the doll version of my family {Passive Juice Motel}

Update 7.22.13 – Passive Juice Motel is no longer offering these dolls. However, the shop is still full of incredible products. Here is a more recent post I did on some of their shirt designs.

You may not be able to handle the crazy wonderfulness that is on this blog today. Just warning you.
Meet my family…as dolls.

My friend Shannon stopped by earlier this week with a gift for our Little One. Our whole family as little felt dolls…complete with a house satchel. I can’t believe how cute our family looks as dolls. I asked Shannon if she made them – she can do anything so it wouldn’t have surprised me. However, she got them from her friend Katie who owns the etsy shop Passive Juice Motel. After emailing Katie, I found out I actually referred her to Shannon 4 years ago for her wedding. Crazy. The dolls are washable and Katie does do custom orders. I told Shannon this is really so much more than a gift for my baby girl. These will be a family heirloom that I will treasure. I’m thinking when the girls outgrow playing with them, I’ll frame them. How cute would they be in a shadow box frame?!


I was especially impressed with the boy’s hair color…that she picked 3 shades of brown…very accurate. Big Brother is wearing a cape.

FireCracker is wearing her cowboy boots…perfect. And Little One is just the sweetest thing!

The boys have had just as much fun as FireCracker playing with them. I let them play for a few days and then said we are tucking them away for their baby sister. He posed his baby sister in front of the ‘house’ and had me taking her picture. I can’t wait to really be doing that!


Next his sisters were trapped in flowers and his younger brother flew down to rescue them.


Then, it was my turn to play. I attempted some family portraits inside.


It was an overcast day and there was great light outside. The family and I headed outside for some posed family shots. This was the first time I didn’t have to bribe the kids to cooperate. They all listened pretty good. We did have some issues with no one wanting to sit on their bottoms. Always something with kids.

My little crew. They are so cute together.

Then we did the “parents kissing in focus, parents kissing out of focus shots”. Chris and I enjoyed the smooch break, but the kids just wanted to dogpile.

It’s always good to create layers and levels in family shots. My youngest boy HAD to hang upside down with his cape.

And then there was the “family in a field in front of a barn” shot. We nailed it.

And we finished up with a “heads together on the ground shot from above” picture. We nailed that one too.

Least stressful family session ever. And, my hair looked awesome the whole time.

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  • Jenni - I love this session. I am definitely going to do this for our next family pictures! 🙂

  • Liene - Really one of my most favorite posts I’ve ever read! Passive Juice Motel really captured your family in a very accurate and cute way! and you’ve made a very fun story out of it! Wow! Have a nice weekend! Really like the familyshot in the clover – can you make the same shot when your family is together (7 of you) ????

  • Monica from Spain - It is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time! I love them! are so … perfect!
    Your little girl is lucky to have this new family.
    I love your blog and the way you see life is very inspiring to me.

  • Megan - Those dolls are really cute! And the family session and your commentary with it….hilarious! 🙂

  • Inga - The best post yet!!! We love you!!!

  • Harriet - Oh my goodness, these dolls are the best! You had me cracking up with your family photo session! SO funny. Dolls cooperate much better. I bet you can’t wait to have your real life baby doll home with you! We can’t wait for those precious photos of your family of 7! 🙂

  • Steph - I’m glad you warned us, because that was some high-level cuteness, exciting and adorable and touching and crafty does it get any better than that??!!

  • RacheC - ok — that is seriously hilarious!!! I LOVE the shot of the dogpile with the blurry kiss. I literally laughed out loud. Awesome dolls. A must have family heirloom. Great post.

  • Amy G - You made my morning. What a sweet sweet friend you have! Those dolls are priceless. Can’t wait to see the pictures of you snugging your baby girl for the first time. That last sentence just brought tears to my eyes. Blessings to you sweet momma!

  • Allison - Those dolls are AWESOME! I would love to get those for myself. Thanks for the laughs today – i needed that!

  • Loren - These are the most amazing things. So freaking cute, your family & the dolls are adorable.

  • Alice H - Hilarious photo shoot!! And you did rock your hair!

    I love the details on all the dolls. The lego shirt, Yoda shirt, Wonder Woman, your camera! Amazing!!

    Shannon (I’m assuming Imago Vita Shannon is who you are talking about) is such a sweet person to gift you with those dolls. Thanks for including the link.

  • molly - I rarely comment, but I had to this time! I was dying laughing at the family photo shoot commentary. You are just too cute. Love the dolls. One of my favorite posts, for sure. Bless you and your family!

  • lindsey - ahhhhhh!!! I can’t stand the amazingness of these dolls! I want to get them for every family I know! I hope Katie is prepared for all the business she will get from this post 🙂 And your pictures of the dolls make me so happy. Love, love it!

  • Erin @ Sew Abundantly - Simply LOVE it!

  • mandy - LOVE IT!!!! So stinkin’ creative!

  • ratna - Wow!! This is the best gift ever to your little one. She is lucky one. And you too, to have a wonderful and thoughtful friend.

  • Elizabeth - Hehe, funny shoot with your family! Such a fun idea!

  • Maria - THis is so precious and hysterically narrated. What a gift!!!!!!

