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I’m not the best blogger at answering questions in the comment sections. I try, I really do. Despite my best efforts, I just can’t keep up with them. However, I am so grateful you read my blog – I do hate not being able to answer each and every question. If you’ve asked a question and are still waiting on a response, I apologize. That all really doesn’t have much to do with my weekend, other than a few of these pictures reminded me of questions some of you asked…so I’ll answer some today in this post….

This weekend a good friend returned home from Ethiopia with her two new sons. We got to watch their family be reunited and celebrate with them at the airport. For my kids, adoption is just normal. A good number of their friends are adopted and in their eyes it is just another way families are made. Nothing out of the ordinary. Anyway, the boys made posters to welcome home the boys they’ve been aching to meet.

One of the boys is a Spiderman fan (so I am told), my oldest was adamant his sign had to have Spiderman. My feet look abnormally small in this picture.

Q&A time:

Where is that wallpaper from? It is by Orla Kiely. I got it last year on sale from her website. I’m pretty sure it is discontinued. (Update: when I bought it, it was 50% off because it was discontinued…though it was mentioned in the comments today that it is still available, maybe they changed their minds)

Where is the round chair from? Well it is a long story (I should share sometime). Short story…I grew up with it in my parent’s home. It lived in my aunt’s barn for a few years. One day my sister decided to sell it, I drove past the store and saw it on the sidewalk. I made her get it back and now it lives with me. It holds my clean laundry 90% of the time (like in this picture).

This is from the airport. I held it together pretty well with all things considered. I took several photos, but got home and realized I had my camera on manual focus the whole time, so everything was blurry. I wasn’t thinking straight. Our older boys will be going to China with us. When we return home, it will be after being away from the little two for 2 weeks. I try not to think about that part. I look forward to after the airport…just normal life at home, the 7 of us.

My friend Shannon was there with her camera to capture everything for our friends. Airport pictures are hard – crazy weird lighting and shadows. Shannon did an amazing job…here is their first family portrait. I love this family so much. We’ve known them since their oldest daughter was in elementary school (now she is one of my son’s teachers!). And, yes, I told Shannon she’d be at the airport when we come home. I don’t think I gave her an option to say “no”.

Click here to see Shannon’s full post on the homecoming (and a better picture of my oldest’s super Spiderman poster πŸ™‚ )

Happy times. A family complete.

Q&A time:

How did you take that picture of FireCracker’s hair?


Well, I simply held her by her ankles and swung her side to side with her hair brushing the trampoline. Then I laid her on the trampoline and took the picture. Her hair provided a good 15 minutes of entertainment for her mom & brothers.
2.12hair-1So…yeah. That is about it for today. There’s a few other random things I wanted to mention below. I’m off to enjoy this abnormally warm weather…maybe I’ll run. I hate running, but I’m training for a 5K. Weird. You can run with a distracted mind, so it is working for me these days.Β 

The latest SnapShop course began yesterday. The next course will be April 22nd – May 13th. You can register and find more information by clicking here. I plan on doing 3 more in 2012 after the April course. You can also enter to win a spot in the April course on The Anderson Crew.

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Some of you are familiar with Ashley of Lil Blue Boo. I’ve done a few guest posts on her blog in the past. Ashley is courageously battling cancer right now. Countless bloggers and shop owners have joined together in an auction fundraiser to help Ashley with medical bills. I have donated a spot in any upcoming 2012 SnapShop. You can click here to view all the items up for grabs…and support Ashley in the process. I shared Ashley’s “Rite of Passage” video on facebook, but not here…amazing…click here to view it.

The auction will go live at 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST on the 27th and the ending times will be staggered a bit throughout the evening on the 29th to allow as many people as possible to bid on the items that are so generously being donated.

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  • mandi@herbanhomestead - Sweet! What a fun weekend- welcoming home new friends! And I love your description of “styling” Firecracker’s hair! Ha!

  • Heather - Your posts always make my morning. I love seeing a family complete! Blessings!

