JOY {we are DTC}

My sister posted a picture of a print she made on Instagram a little while back. I left a comment asking for a copy…big sisters can do that. The sentiment of the print and colors were just perfect to me. I picked it up from her on Saturday and immediately hung it on the wall. Yesterday, she had a grand opening for her new etsy shop. I am so excited for her (and me…I’m sure I’ll be requesting more prints!) She is having a giveaway right now, you should go enter!

(the JOY poster is from Recipe For Crazy, the Think About poster was SWAG from Craft Weekend by Jones Design Company)

Joy. To me there is a big difference in having joy and being happy. Last week, Chinese New Year came to a close. Our dossier (adoption paperwork) had been delayed several weeks due to the normal new year and then again for Chinese New Year. There is joy in the wait, but I was not happy about the wait. I emailed our great agency last Monday to confirm that our dossier would be in the mail.

Well, Monday came to a close….no dossier mailed.

Then Tuesday came to a close…no dossier mailed. As we went to bed I told Chris, “tomorrow is going to be a big day!”

Wednesday came. Chris’ precious grandma unexpectedly passed away. We were shocked and grieved. Our deep loss was heaven’s gain. Joyful, but not happy. She will be greatly missed by so many. Shortly after that phone call, we got another call that a close family member was laid off. Wednesday was a big day, but not the type we had hoped for…and no dossier mailed.

Thursday came….checked email every five minutes….no dossier mailed. I sent another email late at night to check in on things.

Friday came….check email all morning. Gathered with Chris’ family to celebrate and remember his grandma. Arriving at the church, I got an email from our agency. No dossier mailed, will work on it Monday. Friday was not a happy day. Joy was present, nonetheless.

Saturday…obviously no email, no dossier mailed.

Sunday…woke after having a nightmare that our dossier was lost.

Monday arrived. Yesterday. I had made up my mind to wait until 1:00pm to call…so as not to be annoying. Then I changed it to 10:00am. Then 9:45am.

I did my best to keep busy. Every time my phone ‘dinged’ for a new email I would run to my phone hoping it was ‘the email’. It was not. I distracted myself with my camera and kids.


She is teaching them the basics of diy projects. I am so proud.

And now she is taking a picture with a mini picture. I have no idea where she learns this stuff.

Hey bud, will you make some crazy faces to help me pass time until my self-imposed deadline for calling.

An exact representation of how I was feeling.

And then I did call





And not too long later the email came…we were DTC (dossier to China)!!!!

I splurged on my favorite cookies to celebrate.

I had to fight Batman for them. I won. Batman needs to gain a few inches before the victory and cookies are his.

Yesterday was a happy day. A very happy day. If our dossier had not been mailed, joy would have still been present. I kind of think circumstances don’t change true joy, because the deep real kind of joy is above circumstances. But, I am so thankful to say yesterday was full of joy and happiness! I AM SO EXCITED to finally have paperwork in another country to bring my Little One home.

So, what is our next step? We wait to hear that we are “LID” or logged in…this is basically where China just verifies that they have received our paperwork.

I know there are some of you really interested in what the process looks like, so for those of you wanting more information here it is. There are several ways to adopt from China. We are going the Special Needs (SN) route and our agency will be matching us to a child. Once a month China releases what is called the “Shared List’. This is a list given to agencies that has basic information on all the kids available for adoption through any agency at that time. Our agency will not match us to our Little One (give us a referral) until we are LID (logged in). So at this point, we are hoping to be LID before the February Shared List is released…and ultimately hoping we will receive our referral this month. That is our heart’s desire, but ultimately if that does not happen it just means my Little One isn’t on the list yet (or something else that will make sense one day!)


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