the project that never ended…ended.

(To be sung to the tune of This Is The Song That Never Ends…)

This is the project that never ends.
It just goes on and on, my friends.
One couple started it on, not knowing what they’d do
And they’ll continue working on it forever just because
This is the project that never ends.

Seriously…we removed the carpet in October! This was not a difficult project. It wasn’t even all that time consuming…but it is one we just couldn’t seem to get around to finishing. Blah. We removed the carpet without a plan. I decided to sand down the treads to see what the boards would look like cleaned up. I knew it would save a ton of money if I put in the work instead of just paying to get new boards. The boards are beat up looking, just the way I like them.

After sanding the treads and painting the walls, we covered the plywood risers with hardboard painted glossy white. I looked at a ton of custom painted stairs, but decided my house is already busy enough. So, I’m just went with wood and white stairs. Clean & fresh.


And Chris asked what in the world I’d ever do with that gym ladder I rescued out of a dump…use it to paint the stairwell, of course.

Sanding the stairs was a horrible mess. No fun. At all.
The landing was a bit tricky since it was plywood instead of the same wood as the treads. We ended up getting planks to match the treads and screwing them on top of the plywood.

Part of the issue with any remodeling project in this house is 4 little people that want to help. Sometimes we divert their attention, but we usually let them help a bit. My parents always let my sister and I help with projects…that is probably part of the reason I think I can tackle any project now (even if I really have no clue what I am doing).


3 of the 4 only want to help for a few minutes. This guy, however, loves to help me with any and everything. He likes to cook with me. Set the table. Put up laundry. Pick up. Whatever I need, he is usually the first to volunteer to help. Servant hearted.

It took months to get around to finishing, but was totally worth it. The whole stairwell seems so much bigger and obviously brighter.

I rescued this old school map from the same place I rescued the gym ladder. Both have set in my garage for almost a year now waiting to be used. The map now has a bright happy home, the ladder…well I still have to figure out where that HUGE thing is going.

Finally, I can mark that project off my list. I am so happy with the result. I told the boys we’d work on a Star Wars room for them when I finished the stairs. Feel free to share any great Star Wars ideas with me…ones that the boys and I can live with together.

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