diy {custom repaired TOMS}

Don’t judge me for the well worn state of my TOMS…they are so comfortable. I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks with a hole in each – right where my big toes hit. I wasn’t ready to part with them. I’ve been wanting to do a little repair, but it had to be easy and fast.  So, I shared the table with a few little people. They created Jedi masterpieces…I gave my shoes a makeover.


I don’t have the slightest clue how to sew new fabric on TOMS, but I do know how to spread glue with my fingertip. This is such an EASY repair…it took less than 10 minutes, and then about 30 for the glue to dry. It also only required things I already had on hand. Nice.



  • TOMS with holes from your big ole’ big toes
  • Semi-thick fabric that already has a hemmed edge (I used an apron I got for $1.00 at a flea market, I also opted for dark fabric so it stays clean looking longer)
  • Iron-on denim patch (the kind for holes in jeans)
  • Sewing glue (or fabric glue)
  • A really good pair of scissors


1. Cut a piece of the denim patch a bit bigger than the hole. Iron it on the shoe. This is just to reinforce the area so your toes don’t create another hole soon!


2. Trim fabric a bit bigger than the front section of the shoe. The hemmed edge goes on the top of the shoe (where it already looks like a hemmed edge).

3. Cover the top half of the section with glue (not the entire area, do it sections at a time)

4. Press fabric firmly on shoe, match the hemmed edge to original hemmed edge of the shoe. Press out any wrinkles.


5. Slowly trim the fabric where it lines up to the sole of the shoe. Continue to spread glue over the remainder of the top and sides of the shoe, press fabric down. Finish with the front fold of the shoe. I folded my fabric the same way the original shoe is folded. After getting the other parts glued down, I glued the top fold and held it for a few minutes. Then just let it all dry.


Well, hello cuties. You look awfully nice without those holes.




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  • Andy - i love them. i just got my first pair of toms from my sister and love them. she has now gone and bought herself a pair and is in love as well. i wear them a good bit but know a few people who have gotten the toe hole and don’t want that happening to mine. so glad though you have showed us this. i will now know what to do when the big ole’ toe makes a hole. 🙂 happy wednesday!

  • Ally - These are TOO cute! You might have just started some sort of trend here. 😉

  • Julie @ PushingTwigs - Clever! 🙂

  • Katie - These are very cute. It made me think of these I saw here…but I must say I like your floral fabric and no lace edge much better.

  • BriBedell - Love this!! I need some toms stat!

  • Lori - So funny – I just took a picture of my toe coming through my beloved Toms and have been pondering how to creatively repair them! Thanks so much for the tips.

  • Shannon - What are TOMS? They must be some super comfy shoe I’ve never heard of.

  • Margaret - I’m literally going to do this as soon as both my kiddos go to sleep this afternoon! I have the same grey toms and both have a hole right where my toe hits. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah - They look so great! I know it was a “repair” but I’m kind of surprised you didn’t do something like that when they were brand new. It looks like “YOU” 🙂

  • Becca Dickson - THANK YOU for posting this Ashley! I have a pair of red canvas TOMS with the exact same hole. I love them and couldn’t throw them away, so they have been sitting in my closet until I could come up with a quick fix. I think I just found it! 🙂 Love the floral pattern on yours!

  • Big D & Me - My gray TOMS are almost in the exact condition of yours – this is perfect timing for me – I am going to attempt my own TOMS fix – thanks!

  • Kelly - I see the “custom” TOMS on Etsy and stuff but never really thought of it as solution to covering up the big toe hole! My navy pair are in about the same state as your gray ones! I just might have to fix them up soon! Although I do really want a red pair…

  • MichelleD - I actually justified my recent Toms purchase with the reasoning I could make them last longer with a repair job like this when they started to wear out!

  • Erin - What a great idea! After all, who doesn’t have holes in their TOMS?!

  • kara @ june & bear - i have TOMS with a hole from my big ol’ big toe. i can’t wait to repair them now.

  • haley - I keep meaning to ask you: Where are those way cool string lights from? I have been checking Target in the Patio section but NADA-do please tell!!

