captured in all her glory

When I came home from mailing our dossier, I found little miss outside with her brothers.

This picture makes me happy…it is her right now, captured.

Only that moment captured, well it actually took a bit of work. Do you ever see photos on websites and wonder how the photographer was able to capture it? I do all the time. I was going to delete all these pictures, then I thought it might be fun to share instead.

When I came home, I saw the boys building a fort in the backyard. I picked up my camera to capture their fort. On the way out, I saw FireCracker on the slide. Took a quick shot and then helped her down the slide.

Then she took off running away from me. I wanted to capture her cuteness, but she kept running. The first shot I got was overexposed.

Second shot, just kind of yucky. She was on the move.

A little better.

There’s the fort…built with our Christmas tree.

Then she began running back my way…still not a great shot.

Blurry…top half of the picture has more light than the bottom…I just kept clicking.

Next shot, this one was a keeper…loved the light coming down on her.

And then she looked back at me laughing as I chased her across the yard….and I really caught HER…in her all natural lit, butterfly winged, two year old glory.

Sometimes your favorite shot won’t be the first one you take…or the second…or the fifth…sometimes beautifully capturing a moment takes lots of shutter clicking.

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