  • Sarah - Where you say “click here” for the Auction, nothing was coming up :(. Could you re-link it so I can check it out? Because of you, I am a faithful Lil Blue Boo reader and have been following her journey. Thank you! <3

  • Shannon Phillips - Well my friend, I wouldn’t dream of saying no even if you gave me the chance. I simply cannot wait. I’m going to have to try to make myself try to cry a bunch the day you get back so I don’t have any tears left at the airport or your pictures are going to be out of focus from all of my boo hooing.

  • Christina - The wallpaper isn’t discontinued- unless they JUST discontinued it- I just ordered it a couple months ago. I’m so excited for you and other families waiting for that shared list out soon! We’ll betraveling to China in late May to get our daughter.

  • Abigail C - My mom has a picture of me like yours of Firecracker, except that I’m inside one of those vinyl tunnels they used to make (do they sell those anymore? They were great fun) and my healthy head of toddler hair was completely standing on end. Good times.

  • Leila - I don’t know how you are doing it all!

    Here’s another question for you — I’ve been trying to shoot in manual more. Would you have rather put your camera on Auto for the airport?
    It does seem tricky to always be adjusting the settings — when things are happening fast!

  • cailan - Sweet stuff…but still (patiently) asking for a “Day in the Life” post – would love to see how you order your day to make all the important things fit.

  • Molly @ mixedmolly - What an exciting time for that family. Such a blessing for all involved.

  • Alice Bowman - Thanks!! I am going to check out that wallpaper right now! Yeah!

  • Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis - Again, with the tears. Never fails:) Bart and I had the amazing privilege of being a part of an “airport coming home reunion” a few years ago as well. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. I hope to one day be able to have this happen for my family as well! I love that you said, ” For my kids, adoption is just normal. A good number of their friends are adopted and in their eyes it is just another way families are made. Nothing out of the ordinary. ” That tore my heart apart, in a good way. I know we feel that way, but when I talk to others, it is so out of the realm of normal when in fact it should be the opposite. That is my desire for so many!

  • tracy a - I love that the youngest boy in their family already has on a sooner’s shirt! (and that Shannon has already commented on your post!) Exciting times!

  • Beth Saukas - Ashley,
    Congrats for your beautiful blog and family. I love to read to your blog.

  • Danielle - Congrats to your friends’ family.

    On a side note… I was on another blog and saw what I believe to be the same wallpaper as your mentioned today in yours. Made me smile. If you scroll down a bit you can find it here:

    Happy Monday.

  • giozi - You’ve spent a great weekend. Here also is hot, in fact I went out today with short sleeves, though of course I was the only on the street, even though we are at home with a cough.

    Today my boy got a toy wheel in the nose and my husband and I take it off with pliers. We had a hard time, but was only a scare.

    I will share the video of your friend Ashley.

  • Emily @ Peck Life - What a great homecoming for your friends, congrats to them! I hope to one day take your snapshop, I just got my first “real” camera but am still learning how to use it. Happy Monday to you!!

  • Jen - I have alwasy wondered about that chair – it’s so neat!

  • Josie - You might not get a chance to answer all the questions but it’s obvious you read all the comments – a couple of weeks ago I asked you if you would think about adding your Hipstamatic settings and you did! Next post! And I never said thank you.

  • Karen - Our Lily was adopted at 9 months old in 2004, in Changsha, Hunan, China. I sympathize with your anxiety. It was far worse for me than anything I felt during my pregnancy 2 years prior. I know it’s cliche, but it will happen when it is supposed to! The child God has chosen to be yours forever just isn’t ready yet. It is startling and humbling and miraculous to be handed your child, and feel in your heart, “oh, there you are!”.


  • Julie - Chills and happiness seeing that beautiful family together at the airport after what I am sure was an incredibly long journey in so very many ways. Love. Love that you have so many in your lives that are on similar journeys, so it just seems like an everyday way to grow a family.

    Unrelated, my giant footed seven year old just moved up to kids size three. Which means that you could share shoes. Which is insanity. I feel like she will be taller than me before 4th grade. That is WEIRD!!!!

  • snapshop happy | Midwest Magnolia - […] “Β For my kids, adoption is just normal. A good number of their friends are adopted and in the… […]