  • Molly @ mixedmolly - I have never seen TOMS before. I would be tempted to buy a pair and do this right off the bat. They look great!

  • Sally - Okay, seriously? My prediction? Tom’s is going to start a repair service for their shoes whereby customers send back their holey Toms for repair, and Toms is going to hire YOU to lead the repair department!!! CUTEST THING EVer! What a great idea! =)

  • jenny - I think I like your new version better than the old! 🙂 I have a couple of pairs of TOMS (all were gifts to me) and I LOVE them but have worn the same holes in them, with my big ole’ toe! I have kept wearing them because they are so great and every time I look down, I think about how I need to cover them and make them cute again….thanks for the inspiration! Look out TOMS in my closet- i am coming to get you at nap time! 🙂

  • Jenny - Now I know what to do with my TOMS that are extremely worn on the tippy tops! Thank you so much! Adroable!! I’ve seen people making them over but didn’t think I could handle it, now I know I can!!! So cute!!

  • amber - So, so cute. I’ve got a white pair with a hole from my big ole toe. I’m so ready to fix them now!!! Thanks Ashley, for not giving up on your toms:). They’re such great shoes…

  • amy jupin - these are sooooo you.
    and a little bit katiedaisy-meets-toms too.
    love them! (and you too!)

  • Shannon - So cute! What I want to know is how on earth are the inside of your toms so clean? Lol! I can’t even see the writing on mine anymore, it’s worn away, probably because I wash mine all the time because they get so dang stinky! Any tips on keeping them fresh after lots of wear?

  • Jessi - Love this! I may have to do this to a pair of my TOMS even though they don’t have holes yet! Super cute!

  • Seriously Sassy Mama - That is genius. You should show TOM your design. He could start making shoes like that!

  • Brandy - Oh,wow! What a transformation! They are adorable!

  • Laura@ Ms Smartie Pants - Totally cute! I want to get some Tom’s and wear them out so I can make them even cute-rr!

  • anna - You are genius. My Tom’s have those holes and I had no idea what to except create heart patches but this is much cuter!

  • jac bishop - those look so awesome. makes you want to do it even if there is no need for repair.

  • Elise - I have the same exact pair of TOMS with holes in the same exact spot. I feel like this post was made for me so, thank you. You’re so very clever.

  • Lyss - This is such a cute idea! I got a pair of Toms for Christmas so I’ll definitely keep this in mind when mine get holes in them!

  • Monica from Spain - So cute! Is a great idea!

  • natalie - Love it! But I gotta say, I think they look cooler with just the little denim patch!

  • kim - look at you getting all fancy! you did it! 🙂 they turned out GREAT 🙂

    love the apron fabric too! what a fun use for it! 🙂

    now your shoes have some serious spunk!

  • Brandy - OMG, I love those! I would totally buy them. I think you may be onto something. Maybe TOMS should take your idea and go with it. Very cute!

  • jill - LOVE THESE!
    I’m going to make a point to wear my Toms all of the time so they will get holes and I can do this! 🙂

  • Molly - This is great!! My sister got me my first pair of toms for Christmas and ohmygoodness why have I waited so long. Anywho, I will surely wear them out and this tutorial will come in real handy! Thanks:)

  • Julia - Ah! This is wonderful! I have worn my TOMS to death and now they have holes. I have been trying to figure out a way to patch them up by sewing, but just couldn’t figure it out! Thanks!

  • Lydia - They look so great!!

  • amanda torres - I’ve often wondered what I’m going to do once I have a toe pop through. This is by far the best DIY you’ve done 😉

  • Heather - Saw this on “I am momma hear me roar” not to long ago, so original!

  • Jeannette - Really cute and a great idea!

  • bonnie - so cute!

  • laura - Love them! Did you see their new ballet flats? I really want a new pair but now may have to wait and fix mine instead. Thanks!

  • Denise - Good gravy, those are ADORABLE! I’d consider buying a pair of TOMS just so I could eventually wear holes in the toes and doctor them Ashley Ann-style.

  • Jen from insideways - They. Look. Perfect. I love the color combo how wonderfully cozy they look!! I don’t own Toms, but I desperately want some like yours now!!

