SisterCousins {1.5 & 2.5 years}

SisterCousins: cousins, but kind of like sisters (not to be confused with SisterWives)

Many a Saturday night you can find my extended family gathered at my grandpa’s house. We’ve been going over there for as long as I can remember. My grandma passed away a few years ago…I miss getting thumped in the back of the head by her and catching her cheat at dominoes. FireCracker looks forward to Saturday nights because she typically gets to see her cousin. She LOVES her cousin.

Sweet P with FireCracker and my mom.

This is the girls at grandpa’s house when Sweet P was just a couple of weeks old. Obviously, FireCracker’s love has been deeply rooted from the very beginning.

Ummm…where did those babies go? When did they become little girls? FireCracker still thinks she is far more than just a year older.

She learned the strangle hug from her brothers. It was needed when Sweet P was younger and tried to get away.


You’re just so little and cute, I’ll rub your head.


Lesley is a few weeks away from having her second baby. Don’t know if it is a boy or a girl. I’m rooting for either, as long as his/her hair looks awesome in the sun.


FireCracker had her camera on hand (and a pink flashlight in her pocket). I’m teaching her the MacGyver way early. She wanted Sweet P to pose. They took turns with the camera. This series of pictures is so reflective of their personalities. Such fun little girls.



My girl likes to put on a show for a camera…even it if it is just toy.

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  • Ally - These two cuties made a pink Disney princess camera seem like the most fun thing on earth. Now I want one. 😉

  • lindsey - that is ADORABLE!! My 2 year old has a one year old cousin and they are super close as well! The camera pictures at the end are PERFECT!

  • allison - Oh my goodness – such adorable-ness. I needed that today – thank you!

  • elizabeth - these pictures make my heart smile. i grew up very close with my cousins and this post makes me miss them and the memories of us at our grandmother’s. these last few are priceless!

  • Molly - So precious! I have super close relationships with my cousins and I wouldn’t trade them for the world! And my sister, my cousin, and I are all due within 6 weeks of each other….we are very excited!!

  • Amy - That last picture is AWESOME!!! Love it!!! 🙂

  • Debbie - I LOVE those last couple of pics. Those two are so incredibly cute!

  • angie - Firecracker’s poses!!!!! AHH!!! The cutest!!!!!!

  • Amy - What great pictures of such adorable little girls!

  • Amy K. -
  • Sharon Osborn - Ha!!! This totally made my day 🙂

  • Amy K. - {passed out from cuteness}

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, I am melted! Thank you for the smiles this morning. I just want to pick up firecracker and kiss those cheeks!

  • allison - Such a wonderful set of pictures! It is so cute to see them grow up into good friends.

  • Cynthia - Read your blog every day. I have never commented . . . but oh my . . . these photos are precious. What a special relationship they have.

  • giozi - They are adorable. Looooooooooooove the two last ones !!!

    I wanted to put in my favorites 🙂

  • giozi - They are adorable. Looooooooooooove the two last ones !!!

    I wanted to put in my favorites 🙂

  • Nicole - My goodness they are growing up fast…. I didn’t realize I’ve been following this blog for so long! That last little series is so precious. What memories!

  • amanda torres - Those girls are too cute!

  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Oh Ashley- those last ones are so precious! Sweet, sweet!
    ps- you made me laugh so hard when you said “SisterCousins: cousins, but kind of like sisters (not to be confused with SisterWives)”. HAHAHA!!!

  • cailan - Oh dear, I love cousins…how ever can we move away from ours?

  • Kelly - Oh my word that is adorable! What fun it is to be close to cousins! I grew up with my cousin as my best friend and now my kids are getting to do the same with their cousins. I love it!

  • Megan - So cute! I love the way you capture daily life. Wish I had the talent you do! 🙂 Guess what?! I am going to host a “craft day” for the small group of senior high girls that I lead. I am so excited. It is going to be similiar to the craft weekends you have posted about…but much more low key. 🙂 Thanks for the idea – the girls are so excited.

  • Seriously Sassy Mama - Girls are the best, and I have three.

  • maggie - really sweet! “sistercousins”…love that. Can’t wait to see your newborn pics & post on L’s new baby!

