the doll version of my family {Passive Juice Motel}

Update 7.22.13 – Passive Juice Motel is no longer offering these dolls. However, the shop is still full of incredible products. Here is a more recent post I did on some of their shirt designs.

You may not be able to handle the crazy wonderfulness that is on this blog today. Just warning you.
Meet my family…as dolls.

My friend Shannon stopped by earlier this week with a gift for our Little One. Our whole family as little felt dolls…complete with a house satchel. I can’t believe how cute our family looks as dolls. I asked Shannon if she made them – she can do anything so it wouldn’t have surprised me. However, she got them from her friend Katie who owns the etsy shop Passive Juice Motel. After emailing Katie, I found out I actually referred her to Shannon 4 years ago for her wedding. Crazy. The dolls are washable and Katie does do custom orders. I told Shannon this is really so much more than a gift for my baby girl. These will be a family heirloom that I will treasure. I’m thinking when the girls outgrow playing with them, I’ll frame them. How cute would they be in a shadow box frame?!


I was especially impressed with the boy’s hair color…that she picked 3 shades of brown…very accurate. Big Brother is wearing a cape.

FireCracker is wearing her cowboy boots…perfect. And Little One is just the sweetest thing!

The boys have had just as much fun as FireCracker playing with them. I let them play for a few days and then said we are tucking them away for their baby sister. He posed his baby sister in front of the ‘house’ and had me taking her picture. I can’t wait to really be doing that!


Next his sisters were trapped in flowers and his younger brother flew down to rescue them.


Then, it was my turn to play. I attempted some family portraits inside.


It was an overcast day and there was great light outside. The family and I headed outside for some posed family shots. This was the first time I didn’t have to bribe the kids to cooperate. They all listened pretty good. We did have some issues with no one wanting to sit on their bottoms. Always something with kids.

My little crew. They are so cute together.

Then we did the “parents kissing in focus, parents kissing out of focus shots”. Chris and I enjoyed the smooch break, but the kids just wanted to dogpile.

It’s always good to create layers and levels in family shots. My youngest boy HAD to hang upside down with his cape.

And then there was the “family in a field in front of a barn” shot. We nailed it.

And we finished up with a “heads together on the ground shot from above” picture. We nailed that one too.

Least stressful family session ever. And, my hair looked awesome the whole time.

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