happiness is canonball into pillows


They worked so hard together to build a fort out of random things outside. When I found them all nestled in their fort, they looked a bit sad. Upon my investigation, I learned they really wanted to jump off the plastic storage thing onto the pillows, but they knew not to do it without asking. I get it. I have that streak…I’d like to jump off that storage box too.

It wasn’t very high, so I let them do it a few times. Childhood is too short not to jump off things. 3.12jump-33.12jump-4

Anything her brothers do, she has to try.  She would have done it by herself in heartbeat if I hadn’t intervened.



Sometimes I wish I was an 8 year old boy.

Today, I am also guest posting on the new site Beautifully Rooted. It is a “place for women to deepen their relationship with their Savior through encouraging words, inspiring projects & creative vision.” I’m honored to be sharing there today.

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