diy {thread & leather keychain}

So a lot of you had questions about the pictures I posted yesterday with my phone. I have an iPhone 4s. It has a great camera, but that does not mean it just automatically takes a great picture. I take advantage of light and angles to “add more light”. She was also sleeping, so movement was not an issue. I’ll try to write a post next week with some tips regarding phone photography….

5 minute craft. Really it is more like 4 minutes…I timed myself 🙂 I’m a dork like that.  Who doesn’t like a craft that is practical and quick enough to do while kids are putting on their shoes?

So my old keychain was a scrap from headbands I made a while back. I just stitched the end of it together. However, over time is has gotten really dirty and worn. I thought it was time for something new.

Tools: Hammer, leather punch, embroidery needle

Materials: scrap leather, embroidery thread

Wrap the thread through and tie it in a knot. Then just make an “8” with the thread…back and forth, front to back.

End with a knot and trim the ends of the leather.

4 minutes. I might make another one just to beat my time 🙂

Totally unrelated. I am still without a camera and stuck with my iPhone. I was looking through phone pictures (the first one was on Chris’ phone)….kids should not be able to grow this much in a year. My snuggly baby now has her own sass and style. She is a FireCracker.

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