  • Loren - Lovely job, I love the fabric you picked out. I’ve (water-proof) mod-podged some shoes before and the temporary fix worked much better than I expected. The design on top is really cute 🙂

  • Jenn - Love me some toms too! Mine are starting to stink— any hot tips on Toms odor control???

  • hannahm - once again, ashley- you amaze us with simplicity! love them.

  • my lovely mess - genius! you remind me I wanted a pair for a long time..

  • Corrie Anne - Those are so cute! My Toms totally need some love. I’m going to find some pink polka dot fabric and do them up!

  • giozi - he he he you could use a fabric flower too 😀

  • giozi - I wanted to say a yo-yo flower

  • bethany - I have worn through TOMS too, but I just call them my peep toes. No one else has them quite like mine.

  • Mandy - any secrets on how to help get rid of the awful odor? i love to wear them barefoot and they start to stink after a while.

  • Clayre - Oh my gracious this is awesome!!!! I have two holes as well but I just opted to keep wearing them (for many months) and go for the hobo look! I get a lot of crap for my choice so maybe this will silence the haters! Thanks so much!

  • chantelle - thanks! I must do this too! I had to buy Toms number 2, cute cord ones because my Toms number 1 started looking too air conditioned!

  • Leslie - Those are adorable! Great crafty job:)

  • erika - Great post! I’ve been looking for a way to fix mine without having to sew, thanks so much for sharing! I just posted this to my pinterest!

  • RobyGiup - Great! Now I just have to wear my slippers enough to make a hole in them, so I can try this technique! 🙂

  • maria - this is such a cute idea, love that fabric, it fits perfectly!!

  • able mabel - cute and clever!!

  • meg duerksen - you are a GENIUS!!!!

  • Windy - I like what you did with your Tom’s, but on a unrelated note…I love the floor shot in the second pic. Did you paint it? Is it a large area? What kind of wood/paint is it?

  • shannon berrey design - Love your Toms makeover!!I just recently painted the Chiang mai Dragon {Schumacher} design on a pair of ‘faux’ Toms. You can check them out on my blog here, if you’d like:

    Have a great weekend!

  • Dakotah - Gotta’ give ya’ props for an awesome idea like that but, what kind of design would a GUY use?

  • Manda - yay!! this is so exciting! first – now i know that lots of people have this issue with their toms – i don’t have freak feet! and now i can have super cute toms! thank you thank you!!

  • Leah - exact same problem w/ my Toms!!! Holes in the toes. Thanks for the ideas!!!

  • Barb - I love this!!!!! I don’t know how to sew at all & my daughter has put holes in 2 pair already!!!!

  • Suzanne - I love your quick fix!

  • Shannon - Thank you! I just got a hole in my gray Toms and I wasn’t sure how I was going to fix them. This is brillant. Thanks!

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  • Jasie - I am so going to do this. My Toms just got a lovely new hole in the right shoe, and I can see the left is getting thin.

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  • Taylor - I love this but an easy way to make the whole in your Toms happen later is to put a some ducktape in the in side of your shoe where your toe hits.

  • Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. « ficusmarie - […] cousin Julia’s patched up TOMs, I was inspired to do mine!  She directed me to this lovely website, and from there, I created!  Check them […]

  • Marshall - We are heading to Disneyland tomorrow and I was worrying about comfortable footwear. I was going to give in and wear my red Toms with the holes, then I did a quick google search and found this post. Brilliant! Thank you so much for posting it. I have snazzy “new” red Toms to wear tomorrow.

  • Frances Martin and Carol Jean Crawford - My bestie and I just followed this and redid our own! Here’s a picture of our work .

  • Denise - I did it!!! Quick and easy. Toms look super cute.

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  • Jordynne - I found this on pinterest and its such a good idea!!! I have the exact same problem and I was just gonna go out and buy new Toms but this is awesome thanks!

  • Sarah - I am so Happy I found this! I have 5 pair that have huge holes in the big toe, I keep sewing them but within a week the holes are back.. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Shelton Lanning - I have the black glitter TOMS! and I have holes everywhere in those bad boys! Can you please help me make my babys come back to life?(:

  • Liz - Love the idea, I’m going to try this! Doesn’t it seem crazy that so many people have to repair a pair of $50 shoes though? Come on, TOMS, how about an extra layer of fabric in the toe!