  • Leslie - THESE ARE SO GREAT! What a fun and witty post. Those dolls are SUCH a treasure.

  • Cory - Oh my goodness! I cannot even stand the preciousness that is this post. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • emmybrown - LOL!…..LOVE it!!

  • Jen - those are the most precious little things ever! and that all the details are so fitting – its perfect. it makes me want some too but it feels wrong to buy dolls just for me and my husband – we’re 27. ahhahahaha! loved this post!

  • liz - oh! i love these!!!!! katie did a great job!

  • Sh - Oh girl!! I am rolling on the floor with laughter. The one of you and Chris kissing in the background is absolutely my favorite! It just warms my heart so much that you and your family are enjoying them so much. Katie is uber talented and did such an amazing job.
    It is funny how things can come full circle. Crazy that you were the one that sent her to me for her wedding photography all of those years ago. I just realized that last night too.
    I just love you and your precious family (the real one and the felt one.)

  • Renata - Love.

  • amber - Those are totally awesome. And the family pictures…so need to be framed. So fun!!

  • cailan - wow. so adorable. what a precious gift! and love the family pictures. : )

  • Sarah Pratt - Can I just say “AWESOME!” ?! This was great.

  • Nicolle S - These dolls are so great! I really LOL’d while reading your captions for the family photoshoot. So clever and creative. Thanks for sharing!

  • amy jupin - i can’t stop giggling over this post.
    the dolls are ridiculous. so darn cute.
    chris and that guitar, you and your camera…
    all the kiddos.
    it is quite perfect.
    but the commentary on those last few shots sent me straight into hysterics.
    sooo funny!!

  • Jasie - This is awesome! I love it. I’m going to have to do some business with Passive Juice Hotel. She really nailed your dolls’ likeness to each of you!

  • Sarah Wolfe - Those dolls are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. But your pictures almost rival them. Endless fun and creativity going on at your house 🙂

  • Kimber-Leigh - the photo session made me giggle. too cute! (i tried the heads together on the ground shot last summer…so much harder than it looks! i’m thinking i need a doll family now!)

    what a precious gift and heirloom.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Laughing so hard! I love it! This is so, so, so adorable! I see a whole new angle in snap shops… kee hee. 🙂 all puns intended.

  • Allison - HAHAHA… one of my favorite posts of yours.

  • Courtney Henson - This is awesome! The dolls are amazing but I especially love the photo session…some people pose their little elves, now you can pose tiny dolls and take photos all year long!

  • Jen - Oh. My. These are soooo absolutely adorable. And, your “family photo session” is priceless.

    Thank you for sharing your photog skills, your humor and your heart.

    Many blessings.

  • Nicola - SOOoooooo cute!!!

  • Paige - Oh, I just love this! And you! I’m giddy with excitement for Your upcoming travels to bring home Little One. Please tell me it’s not too far off!

  • Amy L. - I am cracking up right now. You are awesome!!!

  • Betsy - You just have the MOST FUN !!!

  • Linden White - So THAT’S what baby girl looks like ?! I thought you weren’t allowed to show us pictures of her yet?? She is so cute. She looks exactly like you guys, minus the dark hair. 🙂 Can’t wait to “meet” her.

  • Tammy Henderson - This is too stinkin’ cute for words! Love it! I’m so excited for your family and can’t wait to “meet” Little One. :o) Now I have a desire to get my camera out.

  • Rebecca - LOL.

    The dolls are wonderful.

  • Faith - I just died laughing. You forgot to do one with the kids in a frame that you and Chris were holding. LOL! 😉 So cute!!

  • Brandi - Greatest post ever!!! Love those little people. I may need to purchase these myself. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • ella @ lifeologia - Get out! This is the coolest/ cutest/ most awesome thing ever! You guys look adorable and miss Shannon is one very talented lady ;D xoxo

  • Abby - Those dolls are the cutest! Love all the family photos too–so funny!

  • Martina - What an amazing gift! So much thoughtfulness, creativity and attention to detail! These dolls are really wonderful.

  • SamYeh - HAHA! Those dolls are so adorable! LOVE the photo session!

  • Megan - That was the sweetest, most hilarious post I’ve read today. You are a funny girl!

  • kaley - my favorite post ever! love the dolls…

  • Danielle - These dolls are beyond sweet… goodness they are wonderful. Laughing at the kissy kissy shot of your & Chris (that is some serious leaning in smooching goings on). lol. You have so much clover… we aren’t there yet but warm here so hoping our outside wakes up soon. Happy weekend.

  • Jenna - A.DOR.A.BLE!!!!! Love the photo shoot too. 🙂

  • Brandy - Hilarious! This just made my day! And, those little dolls are the cutest things ever!!!

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  • Trish - these are awesome! i love how you took your family’s photos 🙂 so fun!

  • Amy Wilson - Oh my! You sure are pressing hubby up against that tire there! That is one passionate doll! Avert your eyes, children! 😀

  • Angela - OMG, cutest quirkiest most fun post ever. LOVED it. Katie is INCREDIBLE!! Such beautiful dolls, and such a wonderful family you have!!

