 on your level!

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