diy {thread & leather keychain}

So a lot of you had questions about the pictures I posted yesterday with my phone. I have an iPhone 4s. It has a great camera, but that does not mean it just automatically takes a great picture. I take advantage of light and angles to “add more light”. She was also sleeping, so movement was not an issue. I’ll try to write a post next week with some tips regarding phone photography….

5 minute craft. Really it is more like 4 minutes…I timed myself 🙂 I’m a dork like that.  Who doesn’t like a craft that is practical and quick enough to do while kids are putting on their shoes?

So my old keychain was a scrap from headbands I made a while back. I just stitched the end of it together. However, over time is has gotten really dirty and worn. I thought it was time for something new.

Tools: Hammer, leather punch, embroidery needle

Materials: scrap leather, embroidery thread

Wrap the thread through and tie it in a knot. Then just make an “8” with the thread…back and forth, front to back.

End with a knot and trim the ends of the leather.

4 minutes. I might make another one just to beat my time 🙂

Totally unrelated. I am still without a camera and stuck with my iPhone. I was looking through phone pictures (the first one was on Chris’ phone)….kids should not be able to grow this much in a year. My snuggly baby now has her own sass and style. She is a FireCracker.

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  • lesley - so simple and cute. my husband is a leather maker so i have all of this stuff at my finger tips. thanks for the great idea!

  • Destri - Love the key chain, leather is on my list of things to play with :). And yes, I looked at my three year old girl yesterday and thought the same thing, on the growing and the sass.
    So love your pictures, they always remind me to get my camera out.

  • kelly - you always have the best diy’s.

  • kelly - Where did you get that letter punch? Great idea!

  • leslie - she is so sweet…her hair is VERY cute in pigtails! great craft, thanks!

  • kelly - So…I walked away, and said, “Did I just say “letter” punch?” I meant “leather” punch…Doh. 🙂

  • Abigail C - Somehow the sight of the leather punch inspired me to make a thrifted suade skirt into a purse…which will not take 4 minutes, but the leather punch made it seem attainable! I love the picture comparison of Firecracker at the end, too.

  • Harriet - Cute craft, and super easy! I think I could manage that! Love those photos of firecracker too! oh my goodness, she is so sassy and adorable! 🙂

  • Lora - I can totally relate with the babies growing too fast in just a year. My 5 year old grew 3 inches between Jan 1, 2011 and January 1, 2012. How does that happen? And my baby girl (who will be 3 in May) is just as sassy as can be – and independent…I was really hoping for a mommy’s baby, but that didn’t’ happen!

  • Katie - Ooh, I really like the leather key chain. Thanks Ashley!

  • Melissa - Firecracker is so SO SO Cute beyond words! That photo comparison at the end is insane….man children grow so fast!! That key chain is genius…I love it!

  • Jamie - Cute craft and I am so with you on the not growing up so fast thing. My son is 5 and went from size 4/5 clothing to size 8 in the big boy department in one year! Hello growth spurt! He is nor 48″ tall and weighs 48lbs…how did this happen? 🙁 Growion up hurts…the momma! LOL I love each stage, I just wish it didnt happen so darn fast.
    Adorable pics too…and I love my iPhone 4 too. I use the camera+ app I like that camera best.

  • amanda torres - Oh my goodness. That girl is going places. Love the whole outfit. Girly, fashionable, but not too dressy.

  • Linda Gass - Could you please tell me what the name of the game is that you have on your Ipad where the kids make funny faces and the Ipad freezes that pose? Thanks

  • Liz - Don’t you just love Ergo’s? 🙂 Always fun to see who else has discovered the awesomeness of that carrier. Cute keychain. 🙂

  • Amanda D - Your posts of Firecracker make me want a girl.

  • Kelli - How long does it take to professionally clean a camera? You are brave to be without it this long. Wow. I thought just a few days, but will it be weeks?