snow geese & air vents

Snow came yesterday. Chris and I woke up to a two year old in our room squealing, “Snow outside. Wake up! Snow outside!” I like her enthusiasm, but it was EARLY. I had an overwhelming desire to curl up under my heater blanket (aka electric blanket) with a cup of coffee and a movie all day. But, I didn’t. After the big ones left for school, I took the little ones outside. So much work getting them dressed. So much getting them dried off afterwards. It is getting easier now that they are a bit older. They last longer outside and don’t immediately start crying when snow touches their skin. Come to think of it, this might be our first snow that didn’t involve any tears at all. My babies are growing up.

Her hat used to be mine. It was from The Gap….made of wool. Chris washed and dried it. It is toddler size now.

She looks cuter in it anyway.

This one makes me laugh. Her skinny little legs and puffy jacket make her look like a cartoon character. If you have the Wii game where you ride the cow and knock down the scarecrows…doesn’t she look like one of those?! Anyway.

Ready. Aim. Fire.

The big boys came home, but never came inside. They were adamant on playing in what was left of our snow. Dirt & mud pits are about the only thing our garden beds have been used for in the last year. I really hope we are out of the country sometime during gardening season this year…so I think they’ll just be dirt boxes for a while.

The mud ridden snowballs were soon replaced by more fun with a daily visit from our neighbors.

And when all that snow and cold fun is over. We go inside to pretend to warm ourselves by my fake plywood fireplace.

Well, not all of us. She’s the smart one that found the vent for warming up.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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