SisterCousins {1.5 & 2.5 years}

SisterCousins: cousins, but kind of like sisters (not to be confused with SisterWives)

Many a Saturday night you can find my extended family gathered at my grandpa’s house. We’ve been going over there for as long as I can remember. My grandma passed away a few years ago…I miss getting thumped in the back of the head by her and catching her cheat at dominoes. FireCracker looks forward to Saturday nights because she typically gets to see her cousin. She LOVES her cousin.

Sweet P with FireCracker and my mom.

This is the girls at grandpa’s house when Sweet P was just a couple of weeks old. Obviously, FireCracker’s love has been deeply rooted from the very beginning.

Ummm…where did those babies go? When did they become little girls? FireCracker still thinks she is far more than just a year older.

She learned the strangle hug from her brothers. It was needed when Sweet P was younger and tried to get away.


You’re just so little and cute, I’ll rub your head.


Lesley is a few weeks away from having her second baby. Don’t know if it is a boy or a girl. I’m rooting for either, as long as his/her hair looks awesome in the sun.


FireCracker had her camera on hand (and a pink flashlight in her pocket). I’m teaching her the MacGyver way early. She wanted Sweet P to pose. They took turns with the camera. This series of pictures is so reflective of their personalities. Such fun little girls.



My girl likes to put on a show for a camera…even it if it is just toy.

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