2.12 Whatever Craft Weekend

I spent the weekend at Meg‘s house for another Craft Weekend….her house is just happiness all around. She has a gift for making people feel welcomed and at home the moment they walk in her door. She and Kimberlee make a perfect team for hosting the weekend. They are incredible women and I count it a great honor to call them friends.

Really, how can one not be happy in a room like this?

Craft Weekends are way fun for numerous reasons. Obviously, I like crafting. BUT…Craft Weekends are about so much more than crafting. Each time I am blown away by the incredible women that attend. Over amazing food and buzzing sewing machines, they share their stories. Stories that involve great laughter and stories that involve great pain. Every group is so different and yet so similar. Meg & Kimberlee create an atmosphere where women can let down their guards, relax, try creativity and just retreat from the world for a bit. Despite the major lack of sleep…the weekend provides rest for so many that come.

Here’s a few pics from the weekend. I just snapped them with my phone. Meg had her camera out all weekend so you can see all the fun over on her blog.

Craft weekends involve an abundance of just about everything but sleep…we stay up so late by choice. Crafting. Laughing. Blog talking. Great group of ladies, like always.

I used a great deal of self control and only came home with a few items from our shopping trip.

Here is some of the combined loot the ladies scored at the barn and antique store. I was hoping it wouldn’t fit in suitcases and I’d have to take some home. No luck.

So, that is just a glimpse. I’m still trying to catch up on sleep!

Here’s a group shot Meg got…

There is a major long waiting list for Craft Weekends, but there is good news. The list doesn’t go in order. It is more like a drawing…so get on the list and maybe you’ll be drawn for one soon! Click here for Meg’s detailed post about this and for more info on other Craft Weekends.

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