while she slept

They were up to their usual antics. Nana thought pom poms that play music was a good idea. In a house with little boys, toys that make added noise should be banned.

In all the loudness, she slept. In my arms.

I dared not move. My phone was nearby. I wanted to capture us…together.

It is a rare and wonderful moment when she falls asleep in my arms.

It is a rare and wonderful moment that they are quiet…actually still waiting for that for to happen.

I asked one of the boys to take a picture of my and my girl.


I had so much to do. Blog sponsors to email. Christmas decorations to pack. Design*Sponge post to write. Laundry to fold. Dishes to wash. Cheerios to sweep. There was a battle going on at first. I should lay her down. I should get my work done. But I didn’t.

I sat still on the couch for an hour. Just holding her while she slept. I twirled her hair in my fingers. I kissed her forehead. I breathed in her sweet smell. I closed my eyes and felt her chest rise and fall. I remembered her first few months…the days when she only napped in my arms and I treasured it then like I do now. I’ll never get that hour back. That’s okay ~ because on that day, I choose to soak it in. On that day, I didn’t miss it ~ like I often do. I lived fully in that glorious hour. Time passed, she woke. The other stuff eventually got done….it always eventually does.

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