  • Carrie - My twin sister and I have a total of five girls within five years. The first two only 7 months apart and the last two one year to the day apart. We have always called them “sister cousins”. It is always party time when they are all together. Their older boy cousins just roll their eyes at them and then give them space 🙂

  • Cindy - I LOVE sister cousins!!! They are so fun together… what awesome memories they are making 🙂

  • Kristy - Love love love this post and the pictures! So super sweet. They are adorable!

  • Christie - Oh, I LOVE how she is posing for the camera at the end! So very cute!!!

  • Heidi - Love this so much! One of my cousin’s and I are 2 years apart and we think we are really twins. We have such a special bond, and we were both each other’s maid of honors! These pictures make me think of her and I when we were little! So sweet!

  • able mabel - I got a chuckle out of those last few pictures! priceless!

  • Natalie @ TheShadyAcre - Oh, my goodness! They are ridiculously cute! Thanks for sharing!

  • Alice H - These photos are adorable!! Such sweet girls with wonderful personalities!

  • Heather - Love it! I actually laughed out loud at that last pic – she is toooo cute!

  • Charla - I love the camera pics! Cousins are awesome!

  • jenny - WOW! they are both getting so big! Such adorable pictures. I love the last two! 🙂

  • Suzanne W. - Having a sistercousin is so special. I love mine! I just sent her a text telling her about the post and how it reminds me of us when we were younger.

  • Sarah Wolfe - Sweet photos. And that sun is really fun coming through her hair 🙂

  • Dana Moran - OMG, they are the cutest. The last two photos are classic!

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - These photos are so adorable. You can totally see much Firecracker loves her cousin and ‘showing her the ropes’. Love that pretend photo session!

  • Carrie - That Firecracker is too much! What a character! I love the bond between the two of them – cousins are awesome 🙂

  • Stacey Ball - Your daughter never ceases to put a smile on my face!!

  • Kimberly Dial - So adorable. I love the term ‘sister cousins’ … mine was (still is) my cousin, Trinka … six weeks her senior, I don’t remember life without her. I didn’t have a sister but she had two (one 7 years her senior, one 7 years her junior) … we were inseparable growing up … I’m in WV & she is in AZ but we’re still very close at heart. My bet is that Firecracker & Sweet Pea will always be as close as they are now. Thanks for sharing!

  • Shannon Phillips - Such cutie pies!

  • aj - Oh my word, they are making some of the sweetest faces I’ve ever seen! A post they will truly treasure when they’re older!

  • Ashley - Oh my gosh these photos are beyond precious. Such sweet girls, they are lucky to have each other!

  • Mandi - They are so cute! These pictures make me miss my sister! Thanks for sharing!

  • Digitalphotos101 - You’ve beautifully captured some wonderful candid moments. The girls are absolutely precious and they have some great expressions.

  • Irene - Goodness gracious. Firecracker is a legend, I wish I could borrow her for a day :))

  • Kassie - My goodness, if either one of them gets any more cute I won’t be able to look at their pictures without shouting “AWWW” and it’s already very difficult! haha

  • Leanne - I Love this. These girls are SO cute. I totally remember when you posted the pic of baby girls. love.

  • Harriet - They are just the cutest little girls! So fun that they are already the best of friends!! I hope this is what mine and my sisters children will be like one day! What a lovely post. 🙂

  • Amy - Priceless!

  • Carmen - such cute photos. I love it when photos really capture the moments like a little flip book movie.

  • Molly @ mixedmolly - Adorable is a poor word for how cute they are together (especially taking each others picture.)

  • Amy - Other than the adoption posts, this is probably my favorite. Their sweet little personalities just pour out of the screen. Can’t wait to see Lesley’s new pea. That sounds weird, but you know what I mean. The picture of them walking away begs to be framed. Great capture.

  • Allison - These pictures are adorable! I love cousin love! I especially love the camera pictures at the end.

  • KImberly - Ashley this is one of my all time favorite posts from you. Those photo taking pictures are hilarious! So funny!

  • Lisa M. - Oh my goodness! How cute are those last two pictures! Adorable!

  • Stacey - She’s just so beautiful and full of life. You are such a lucky mama.

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  • Shannon - I so wish they were using a real camera, those pictures would be awesome. 🙂

  • Barbara G - Lovely.
    And so warm!

  • Renay - Oh my gosh! Your little firecracker is just that – such a little firecracker! Her personality is huge. I love these adorable photos!