snow globes & wreaths {how’s that for a creative title?!}

Christmas decorating is hard for me. I want my kids to be involved and feel a part of it, but on the other hand I really just want to do it my way. Right now, I am letting them have more say….which honestly drives me crazy because our opinions are quite different. I have yet to find a balance between my taste and the preferences of little boys. If they would let me cover their Legos in teal glitter we might find common ground.

In an effort to have a little say in the decorating, I’ve made a couple of new projects this year. I’ve seen these mason jar ‘snow globes’ on Pinterest, Anthropologie, and my friend Meredith made some for the Christmas Gathering. Oh my goodness, these are fun and addictive to make!

I made mine using trees from Hobby Lobby. They are in the Christmas crafts aisle…you can get packs for $1.00 when they are 50% off. I bought deer off of etsy, but also found deer at Hobby Lobby in the area with the doll house furniture…also around $1.00 when you use a coupon. Never shop at Hobby Lobby without a coupon! Meredith tipped me off to spraying the trees with white spray paint and covering them with glitter before the paint dries. Worked perfectly.

I hot glued the trees to the bottom of my jars. I used kids chopsticks to reach the trees & deer down to the bottom. If you look, you can see my kids eating lunch in the background. This is one of those really fast crafts that can be done while little ones eat. Lunchtime is often craft time for me. When else do I get all the kids still and interested in the same thing?

Finally, I poured a bunch of the chopped up snow stuff from Hobby Lobby on top. I made 10 of these…then went and bought enough supplies for about 10 more using standard clear mason jars. What will I do with them all? I have no idea, but they are really fun to make.

I stole another idea from my friend Cindy. I stopped by her house and she had the cutest wreaths hanging in all her windows. I think she said she saw the idea in the latest Martha Stewart Living. Embroidery hoops + boxwood + hot glue = wreaths that look awesome and don’t block all that light coming in my windows.

I have boxwood to make more, but probably won’t get around to it. So now it is a centerpiece. A girl cannot have too many old coffee tins. Chris might disagree.

Those are the cute decorations. The majority of my festive house looks more like this:


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  • emmybrown - <3

  • mandi - Oh! Those boxwood wreaths are super cute! I love their simplicity! And the snowglobes are wonderful! When my brother was a kid, we found this idea in a Martha Stewart magazine (I of course had a subscription as a teenager). He made snowglobes for everyone that Christmas! So fun to see them making a resurgence! Yours turned out extra cute, btw. : )

  • Loren - Your house & decorations look gorgeous as always. I love the wreaths.
    But as pretty as everything else it the lego Star Wars guys hanging with the wisemen is my FAVORITE.

  • Kristin Taylor - Ohh goodness, I love your new blog look, it makes me happy..:)
    Im going to have to try the snow globes, they look adorable..

  • Crystal - Amazingly beautiful! Where did you get your blue mason jars from? Did you just have them on hand?

  • Tracie - I LOVE the minifigures with the wise men! That is so my life! I am surprising my little boy with a bunch of minifigures for Christmas! Can’t wait.

  • Nicky - Hi Ashley…

    Well wishes to your family!

    You probably already saw this on Houzz… but just incase… I thought of your boys when I saw it…

    Have a great week. 😉


  • Heather D - love boxwood.. love the wreaths.. and totally my kind of title 🙂

  • Mary Helen Wheeler - Ashley,
    Your creativity and teaching gifts are amazing! Thank you so much for so freely sharing your gifts! You are a blessing!

  • Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys - Oh my goodness! We have Lego people cohorting with Mary & Joseph & and (as they boys call it) The Nativity Lego Helpers!!! No baby Jesus though because he’s not born yet. :•)

  • Leslie - That last picture is hilarious:) Thanks for the craft ideas – both are super cute and I think I’ll try them!

  • sarah - i made the snowglobes too over the weekend. They were so fun and EASY!!! my 2 year old even got in on the fun! But i have not seen the hoop wreaths. how cute! great idea, thanks for sharing!

  • Jaimee - These are sooo lovely!!

  • e l l a - ADORABLE 😉

  • Julie B - How cute are those??? I need more Mason jars 🙂 and maybe some old coffee cans, lol! I love a good lunch time craft.

  • Jack - I love those wreaths! The Lego men made me smile too!

