happiness is canonball into pillows


They worked so hard together to build a fort out of random things outside. When I found them all nestled in their fort, they looked a bit sad. Upon my investigation, I learned they really wanted to jump off the plastic storage thing onto the pillows, but they knew not to do it without asking. I get it. I have that streak…I’d like to jump off that storage box too.

It wasn’t very high, so I let them do it a few times. Childhood is too short not to jump off things. 3.12jump-33.12jump-4

Anything her brothers do, she has to try.  She would have done it by herself in heartbeat if I hadn’t intervened.



Sometimes I wish I was an 8 year old boy.

Today, I am also guest posting on the new site Beautifully Rooted. It is a “place for women to deepen their relationship with their Savior through encouraging words, inspiring projects & creative vision.” I’m honored to be sharing there today.

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  • Amanda @ Click. The Good News - Too fun! Glad you are hooked up with Beautifully Rooted- I just discovered them & love their website!

  • Danielle - Yey for boys!!! And girls too!!! Last night the kids were seeing how many stairs up they could jump down. Looked really fun… couldn’t resist kinda fun. I had to go at least as high as they were jumping from… a mere 5 steps up. Well flying through the air for a brief moment was fantastic, the landing however was a jolt to the system. I think kids bounce off the ground easier? lol. Great fort boys… and everyone had some seriously air!

  • emmybrown - Love it. As I do everyday at 7 AM when I can expect to see a hew day from your lens. <3 I think I'm going to LOVE that new site….it reflects so much of my passions. Thanks! Have a super day, Ashley!

  • Kimberly - I want to live at your house!!! What a FUN Mom you are =) Great post!

  • rebecca - I love the Beautifully Rooted Blog! Found it just this week!

  • Molly @ mixedmolly - What a wonderful memory. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing kids playing creatively and actively.

  • Claudia - I love the understanding you have for your children. You always reflect on the moment. What wonderful memory! Love the quote.

  • SueB - Precious photos and story.

  • Cassie - Love this! Just found out we’re having our second boy. I’m excited for this kind of ruckus someday, although I don’t expect my lamps or vases to have much longer lives.

  • Corrie Anne - Way fun!!! We don’t have kids yet, but I’m sure we’d have fun throwing our puppy into a pile of pillows. Haha.

  • megan@contentedsparrow - Yes, the joy of boys….love it. And you at Beautifully Rooted?! Yeah!

  • Nancy N. - My boys were a bit older but I remember the day
    they jumped off the shed onto the trampoline.
    Fun times!

  • Amanda Fuentes - Ha! It’s not just a boy thing! My sisters and I used to take all our blankets, pillows, and mattresses and throw them down the stairs and THEN we jumped from the top railing into the pile. It was so much fun!

    Beautifully Rooted is a great new site.

  • Savannah - Ashley, I come to your website everyday for the fun, everyday posts and I love your diy and photo tips. Today, I’m so glad I came across your guest post; it was just what I needed.

  • Joy Andrews - Hi Ashley

    I am sure you may already know this but just in case. I was on HGTV’s website looking for kid room inspirations and the first pic that popped up was yours! SO fun!


    P.S i sometimes think it would be fun to be a boy too ;), I have three and ONE GIRLIE GIRL!


  • kate b - my favortie picture is the first one firecracker is in (when she is heading towards the shed) I LOVE how the boys are frantically climbing up to get another chance. i have two boys…forts are awesome!

  • julia - what a sweet picture! letting kids be kids, its so needed! any suggestions for being rough/crazy when you don’t have much of a yard? we usually do a lot of shaving cream kiddie pool activities.

  • RachelC - Loved the guest post on beautifully rooted. I could definitely do a better job of remembering that my days are numbered. I agree that it is freeing and impactful. Oh, to really, really grasp that.

  • Keilah - I read often but I rarely comment.
    I deeply admire your willingness to open your heart and your home to a special needs child from another country. Your words today have left an ache in my heart. A white washcloth?? For a lovey? How I ache for all those family-less babies. How I ache thinking that all babies do not have have the love that my sweet baby girl, or any of my five children actually, have. Your sweet little girl will be one less child that has no loving home. May the rest of your adoption journey go smoothly.

  • stephanie - god how i love reading your posts and seeing your photos. life is rich and wonderful in your home!

  • elizabeth - love following beautifully rooted..it’s been such an encouragement.
    {as well as your lovely blog.smile}
    p.s. lovely post by the way