  • Rachael - I just finished mine! They look so cute now! The hardest part was the fold…but as long as you don’t examine it too closely they look fine 😉 also, a striped pattern hides any creases wonderfully! 🙂 I’m excited to wear my comfy shoes now; I don’t have to be embarrassed of the giant holes anymore! Thanks for the tutorial!! 🙂


  • Larra - Cute! Though I’ve found that if tearing at the toes is a problem, just order your TOMS a half size up. Worked for me.

  • Rebekah - Thank you, thank you, thank you! These look fantastic! I’ve been wearing my Tom’s with the toe holes and have been the butt of many jokes lol now I can finally fix them!

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  • Taylor :) - can you do this with sparkly toms too or no?

  • tally - i love them sooooo much=)

  • Heather - I did this today! Here is the final result!

  • Raina - The exact same thing happened last year to my grey toms! They’ve been sitting in my closet and I’m so excited to fix em up and wear them again! Thanks!

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  • Emmalee - Thank you do much for posting this! My beloved Toms had a hole in one toe, the other had a hole in the side of the front and both were getting holes in the heels. I used your idea to patch both the front and the heels and it worked great! Not only are they ready for more journeys ahead, but they look cute too 🙂

  • Jennie - I’m SEW 🙂 glad I don’t have to buy a new pair of toms now! Thanks for the awesome step-by-step tutorial!

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  • Sarah @ Sweet & Savory Life - Hi there!

    I came across your site while searching Google for DIY posts to help inspire me to update my TOMS. Yours did the trick! I followed your directions and gave my TOMS a whole new look. In the process, I fell in love with your posts and added you to my RSS feed 🙂

    Here’s a link to my finished TOMS if you’d like to take a look! I’d appreciate any support you could give my little blog!

    Thanks for being so awesome!


  • Lauren - This is the greatest idea I have ever heard! I have they same TOMS and I can tell they will rip soon. I will deff do this,THANKS!

  • Lisa - I can not thank you enough! My dd14 has quite a few Toms that I’ve threatened to throw away because her toes are sticking out in all of them!

    I’m talking about 4 pairs.


  • erin - i just did mine with this tutorial. absolutely love them!! i would post i picture but i don’t think i can 🙁
    thanks for the awesome tutorial! 🙂

  • Jan - Hello!

    I have seen that you have old toms shoes with holes. I search such shoes for the next time. Would you sell a pair of yours?

    LG Jan

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  • Brianna Kimberling - This was a LIFE SAVER!! I have a pair of Hand Bleached Damask print TOMS so It’ll be super hard to find a cute fabric.

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  • Brandi - I stopped wearing my black Toms a couple years ago when they got those same holes, but I could never get myself to throw them away because I knew there had to be something I could do to fix them. You have saved my Toms. I’m so excited I can wear them again :3

  • Lisa - Super de duper cute! How well has the fabric stayed glued to the shoes?

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  • Lisa - Thank you so much for posting this. I can finally repair my Toms!!! I’m so happy. The shoes are expensive and I tore them in a couple of places after a while. The Toms people didn’t even know how I could repair them. I’m so happy 🙂 you did this. Again thank you so much 🙂 !

  • Lisa - Love it! Finally got to repair my toms! Thank you so much 🙂 . I put a black bag from Michael’s and some Aleene’s glue. Worked like a charm. I found everything I needed there. It costed $10.00 for the bag, glue, and jean fabric patches.

  • April - Does this work for TOMS made from fabric other than canvas? Do I need to buy a different kind of iron-on patch other than denim?

  • Alison - Thanks for this tutorial! Instead of tossing my dd’s Bob’s (Tom’s knockoffs made by Skechers), we used your guide to patch them with some cute fabric! She did a great job. Thanks for saving my wallet and for giving her beloved shoes a little more life.

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  • Glo - Looks nice, but how do you get the fabric attached to the sole? It looks like it was just cut and might fray or work loose.

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