diy {fabric covered metal inbox}

First, let me say “thank you” for all your kind comments yesterday. I can’t tell you how much we cherish and covet your prayers for our family and our Little One. We are completely humbled to have so many people caring about our child and our family. Thank you.

Remember my staircase? Well, it is still not finished. It will probably only take us a day to complete it…it is just finding a day to actually do it. I am hopeful for this weekend. Instead of doing prep work for the stairs I decided I needed a fast little project just to feel like something is getting started and finished around here. I picked up a metal inbox from somewhere a long time ago. I don’t even remember where now. When I got it, I was planning on painting it white. I’ve been using it for a year and had not painted it. Well, I finally painted it…and then got in project mode and decided to make it a little more ‘me’. Now it is a super cute inbox to make me feel organized. I thought I was disorganized, forgetful and absent minded when I was pregnant. However, the reality for me personally is my adoption brain is far worse than my pregnancy brain. I am a mess.


1. Lightly sand the whole inbox and wipe clean.

2. Spray paint.

3. Pick a favorite fabric. I scored these while at Craft Weekend. Some of my favorites!

4. Iron the fabric and cut into strips about half an inch wider than the sides of the box.

5. Paint a coat of decoupage on the sides of the inbox. Place fabric on and smooth. Then wrap and glue the fabric over all the edges. Let it dry. Simple.


Now when I show up at the school Valentines parties and home room moms ask where the icing and candy bags are….I can think to myself, “oh yea, that reminder was on a memo in my cute inbox. I should really use it for more than a catch all of stuff I forget to do.” 

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