  • Amber - Those are absolutely fabulous, Ashley. I know I’ve never met you, but I’m pretty sure we are spirit friends as well as Campbells.

  • Mandi @ proverbs for life - Love the doll family. What a great treasure! Love the shadowbox idea!

  • Georgia - The photo shoot was hilarious! Thanks for my second big smile of the day. AND we sort of got to see little precious one for the first time!

  • JulieL - Love it!!! Thanks for the laugh. And such cute dolls.

  • Shannon - Sooo cute! I made my daughter our family out of the wooden peg people. She loves them. They have a wood dollhouse and we even extended the family to aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. My doll even has a camera painted on 🙂 I would love her to have these too!

  • Melanie - I don’t need to read anything else all morning :0) . . . your blog is complete sunshine!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Molly @ mixedmolly - Love the kissing one! What a fun photo shoot. The details on her dolls are beautiful.

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  • Amanda Torres - Love the photo shoot!

  • Ryan - LOL! This was hilarious! 🙂

    And the dolls are adorable – but I think the real thing is still cuter. Happy St Patty’s Day!

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  • ashlee - I just met Katie last week. She is hilarious and her dolls are amazing. Your commentary had me rolling!!

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  • Katie - This is just so adorable! I love it! You are one awesome family.

  • Heather - I love the pictures. I am sure you know, but zulily has TONS of Star Wars lego stuff today, and I immediately thought of your boys! Some really neat lego dictionaries and books too! I pray for little one, and hope she can come home so soon to her fabulous family.

  • emily anderson - oh.mah.gah.
    just stop. stop it.
    this is too adorable.

  • Robyn - So fun! Makes me smile! Wonderful gift from a wonderful friend from a wonderful artist! Love this!

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    so funny

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  • Ada in Coastal Cali - that is the best baby gift -EVER!!!!!
    Oh my gosh, I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I want a doll for my birthday. My 38th birthday in June. Those are so wonderful & accurate & personal & playful & ADORABLE & more loveable than any blankie you could send. I can hardly stand the cuteness.

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  • - my heart is going to explode from the cuteness.
    your family looks so sweet!!!
    i need a set of those in a bad way.

  • meg duerksen - no way!
    i am dying of the cute.
    NO WAY.
    what an incredible gift that is.
    i love every single detail.


    i will now go fall asleep typing in all my info AGAIN…….ha ha HAAAAAA.

  • tracy a - what an incredible gift. and likeness, i must add. wow! your little one will just love her new family, i am sure of it!

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  • kami @ NoBiggie - Hi Ashley! OMGoodness! You are crackin’ me up! So so funny! What a gift from your friend. Really special.

    I love your excitement about adoption. I too am an adoptive mom, and it has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives. I’m excited to see your family go through this journey.

  • Bethany - This is so much fun. I smiled the whole way through. 🙂

  • Cindy - What an awesome family & photo session !!! And what a fun gift…

  • Rachael - Oh my goodness I laughed out loud when you said your hair was perfect the whole time! How many times have we had pictures taken and the only thing spoiling a great shot is someone’s hair! 🙂
    You forgot to mention the other perfect thing about those pictures – everyone is looking at the camera at the same time!!!!! he he!!

  • Jessica P - Oh my goodness! I LOVE the dolls!

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    Those are so cute!
    Love all the pictures too!

  • al - OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michelle - Ok.. That is seriously cute, but the picture? I would blow that sucker up onto canvas and then when you get “little one” in your arms I’d do the same exact picture & hang them side by side! I absolutely adore this. 🙂

  • michelle - …oops! In my excitement I meant to say “bottom” picture. I with all my heart adore it. 🙂

  • Jenny L. - All the dolls look great and very like each member of your family, but the doll of Firecracker is so perfect. Could it be any more like her. And I would have thought all that cuteness would be hard to copy. She is certainly one of a kind. Your family is adorable and I so enjoy your blog.

  • living eventfully - i. die.

  • Ethel White - I noticed that Little One has her eyes closed. I think she must be dreaming of the fun family she will soon join. She will be a blessing and most certainly be blessed to be part of your family.

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    I found your blog recently and I really enjoy reading your posts, but this is my first time to comment, too cute…
    Congratulations on your little one, can’t wait to see her!

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  • Rhonda Elder - These are adorable. I found myself laughing out loud at all your typical poses of the fam. So cute. You crack me.

  • Rhonda Elder - These are adorable. I found myself laughing out loud at all your typical poses of the fam. So cute. You crack me.

    Thought you might want to know “our little peg doll family” link isn’t working right.

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  • deb - omg. how adorable are those dolls of your family. I love the session. I want a set of them for me too! I came across your site when Origrami featured you on their fb page.

    A welcoming surprise! Thanks for sharing your gift with us!


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  • Melanie Herrmann - I was so glad to see that you didn’t make these! When I read your blog I wonder how you ever manage to eat, sleep, or even breathe.
    I’ve got to say, though, these dolls are right up my alley. Thanks so much for sharing and posting the source.

    And I’ve just learned how to comment on a blog. Woohoo!

  • Carrie Campbell - P.S. You are hilarious with your family shots.