  • Abigail - I could see Chewy fitting right in with the wise men…maybe they’ll let you put glitter on his bandolier…. 😉

  • mixedmolly - Love the boxwood wreaths, and so simple to make. Also, your mason jar collection is making me jealous 😉

  • Amber - I pinned the embroidery hoop wreaths on pinterest for inspiration. Love them

  • Dawn - Love your wreaths, I had to pin them lol. I made the mason jar snowglobes a while back but I did mine upside down, I didn’t even think about using chopsticks!

  • Laura {The Embellished Nest} - Both wreathes and snow globes look beautiful! The last picture brought a smile to my face!

  • Katie - Look at your crafty self go! I love these projects – I’m itching to start some Christmas crafts myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • ashlee - I love love LOV3 the wreath idea! I think that’s on my to do list for tomorre!

  • Liz - i love those boxwood wreaths, so simple but beautiful!

  • Kristina Carter - i LOVE it all as usual! thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Seriously Sassy Mama - Didn’t Chubaca have the frankincense?

  • Gina f. - Awesome… All of it!! I love your carved wisemen too!

  • melissa - I’m still working on living with my little one’s beautiful tackiness! lol To share our space with them, we got them their own little tree to decorate this year. So cute! It’s in a bucket and totally their work of art, including a village underneath collected from different dollar stores. They are happy and so am I, as their festivity is contained to their corner. To be honest, I love it too! I think because it is contained and we can all enjoy it! See? I’m trying. I’m so not as cool a mom as you, but I’m working on it! 😉 Maybe this would work for your crew as well. Mine seem to love the ownership and that I had no hand in it…

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh, these are so precious! I love these ideas. Thank you so much for sharing these!

  • Dana @ Bungalow'56 - Always such beautiful photos Ashley. I look forward to my visit every day. I come for the words too, but today the pictures added a little extra bit of cheeriness. Thank you.

  • susan leah - hi! i’m one of your avid fan here in the Philippines. i missed a lot in your blog since i gave birth to my second baby girl last september. i haven’t finished reading all the things i missed. i really like reading your blog cause its so real and down to earth. and i love all your pictures. i’m so glad you already have that photo tips, i’m practicing taking daily life pictures of my two daughters. thanks for sharing.

    God bless your family.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Christina - I love those boxwood wreaths! So cute!!! Would look cute with bakers twine wrapped around them too.

  • Kara - I wrapped some embroidery hoops with tinsel for some small wreaths but I like the boxwood even better. We have a number of Star Wars “guys” scattered through our decorations too.

  • Kelli - oh no, as if I didn’t have enough projects going on! I am off to the craft store for the snow globe supplies! I love anything miniature!

  • Danielle - My mom was exactly the same as you: she wanted to decorate everything perfectly while us kids would throw glitter and legos on the tree if we could! Eventually she let us decorate the bottom half of the tree and she decorated the top half haha! No matter what you end up doing, everything you make always looks AMAZING, kid decorated or not! 🙂 xo

  • Katie - I’m hosting a craft night tomorrow night and we are making these!! Yours look lovely! Can’t wait to see how all the ladies like the project:)

  • heather - those wreaths are amazing! we’ve been making the jar snow globes around here too, but have been using epsom salt for the snow and then just resting the figures in it. i’m going to do it your way for the ones we gift to people, though. i LOVE them.

  • Denise - Your last photo of the Lego guys with the nativity scene reminds me of Mr. Bean’s Christmas episode where he plays with the nativity at a department store. Here’s a link, if you’d like a laugh:

  • Melissa - I love this craft! …those Star Wars lego guys crack me up everytime 🙂

  • Bella - Love your snow globes and your wreaths! You are so creative 🙂
    PS: I totally came to your blog to read the post instead of just reading it in reader….I love the new look of it and wanted to check out all the beautiful artwork that was done again. She did a fabulous job with the art and design.

  • Darcie - We have that same wooden nativity set in the last picture. Little girl LOVES to play with it. Fun stories she tells with all the characters. Love that! Even now, she’s next to me and said, “Oh! That’s my manger!”

  • Becky B. - I agree…it’s difficult to come up with a catchy title every time.

  • Nicole - ooh -love the wreath idea!!

  • colleen from alabama - I too have totally been bitten by the snow globe bug! another fun thing to do with the trees from Hobby Lobby (yep,got mine there too – with a coupon!).. soak them in a 3/4 bleach 1/4 water solution and they turn completely white, like the old bottle brush trees. they are beautiful and add a little more interest. Love the embroidery hoop idea! Last year did we did Christmas fabric in them and tied with a big bow at the top and hung those in our windows-they looked like big festive Christmas tree balls!

  • kim - Someone has to guard the wisemen!

  • giozi - Your did a great job. This is a bit, if not quite difficult for me, I have little patience for these little things and when I saw you used a clip I told me, mmm is not mine 😀
    I loved your wreaths in the window

  • Honeybee - I think that there has to be a good compromise out there between your taste and what your family likes. Maybe this could be a start?? Paper snowflakes that involve star wars. 🙂

  • ally henderson - these are the times that i hate not living anywhere near a hobby lobby. those are so cute though! i made some with pine-cones to improvise this year.

  • Nycole Lobe - I love love love it! I was wondering where you got your nativity set? Its super cute!

  • Randi - i love your creations! you make me want to get crafty … lovely Christmas decorations 🙂 btw, they just opened a Hobby Lobby here in Northern CA … I’m so excited! I had only heard of it through your blog and cant want to go. Merry Christmas!

  • Mary Lemon - Snowglobes are my thing! And I have a box of mason jars that I’m not sure what to do with. I love the look of them so making snowglobes is a great idea. I have a 40% coupon for HL in my purse so I’ll be heading over there to get some little trees and deer. I like to use spray adhesive and then sprinkle the sparkly fake snow on stuff. I tend to make a huge mess decorating and am staring at one now! Thanks for sharing. Love the wreaths too.

  • Katie - 1. Love the snow globes! How did you get the glitter to stick to the inside of the jars?

    2. At least the lego men are going to visit baby Jesus. I guess that’s how you know you’re doing something right, right? 🙂

  • Megan - Somehow I just happened upon your blog and I just wanted to tell you that I love it!

  • Laura Chavous - I love the mason jars. I did this last year but not in the jars. I love it so so so much and my daughters are kind of obsessed with deer year round! The boxwood wreaths are fabulous too! Looks like such a merry happy home 🙂

  • Lauren - I LOVE homemade snow globes. You have inspired me. I have wanted to craft them for years but just haven’t found the time. I think I will make the time this Christmas.

    I have been blogging the last two days about making cheap wreaths and fixing up old ones. Nothing as fresh and lovely as those boxwood wreaths though! Very inspiring. Thank you.

  • meg duerksen - those are sweet! i was thinking THAT LOOKS FUN and then you said “it’s so fun i want to make 10 more!” i agree.
    and the wreaths!
    i LOVE them.

  • shasta - I love the snow globe idea! This year I was going to make snowglobes and glue a gift card in them for those hard-to-buy-for people…but my husband didn’t like the idea of the card getting wet…never thought of making a snow globe with no water! Thanks for the good idea!!

  • Kimberlee Jost - I can do those wreaths.
    I can! I can! I can!

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  • Allie - I feel your pain 🙂 I’m pretty sure that my little forrest snow globes would have ewoks in them. Minifigs in teal glitter?… YES PLEASE!!

  • scottyeb - luv, luv, luv, your monkey tongs!!!! & your mason jars too!!!

  • chelsea - Darling! Am I the only one who doesn’t know where to buy loose boxwood like that? Or did you use fake?

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  • Ericka Gair - I am trying this project at home. While collecting my supplies, I grabbed the BBQ flipping tongs. I had to laugh at your “chop sticks” which are really giant red monkey grabbers that look like something that accompanies a fun hawaiian cocktail.

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  • SnoopyGirl - Found you on Pinterest. Must say that I love love love the jar craft. So fun and vintage looking. I can’t wait to try it!

    P.S. Love the blue ball jars with it too!

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  • Diana M. Souza-Castro - Ashley!

    Great job! Your ideas are great, and I will share them with my sis. They would make , lovely gifts for people in nursing homes, etc. I have the most precious granddaughter (named Ashley). She is Autistic, and a cherished gift to me. She happens to love Snow Globes, so I’ll definitely make a few for her. I could just see her Cherub face light up. Thanks, and please be sure to add me to your list.

    My sis is always looking for a decoration for her huge picture window, and your wreaths would be ideal

    These suggestions alone could also be adapted to the different seasons.



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